Peugeot208 - front window sealant

J Oct 31, 2019

Dear madame/sir(s)

I'm a peugeot customer and very disappointed with the brand quality and customer care.

I have a 208 bought in 08/2016, in portugal, in an official partner ( and made a warranty extension last year before it finished.

Last august I took the car for the annual check up and maintenance (same place where I bought it) and told them that last time I went to wash it I watch that a drop of water was sliding on the inside of the front glass, and if they could check that. When I went to get the car they told me that they couldn't confirm that and if it happened again I should that the car again. And that happened a few weeks after when I washed the car - 2 lines of water sliding on the inside of the vehicule. So I took it there, the official maintenance shop, and they acceded the problem and send the request to replace the component through the warranty and sended the request for peugeot portugal, and it shouldn't have any problem. But a few days (!!??) later they told me that the request was refused because that wasn't covered (!!!???) but because I was a faithful costumer with all the maintenance made on the brand official partners they would pay half the price and I would pay the rest (!!!???). Which I refused because there is no reason for a car with less than 3 years with no accident or major maintenance task that justifies that water is coming inside the front glass, so if it is a structural or joints problem or even a assembly mistake. It is my understanding, as a client and engineer, that the peugeot has to assume their failure and correct it with no (more!!) prejudice for the client. At least I would assume the brand has a good costumer care and wishes to keep and add new clients but it hasn't happened with me so far. This is not my failure and the brand has failed me not to assume your mistakes whether is on the materials choice or assembly, but the car came to me with a defect and I shouldn't have to pay for it. The store (caetanoretail) failed me and peugeot portugal (process number [protected]) also but hope you don't and we can still solve the problem with no more prejudice for me (for now it's been many hours trying to solve it since august 19'). This is my last chance to fix this in a good way otherwise I will advance with a formal complain in the justice because is unacceptable that this happens these days. Hope to have an answer from you soon.

Thank you


Jorge costa

P.S. Find attached a picture from the inside when it rains. I don't believe this is the kind of image you would expect to find in a 3 years old car and less than 40.000 km.

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