Papa John'sthe change of pay rate after becoming a shift manager

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I am training to be a shift manager and have been informed that the pay raise is not permanent and if i am not the shift manager on that shift and am instead working in-store that day that I will be paid the same as other instore employees. I have worked for papa johns for seven years on and off and have years of experience. How is this practice legal and okay? I have a pay raise but only when I'm acting shift manager? Frankly it is wrong. Those who are experienced and shift leads should keep their raise no matter the position in the store that day. The current shift manager training me, not the manager, informed me her checks are never over 400$. A shift manager is earning 800$ a month? Are you kidding me? If this is legal, no wonder the turnover rate at Papa John's is high.


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    9wood Sep 03, 2018

    find another job than if not happy

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