Panera Breadspilled soup

S Aug 10, 2018

So I had my lunch delivered today because I couldn't leave the office, I ordered a bowl of french onion soup and the grilled cheese. I asked for extra cheese and croutons on the side. When I got my order and the driver pulled it out of his bag there was what looked like grease stains on the outside of the bag, but when I lifted the bag and my soup fell right through I realized that the soup had spilled out of the container. I lost all of my soup to the floor and I am currently wearing pants that smell of french onion soup. Not to mention they put the cheese and croutons together in a smaller bowl. So in a nutshell to pay $20.00 for soup and sandwich and soup that I couldn't eat and to have it come to me that way is a little on the ridiculous side. At this point I will by pass Panera and continue to go to the Corner Bakery.

spilled soup
spilled soup

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