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Earlier this year my fiancee and I purchased a puppy from petland in Strongsville, OH. We are happy with the addition to the family and even refered my fiancee's brother and his fiancee to the petland were they to purchased a dog. The total dollars spent were about $3000 between the two of us. My fiancee saw another dog she liked and the sales gal pushed so hard for her to purchase the dog because they had five people coming to see the same dog the next day. My fiancee signed up for the petland card and put the dog on hold. After the paperwork was signed the sales girl said the dog was on meds for a small cold and would be off them the next day !!!We never took the dog home!!! After discussing it that evening and the next morning we decided not to get the dog. We went back to petland and they said we had to pay 35% off what the price was on the dog. So now my fiancee is stuck with a $500 bill and nothing to show for it!!! This is rediculous and we would like immediate action taken to fix this by Petland...


  • La
    Laurie Dec 12, 2008


    ASPCA is going after them.

    Next time go to the pound and adopt a dog in need of rescue.

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  • Fr
    freebiefan Jan 05, 2009

    My B/F and I had visited a petland in Terre Haute, IN on 1/4/09 and had picked out an Iguana that we wanted...We had decided that if he was still there the next day we would buy him..The girl that waited on us told us about a Cross Check option to buy him.. where you pay 25% of the total cost today and the remainder within 45 days..when you post date a few checks ...So we spend the entire day on 1/5/09 getting a cage set up and ready for him to come home..Since you have to spend $200 we decided to buy some xtras for the cage ...So we are down there picking out him and $170 worth of items...spent about an hour or better doing that...The girl that checked us out...said you had to have a $500 min ..which was was $200...then she had rang everything up and had a few things not discounted which should have the end...I wrote 2 checks one for the first 25% that is due today and the remainer which is due within 45 days...She goes to the back and runs both my checks in chek systems...and they came back denied!!! Well of course the 2nd check would of wasn't due for 45 days...She really screwed us...if we had $200 in the bank why would we even do that kind of transaction...So anyway no Iguana for us..I was so upset with her..why can't someone pick up the phone and call a supervisor or boss or something..why do they just assume they know it all...I am very dissappointed I still want the Iguana..but not sure if I can bring myself to walk back in that store...

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  • Sh
    SHARON Feb 15, 2009


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  • Br
    BraG64 Dec 28, 2009

    Store refused to accept their advertising coupon for $10 off on a single purchase of $25 or more before 1/15/10. When I tried to buy a $30 bag of Science Diet Puppy food, they said the coupon was not good on dog food. No where on the coupon is this stated and I feel they are intentionally deceiving the public.

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  • Jo
    Joe Blah Mar 14, 2010

    i think this is a good place but with somehow a bad employees. somehow i believe they are a big FRAUD and should shot down! they are nice and would be accomodating -- TOO ACCOMMODATING that they have to ask their customers to hold a bag for them when it breaks. and yeah, too accomodating that they push you to buy something... And they act too knowledgable about fishes that they put plastic bioballs in a sack with water -- treating it like it's living! and when i said, this is the type of catfish we have --- she said "no that is a shark" but it was really a catfish breed though it is called iridescent shark which is a CATFISH SHARK! She also said "i love fish, i have gallons and gallons of fish tank at home for 12 years!" who cares? esp if she says "i like platties, i recommend you have that too to make your aquarium colorful" then i said, "we don't like it" then she said with an ugly face "whuuutt???? you don't like it? they are pretty! how could you not like them?" oh well i said, to tell you honestly, they look like they have mouth problems! and they are considered fish food at home! they multiply so easy that they become so annoying! then she said "duh! this gold fish are the fish feeder" (and she sounded pissed that we don't want to buy what she is RECOMMENDING" she thinks she knows so much that she wants us to buy those only that doesn't have colors and that are weakling fishes! she recommends a chinese algae eater than a wonderful pleco! we don't understand why she would insult some customers by thinking she KNOWS IT ALL and by saying "there is nothing that i dont know about fish" but hey, she really doesn't know about BIOBALLS!!! and plus, they just scoop the poor fishes carelessly and pour them on the bags CARELESSLY! we were doubtful if the fish survive long enough even when they are cheap they look so unhealthy! we will never buy fish there anymore --- but i will go back and tell her it is really a type of catfish, and that bioballs need not to be in a bag of water when you buy it! when i asked her what it was for, she said it helps with oxygen, then i said, how does it do that? does it have something inside it or what? she said "yeah"... i think she is really dumb because bioballs are just piece of intricate plastic that roll on the water close to the aerator to bring in some bubbles that carry oxygen!. if she didn't intervene and started catching the fishes we really don't like (we got them for the sake that she wanted to catch them herself and she had a hard time getting it -- she was taking all the decors out the tanks!) we would have got chichilid and other nicer fish! hence, they would have sell much more money! she got blond hair, built big and have a bit big eyes and dirty blonde hair! beware she thinks she knows too much and keeps talking you out of what you want and keep insisting that what she wants is better and before you say yes or no she would start putting them on your bag! --- why can't she just leave people alone and buy what we really want? and anyway, bettas don't aged 12 years!!! she said she have one for 12 years! they only last 2-3 years so that she will know..

