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Went in told cut and color would take 4 hours, told instructed them just touch up roots a few shades lighter so it wasn't so obvious. She told student the color to get and instead of doing my roots they dyed my entire head brown. As for a hair cut, !it has three tier layers (1980's Farrah Faucet) the teacher never said she did not know how to do the cut and she was running all over the shop with over a dozen students. So the student was on her own and moments later said "I made a mistake! REALLY ! My middle of the back hair just got a 5 inch cut straight across at ear level. Then she got the teacher who never told me of this mistake or I would have said just leave it and for the next several years I will clip that side she started cutting wisps of hair in an attempt to even this mess out, so I never realized she was taking all my hair off. When she was done it was up to my shoulders, except for the hair at my ear, brown in color and the middle portion there was 5 inches straight across still to the middle of my back. I look like the movie Joe Dirt and I am a nurse out in the public everyday! The teacher has waist length blond flowing hair! Quarenteed she would have had a break down had it been her beautiful tresses. And all three of us with terrible hair had to pay $60. Each, the fine print allows for students to mess up! YEARS, this will take YEARS! To be back to the way it was, if ever. Terrible that you graduate students that only know a few hair cuts, terrible when your teachers think they know what's best for their customers, I promise I will put this all over social media so no one goes in there again

Paul Mitchell
Paul Mitchell

Jul 29, 2019
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  •   Jul 29, 2019

    It looks like you got into a fight with a really aggressive sandblaster. Yikes. Maybe you should schedule with someone you know and trust next time. I bet you will, Joe!

    Hope that helps!

    Your friend,

    Biggus Dickus

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