Panera Breadservice

P Jul 09, 2019

On two consecutive visits I ordered once fine kiosk and once st counter and both times service was poor getting food out. The kiosk order was a soup and salad at lunch time and after waiiing 20 minutes, I inquired at the food delivery counter since my name was not even on the preparing board and the response was "you just need to wait your turn". Today I ordered a hot chocolate with a breakfast soufflé. It here were approx 8 people eating in dining area and after waiting 10 minutes for the drink I again went to counter and was told it takes time to
Make the drink and I needed to wait. I responded that I had been waiting 10 minutes and my food was getting cold. Clerk responded that I had not waited 10 minutes. Then when the buzzer went off a few minutes later and I waited st the counter another clerk told her I was at the counter and The original clerk says " too bad. She is just going to have to be patient. I have been a loyalty member for many years and this a very new Panera's and really hate to stop patronizing this location but will probably had over to Starbucks. I just though that your company deserves the chance to improve a new location before you lose more business. Thank you

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