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I keep receiving e-mails from this stating I need to confirm my entry by this date and that date, then when you try to confirm your entry it takes you through alot of spam ads. I want to know if this is really a legite sweepstakes business, because if you entering something that they consider to be free, why do I have to go through all the spam advertising first?


  • J
      Nov 19, 2009

    I have been playing PCH Games for about the past two years and as of Tuesday, November 17, 2009, after the PCH Games new site was relaunched I went back to play my usual games and everytime I try to redeem my tokens for whatever I want my tokens for, Walmart, Target when I submit I get a post telling me that I am not a U.S. Citizen and will not allow me to redeem my tokens. Is there anything PCH Games can do to fix this so that I can continue to play my games and be able to redeem my tokens. I had never had this problem before until the new PCH Games site was relaunched.

    Judy Saldana
    Chicago, IL

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  • M
      Dec 03, 2009

    I have been playing pch games for a long time. Since the new setup, I have had the same problem as the lady before me. Pch says I am not a US resident. They refuse to allow me to redeem tokens earned.I was born in Buffalo, NY and have always lived here.Please correct this problem.Thank you..Marcia Weiss ([protected]

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  • 9
      Dec 12, 2009

    I went back into settings and changed my profile. I think the original set-up did not have a country question so it was left blank on the new one. Just use the pull down menu to show USA and you will be able to redeem your tokens.

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  • H
      Dec 20, 2009

    yes who ever modified my email to go to them they win a cannot mentally fight them but i have been advised about the thread and streamline and word document scheme and yes i have been advised that there has been infringement onj my e-mails and i only get part while someone else gets the rest and they ansewr your questi9ons and i try to reply but get error 405 cant e-mail out so thank you very much for your time

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  • K
      Jan 05, 2010

    I can't redeem my tokens because you say I am noy a US citizen. I was born in Gaffney, SC in the county of Cherokee. Please help me.

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  • S
      Jan 21, 2010

    I want to know how to contact PCH games. There was a majong tournament and it was confusing as to when it was to start and end I guess, becuae I had been practicing and THOUGHT I was set up to enter. I understood it was to start at midnight, although it did not say what time zone. AND I believed it was an all day tournament. I signed on at 11:59pm, the game board was up and then it was over as soon as I started. I thought it was supposed to be an all day tournament, and when I got on it lasted alll of 5 minutes, so I wnat to find out what happened...ALSO when I am evenstill playing and accumulating scores . my score tally is not changing at all ! I want to find a way to let them know there is something wrong with the scoring not changine and I do not see a place to be able to contact them. I keep writing the five word messages HOPING someone with pch is monitoring and can see I am TRYING to communicate a problem Anyone know HOW to contact them ??

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  • L
      Dec 31, 2010

    How to increase your ratings are confusing to me. (I understand the avatar rating & the game ratings), but not the five word game rating. I went to the help section, but did not find my answer. Where do I go to get this information?

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  • D
      Jul 17, 2011

    sponsor page is now a big problem.did the clearing of cookies&history, works for about 1or2 days then its back again, clik on no thanksor new sponsor&it does nothing getting tired of clearing all&reentering all my imformation,
    suggest geting rid of sponsor page, a real pain.

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  • F
      Mar 19, 2013

    PCH gives away some money in order to justify a huge, elaborate spamming operation.

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