PetSmarti'm complaining about the poor, rude and unprofessional service of your manager

S Sep 02, 2018

Hello I'm writing you today because I just walked to your Pet smart located at 203 E Interstate 20 #1, Arlington, TX 76018 to make a return of some items in which I had bought at different times in which I encountered a ride, short and unprofessional Manager by the name of Evelyn. Some of the items I had my receipt for still and a couple of them I could not locate as it had been a couple of months since I had purchased them and was unable to locate the receipt unfortunately. However it stated online that any items over 60 days may be brought in with or without a receipt and a valid drivers license and I would receive store credit for at the items lowest sale price during that period which I was perfectly fine with accepting as it was my fault for waiting to finally return them a while after I purchased them. However she flat out said she was not going to take them back unless they could locate a receipt for the items. She asked me for my phone number I used and I told her I couldn't remember it as I had that phone number for just under two weeks before I had to cancel and change my number due to my phone being stolen along with my car that was stolen on Friday June 29th between 10:15pm and 8:00am Saturday morning of June 30th outside of my girlfriends apartment which is where my phone was sitting at the time due to my forgetting of it. However I couldn't recall the number due to not owning the number but for a short time and she was rude, very disrespectful and short with me. I asked why and she said policy. I showed her the site online where it states what I mentioned earlier and still refused with attitude. Now if you recall I mentioned I walked to your location in the beginning and I live about 2.6 miles from your store and when getting there I had no idea I would be so poorly treated by a manager of this location and sent back home wasting all the time it took to get there and back. Now my dogs are suffering and I'm having to borrow money from a friend and pay them back later along with getting them to drive me to a further away location as I will not go back to that store again. I was embarrassed and look at like I had done something wrong not treated as a customer of 6 years as I have been but a degenerate would be the way I was spoken to and looked upon. Now I don't know what reason she felt the need to treat me this way but i am very very upset at the professionalism I was shown and the lack of care for my situation I am in at the moment being without a car now as it was never recovered and lack of concern for my dogs well being as I wasted roughly $100 in which I could not return and get dog food or any other items I may need in the future. I am not a rich man and work paycheck to paycheck but I find a way to take care of my boys (two labs both 6 years old) and take from my own self to do so. I don't know what Evelyn thinks about other people's pets but she should know that the owners of them especially myself love my dogs very much and are family of mine. Please do something about this as this is not the way any person in a position of guidance, compassion, concern and power should be as a manager of any business is. Thank you and you may reach me at [protected]. Sincerely, Sean Maunders

i'm complaining about the poor, rude and unprofessional service of your manager
i'm complaining about the poor, rude and unprofessional service of your manager

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