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Over the last several weeks, I have submitted several technical issues to After receiving their stock answers many times, I finally called the help line. No luck there either. The gist of the response was "upgrade to the latest flash or we can't help you". I was at Flash 10.1 but a few updates below the current (10.1.8xxxxx).

I have uploaded proof of the problems I encountered and add them here for your curiosity.

I finally had enough and asked how to remove my account and got a message that they have disabled it.

I have better things to do than to waste my time uploading obvious errors several times only to have nothing done about it.


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      Apr 25, 2012

    I feel for you, I updated my profile account information and after clicking "save", I was deactivated. Tried for 2 days to get someone to help me and got a response from someone in FB PCH account telling me about the questions' page for PCH. This was no help at all, I was told about updating stuff and I had all the latest of everything, so I know it was on their end and not mine. Glad I'm not alone. I can just go to and play the same games for free and if I don't want to sit through the stupid advertisements I can at least pay unlike PCHgames. And I never really had any problems from that site and they respond to you quickly, or you can ask people for help in a game in "chat rooms". Never seem to get a response from PCH unless you owe them money.

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      Jul 29, 2015

    seems to me the more tokens you have the more problems you have with the site

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      Dec 05, 2019

    The odds of winning anything is slim to none! These games generate immense wealth for the publisher (PCH, etc.), via sponsored advertisements. The tracking and malware that’s repeatedly installed on participants phones, tablets and computers are not only annoying but could be potentially destructive to the device itself (one way to determine if your system has been compromised is obvious signs of lagging and or crashing). The bottom line is that regardless of how much we all want money, it’s simply not worth the time (many years to win even a cheap prize) and risks involved. I would recommend not clicking on their emails and also clearing your computers cookies, history and cache memory in order to free up your system and regain your privacy. Closing Nate: Personal information is often sold to third parties, including bill collectors, law enforcement and a host of unsolicited advertising.

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