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  • Br
    Brooked Mar 27, 2013

    Petland strongsville location is a bunch of uneducated idiots. They have no idea about the breeds they are selling, I was told a dog that is normally on ave a 70lb dog is a small dog. They had a brother and sister in this breed and the lady said the male was in back due to illness, so we took the female out and she was clearly sick with kennel cough she had discharge coming from her eyes and noses but yet they allow to her be out with the other dogs and the public a d not to mention she was only 7 weeks old!!! Also this facility had over 20 rabbits crawling on top on one another in a small "cage." Horrible location I will be calling cooperate!!!

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  • Sw
    Swilcox May 08, 2013

    May 8th female worker was not only rude but also belittling. The fish tank were filthy with algae and dirty also

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  • Sh
    Shannon Marshall Mar 05, 2014

    For one why would'nt you read the paper work your signing.I've read the paperwork for buying or having a puppy put on hold.It saids it right there, will be a fee if you change your mind.You have two days to return the puppy and you get a percentage back.I agree that the employees high pressure one to buy a puppy.Almost bought a poodle but I heard so many horror story's about there puppies.Even seen a few of them sick in the past.One poor puppy was vomiting and I told there employee and she quickly removed the puppy from the cage.It was sick, why would they sell a sick puppy for so much money?The prices are crazy for any animal.Who would pay over a$1, 000.00 for a puppy and have to pay its puppy shots etc.If one pays a thousand dollars then it should come with something more, like all the puppy shots.I just cant bring myself to spend a thousand dollars or more on a puppy.

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  • Fr
    FrancoiseIsMe Nov 27, 2014

    Why do you people patronize pets hops that obtain dogs from puppy mills????
    Check out rescue animals off of and other locations on the Internet.
    An older dog may be spayed or neutered, house trained, and behaviour trained for you.
    Puppies are cute, but a lot of work. Do your research for rescue dogs/cats/other pets before
    going to a pet shop. One good exception is a parrot pet shop who also breeds/handfeeds birds they sell
    themselves. Most of these are mom and pop shops, people who are really dedicated to the newly hatched baby
    they will be selling to you. Baby birds are delicate and require specialized care to survive. On the other hand, the pet shops that purchase already finished handfed birds to sell to you, may not be as qualified to give advice on bird care either. Do YOUR pet research before you put any money down on a pet. Just some things to think about...

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  • Li
    Lilly Rudiy Apr 26, 2017

    Bad store owner – we went to “petland at southpark mall, strongsville, ohio” yesterday thinking we were going to bring home a cute little shih tzu to run around with – but instead we got the run-around. on friday (4-21-17) we were originally told that the price for the dog was $2, 600.00 and then a few minutes later told it was not $2, 600.00 but $2, 500.00. so over the weekend we thought about the dog and the price and were ready to get the dog – hopefully with a nice discount because of the cash payment. but this didn’t happen because on monday, april 24th, they raised the price on us – but not right away. interesting, that the price went up over $1, 000.00 because we were quoted $3, 600.00 as the new price – also interesting that we received the new pricing after we told them our story or maybe the price went up because we said we would pay cash and the owner got greedy.

    The original price on friday is $2, 500 but then it goes up on monday to $3, 600 with a $300 discount making it $3, 300.00. really?? the price goes up over $1, 000 and we’re supposed to feel good about a supposed $300 discount that will probably be lost to taxes??? and more importantly, the price is still way more than the original quote on friday of $2, 500.00.

    So we wonder, does the owner watch customers from the store cameras and decide who might be willing to pay an increased price because of emotional attachment to the animal or was the offer of cash payment enough to try for a higher profit margin?? anyways, an employee had come to help us yesterday at the strongsville petland and we spoke with him about negotiating a price for purchasing the dog we wanted if we paid cash but he said that only the manager could do that and that the manager was in the back with the dogs and that unfortunately, the manager couldn’t come out to talk to us (or wouldn’t come out because we were there for quite a while and never spoke with the manager). we were told that it was really the owner’s decision to handle discount questions anyways. seriously? no time to see a customer about a sale?? we were still waiting for the price quote and assumed that any discount would be off the $2, 500 we were quoted on friday. we shared with the employee our story and a picture of our other dog max to which he replied, “wow, they look exactly alike!...” (comparing max to the new puppy), and he said he would try again to reach the owner about any discount they could give us because we were willing to make a cash payment and take the dog home that night. the employee did contact the owner and came back to us with her offer, to sell us the puppy for $3, 600 and that she would be willing to discount that price a few hundred dollars down to about $3, 299. when I heard the employee give us the owner’s quote I said, “what do you mean $3, 600.00? the dog was $2, 500 on friday and now the price went up $1, 000 in a few days are you kidding me?” I think the employee was perplexed at our response and said that sometimes the prices go up. I mean really?? – I don’t think the employee knew what to say to us – and he was caught in the middle – us and the greedy store owner!! is it because we said we had cash??? or is this owner always ripping people off?? what kind of racket is this that supposedly everyone gets a different price depending on what they can get you for??

    Still waiting to hear from the owner. very, very, very bad customer service. i’ve read reviews on pet stores and do not necessarily agree that all pet stores should be closed – but if this one cheats the customers — maybe it should be. do you want loving homes for the pets – or do you just want to just play on our emotions and empty our wallets!!! no one likes to be cheated!!! shame on the owner... bad owner!!

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