Petro Canadaincident report

B Sep 12, 2018 Review updated:

Yesterday at aprox. 12 pm I went to the petro canada at 713 king george hwy in miramichi nb.. I pumped 40$ in gas and went in to pay and get a pepsi.. When I went around the corner to go back to the cooler to get a pepsi and slipped on water that was pooled on the floor.. I smashed my head on the chip rack and both of my knees on the floor.. I couldnt even get up I layed their and cried. The girl working the cash never even came and tried to help me she just stood their and said it was my fault becuase I had sandles on.. A older gentlemen came in and pretty much had to pick me up off the floor... She said my sandles were wet and it was my fault.. I got up bawling my eyes out and limped to my car she did not ask how I was or if I needed help.. I woke up this am with a lump on my head and 2 sore legs.. I had to call in sick for my work cause I am a nurse and I wouldnt be able to walk 12 hrs feeling like this.. She did not offer me a incident report form also.. You can contact me at [protected] or [protected]

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