CB Investment, Insurance and Financial PayPal Subject: unjust permanent ban of my paypal account - request for re-activation

PayPal review: Subject: unjust permanent ban of my paypal account - request for re-activation

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Dear Complaints Board,

I am writing to express my complaint regarding the unjust permanent ban placed on my PayPal account without any valid reason. Despite providing all the required documents, my account associated with the email address [protected] remains disabled.

I am deeply disappointed and concerned about this decision. I have always been diligent in complying with PayPal's policies and guidelines, and I have promptly submitted all the necessary documentation as requested. It is disheartening to be subjected to a permanent ban without any explanation or opportunity for resolution.

I kindly request PayPal to review my case and reconsider their decision. The permanent disabling of my account has caused significant inconvenience, impacting my ability to conduct financial transactions and engage in online activities. As a long-standing and responsible PayPal user, I am committed to resolving any concerns and providing further cooperation if needed.

I urge PayPal to thoroughly examine the evidence and documentation I have provided, and to rectify this situation by reinstating my account. I believe in the importance of fairness and transparency, and I trust that PayPal will take this into consideration when re-evaluating my case.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. I sincerely hope for a prompt resolution and the restoration of my PayPal account. Should additional information be required, I am readily available to provide it. Your understanding and assistance are greatly appreciated.

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