PC Richard & Sonlg dryer repair


I purchased an LG front load Dryer from the Enfield CT store back on Feb. 1 2017. The service tech showed up and looked at my dryer, and told me he would have to order the part. When he was talking to me, I could smell alcohol on his breath. He told me I would get a call when the parts were in and could schedule the service repair from there. Great!! When I received the call, I contacted PC Richards service department and set up for Oct 7 2017 for my LG Dryer to be repaired. I waited around, and received a phone message later that day telling me the service tech called out sick. I called back to schedule another date for repair on my dryer, Oct 11 2017. I received a knock on my door from a repair man telling me that again my repair man "Dave" called out sick. I was not having any more of this game, and told the guy Dave's not sick, he has a drinking problem. Which he confirmed was true! Unfortunately the man did not have the part since it was on Dave's truck, but a new issue has since emerged. This service repair man told me he would order the additional part, and I would receive a call to schedule for delivery. I never received that call, and today I called Oct 16 2017 to find out what is going on. I am now going to the laundry mate to dry my clothing, when I have made a pricey purchase of owning my own dryer. I would not recommend this company for any future business for myself or anyone else. I was planning on buy a stainless steel refrigeration from them, but I have decided to take my 4 thousand purchase else where after all this aggravation! After all this, it is my recommendation that Dave check himself into rehab for his drinking problem, because it is affecting his work performance. Shame on you PC Richards for continuing to cover for an employee with an addiction!!!

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