Payless Car Rentalbilling & customer service at iah counter

S Jul 16, 2019

My name is Samantha Butler-Robinson, I rented a car for a week from Payless at IAH. Backstory > > I previously rented from Payless through my employer's Perks at Work program and upon returning the vehicle I advised the rep at the counter (Kim) of the issue I had with the vehicle and the trouble I had trying to contact Payless to advise of the issues - she referred me to call the number on the bottom of agreement. I did call that number (I actually called while waiting on manager, it just rang the first time I called and to my surprise it was Kim who answered the 2nd time I called). I also called the number on a ticket inside showing who cleaned the vehicle but was transferred to many people but no one who could assist. When I explained this she didn't seem to care as she proceeded as if I didn't say anything. Was so welcoming to assist those behind me so ultimately I had to speak with the manager, which took a while, but he did assist me.

At the time of the current rental(Conf # 10904799US3 ), it was Kim at the desk again. She couldn't locate my reservation so she created one for me (I didn't receive an email though) Everything went well (as it should), before leaving I asked her what number should I call if I have issues with the vehicle again, she referred to the number at the bottom of contract again. Well I had an issue with the vehicle she assigned to me, but also had to keep it an additional day. I tried that number but no one answered. Upon returning the vehicle, I didn't say anything about the issue with the car she assigned me, I only asked for a breakdown of the charges as they seemed higher that I assumed they would be. She got the original agreement, I pointed out the rate I saw as additional day and questioned the additional amounts. Instead of assisting and providing the breakdown of charges, Kim states she needed her manager (Lenart) to provide the breakdown. Of course he was assisting someone else and she stated he would be right over when he's done. The thing is, when he was done she (Kim) had to take him down the hall on other end of counter (out of my view) for several minutes, I guess to explain to him I asked for a breakdown of the charges? Per the rep at Budget's counter, Kim had much more to say to Lenart but I'm still not sure what or why as Kim didn't advise or reply when I asked. Lenart came over very 'matter of fact-ly' - not customer friendly, I advised him I asked Kim for a breakdown of my charges for the additional day. (based on his demeanor I think he was expecting me to say something else, I have no idea) He stated he had to close out my 'ticket' first and then he can provide that to me - which he did, not exactly what I was expecting but ok. This interaction took about 10-15 minutes longer than it should. Kim should be well trained to assist any consumer- plus there was another rep at the other desk- if she didn't want to help me she could have called him over to assist and made up a nice lie. To actually see her purposely provide this type of service is a disgrace to your company as I'm sure this is not a part of your value system. To sum up my experience > > I won't be renting from Payless at this location again.

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