Paul Mitchellhighlights, lowlights and haircut

M Sep 06, 2018

I went to get some highlights done yesterday. I even brought in a picture and discussed the specifics of the way I wanted it that they could do when they looked at the picture. they said that you might not look exactly like it but that it would definitely have highlights and lowlights throughout the hair as in different pigments and shades. Whenever she finished dying my hair it was more Brown than when I came in which I had a lot of blond and we're really ticks me off even more than that is that when I told her to cut half an inch to an inch off and I showed it to her she cut almost half of my hair off and here I am left with nothing to do for no one can add hair back once it's been cut on shoe extensions which I don't like to do. I'm very very dissatisfied with the service there and will not recommend it to anyone to go to get their hair done there. If they had just been honest and told me they could not do so on so I would have been fine and found another picture to show them but the fact that they said they could is what really ticks me off. I want my hair back but there's nothing I can do! Didn't even give me a discount that day but they did The following day they're going to charge me less than what a ball usually cost and hopefully they'll put in highlights that are blond different shades where they actually show and that my hair is not brown anymore. What a waste of money and a total wreck! the first picture in my dress is a before picture of my hair not the best picture I have but that's how long it was in the second picture is me now and I hate and I'm an absolutely despise that hair length!! It took my hair forever to grow!

highlights, lowlights and haircut
highlights, lowlights and haircut

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