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A Apr 22, 2019

Misrepresented application of wild ball purchase. This customer is in possion of qunto tickets dated april 21 2019 # played 23154 $1st-1bx + wild ball [protected]+[protected] my complaint is a change of aplication governing consumers rights without desimnation of said change archie linton 2315 bailey terrace phila, pa 19145 phone # [protected] e-mail [protected] please contact asap thank you

  • Updated by Archie Linton · Apr 22, 2019

    This customer is in possison of purchased qunto tickets # played 23154 wild ball 0 was pulled as I attemted to nagosieate said ticket was told ticket was not a winner now it was my understanding if wild ball was perchased the customer can insert it to acheve a combination of 5 winning numbers this customers reason for purchasing wild ball is an inhansment to winning i'm felling riped off I can't use the paid wild ball to this customers benifet pennsylvaina drawing ticket #38000319evening stright and #38000321 evening boxed 120 wild ball purchased on both. It is my feelings if there is a change to application when dose the consuming public be come informed? It seems tht as of the time of my adopting explanation has morphed unbenonced the public. Archie linton 2315 bailey terrace phila, pa 19145 [email protected] 215-609-8195

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