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9:02 am EDT
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Burlingtons Boutique - Make up

I bought a voucher for a 2 hour make up lesson which was booked on the 1st June at 3pm. We did not start for at least 5 minutes to allow the make-up artist Yasmina to set up whatever she needed to. She only showed me one look, kept running out of the session for various reasons and making personal comments about me which was uncalled for. Throughout she was not intersted in giving me a make up lesson which I had paid for, she gave me hard-sell on the make up. She would not even tell me what colour of foundation or lipstick she was using - she just said 'that is not your colour, this is your colour'. Instead of lasting 2 hours it lasted 45 minutes after which we sat in silence after she had asked which products I was going to buy. I was pressurised into buying a foundation for £28.50. Normally if you book a make up lesson in any department store the cost of the lesson is redeemable against the purchase of a product, but not here. When I got home I was not even sure that it was the right colour and the packaging showed that it was full of parabens and there was not even any SPF in the product, so I did not use it.

I returned on the 15th June to return the product as it was in mint condition and unused. I was told to come back the next day as there was no manager to do the refund. So I came back on the 16th June and saw the manager. This time the excuse was that there was no supervisor's card for the card machine so they were unable to give me a refund on my card. He wanted me to come back again for a third time when the card is available.
This is not acceptable. He should have just given me a refund in cash.

To resolve my complaint I expect the following:
1. A full refund of £28.50 for the foundation - I paid for a make-up lesson and should not have been given hard-sell on products.
2. A full refund of £9 for the make-up lesson - it did not last half as long as it should and was very unsatisfactory.
3. In view of the time and money I have had to spend travelling back and forth to get a refund for the foundation there should be a reimbursement of £20 to cover my costs.
Therefore I expect a total reimbursement of £57.50 to be given.

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8:41 am EDT

Burlingtons Boutique - Deposit refund not received

I was asked to pay £50 deposit to secure my booking for a makeover and photoshoot experience with my friend. Now almost two weeks later and I still have not had my refund.
I am also disappointed in the day itself, the 'unlimited beverages' - we were only offered one drink and my friend wasn't offered anything, the 'manicure' was one coat of Rimmel nail varnish not including any base or top coat, and we didn't even receive the 'facial' noted on our voucher.

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5:24 pm EST
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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
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Burlingtons Boutique - New Kid Cosmetics Products purchased

I had an appointment at Burlingtons Boutique for a photograph shoot on 13/02/2016. They asked me to pay a 50 pound deposit. When I was there, I used this money to purchase New Kid Cosmetics products. I was told that they did not have them in stock and it would be sent to my home address in 3-4 working days. The products never arrived. I called them several times and many emails. Nobody replied. When I managed to get hold of someone on the telephone he cut the call and put the phone down on me. I am very unhappy about their service and want to have full refund.

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

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8:58 am EST
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more
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My housemate recommend me and one another person who lives with us to book the appointment in that make over studio. We called there and were asked for fully refundable 50 pounds deposit. We both did cancel our appointment 3 days before in advance, as we had been told that that´s necessary to make sure that the refund will be forward to our accounts during...

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12:00 pm EDT
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Burlingtons Boutique - deposit not refunded, no communication

I had an appointment for me and my friend on 14th June 2015. The voucher I bought on the street, but I went to the salon to ask about it´s legitimacy. I haven´ t receive any receipt, and the voucher was later taken from me by the employee - she said they need to keep it. When booking the appointment I was told there is a 50 Pound fully refundable deposit per person, payable by credit card, so I paid 100 pounds for me and my friend and was told I will receive a confirmation and a receipt by email, which I never did. I was very unhappy about the appointment - they rushed us, the promotion material lied about what is really going to happen (for example there was no hand massage, no facial and other promised things we had ask for specifically, like drink or manicure at all. We didn´t like the photos very much, plus of course they were incredibly expensive - as other people mentioned here, so we decided we don´t want any of them and I repeatedly asked if the deposit is going to be sent back to my account and all the employees replied positively. I haven´t got my "fully refundable" deposit back till this date...It has been 3 moths and I have been writing emails and calling several times (which probably cost me half of that money since I am a student and I was traveling to other countries). Nobody ever replied to any of my emails and when I call they always tell me that they don´t know why I haven´t got my deposit back yet and that it was probably someone else´s fault and that this time it is going come in few days...I am sick to my stomach to be honest, because I would never expect anyone to treat people like that, and especially not an "exclusive salon". At first I thought they just made a mistake and I was really nice and polite, but I am feeling tricked and honestly very sad. If I could advise anyone, don´t use services of this salon or at least never give them any money before you receive the service.

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Update by Barbora Kapralova
Oct 04, 2015 12:39 pm EDT

Nothing arrived yet, nor was there any other communication from the Boutique with me...

Update by Barbora Kapralova
Sep 18, 2015 8:48 am EDT

Thank you for your answer, if I receive the money back I will gladly mark this complaint as resolved. I felt like this was my only option, since nobody from your salon was communicating with me in any other way. I hope the money really comes this time, I do not like being the unhappy customer any more than you like having one I believe.

Good day to you


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7:59 am EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Burlingtons Boutique - money grabbing

I just want to say after an expensive weekend in London with my daughter at this
Photo shoot I am very very unhappy we didn’t get what was offered

My daughter and I travelled up from Devon and Dorset to get to this shoot and expected a lot more
than what we got. we had, had a great experience the last time and felt this
time was all about the money and paying for the photos not about making us feel
My deposit was sucked in to 2 purchases of make-up which i was pushed into taking, I’ve only got one I am
told the other is being sent how do I know the girl disappeared, I didn’t get chance to see the prices, I had put £60 deposit down and I am told this is what the make-up cost but there was nothing I bought that was over £28 from what I remember of the price list so again I was conned.
I am totally disappointed about my experience and will not be recommending any
one to go or will i be attending again, please feedback.
i still haven't received the other piece of make up and its been over 2 weeks since my visit I would want my money back but no-one will have the decency to talk to me.

Reason we didn’t say a lot on the day I doubted whether I remembered correctly what
was on offer so I had to check on my return to confirm exactly what was offered
I wished I had taken this with me then I could have made my annoyance on the

refreshments on arrival and during your session
1 cup of tea eventually and a glass of wine when we
choose pics

Mini Manicure- Shape and Polish ... last minute paint on nails no mini manicure or shapeFacial Cleansing ...didn’t happen Professional makeup application from a top Makeup Artist ...this happened but a rush job
High Fashion Hairstyling ... back combed my hair a little not high fashion all of 10 mins work
Multi Set Photoshoot... over 50 pics
Private viewing of all your images...yes this happened but felt rushed
Your favourite image as a 5x7 finished print conned into digital 5 prints costing me a total of £200
Please pass this on to the boutique on my behalf I would like feedback
2 weeks after my first complaint and subsequent emails I have had no feed back from this company ref my complaints so i had to write in to this forum i am £260 pounds out of pocket and totally disgusted in the way this company have treated me

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