Payless Car Rentalfake charges and issues

K Sep 05, 2018

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Mon, Oct 13 2014 10:21am

I have a bill for $366 when I requested a rental for $156. When I was at the booth, I was getting the car I ordered, and the attendant mentioned there was a special for a small SUV for only $10. Since I at times get rates like this from other car companies on weekends, I said great. I didn't realize it was in addition, which I didn't need or want. I had told the attendant I didn't know the area also, and would the fuel option make sense going to Newport. That was a waste of money. The car then had a flat tire, and I asked what my options were. It was either miss my flight or change the tire, which I did. Now I get the bill for $366 which is more than twice what I signed up for. Items like this make me. Please contact me ASAP!!
Tue, Oct 21 2014 11:11am - RAFAEL GUERRERO
Customer called again in order to find an answer to this situation.
Tue, Oct 21 2014 11:47am - Jillian Benson
Good Afternoon,

After reviewing your rental agreement I do see that you prepaid half tank of gas and also signed for the 10/day upgrade fee. You got a great rate for that vehicle that typically goes for a lot more per day. Everything was listed and signed for on your rental agreement. Please review your paperwork you got with the vehicle at the time of rental. Thank you
Wed, Nov 5 2014 8:11am
The details as told to me is what I thought I was signing. I'm totally dissatisfied with how this was handled in which I feel I was misled. What I was told and what I signed were two different things.
Wed, Nov 19 2014 4:56am - Jillian Benson
Contract reviewed again. Thank You
Tue, Sep 4 2018 4:37am
I just saw this response from this lady and I forgot about it. I am so glad I needed my receipt. I was scammed in PVD. I better check my receipt for my trip in 2018. I couldn't remember why I was skeptical about using Payless. Now I remember.
Wed, Sep 5 2018 5:02am - Terrence -
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