Panera Breadstrawberry poppyseed chicken salad

L Aug 05, 2018

I went to my local Panera bread in East Windsor New Jersey yesterday and ordered the strawberry poppyseed chicken salad for takeout I was dying to have the salad because the last time I had it a few months ago it was absolutely delicious this time not so good at all . I believe it had something to do with the chicken that was in the salad there was a lot of pepper on it or some kind of spice that tasted awful I smelled it from the minute I opened up the salad I should've followed my instincts and returned it immediately but I didn't I tasted it and immediately threw in the garbage and was extremely disappointed I was so looking forward to having the salad because as I said the last time I had it every single bite had something new and delicious this one didn't even have the cheese and it was just sheer disappointment.

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