Panera Breadorder and manager


We went this past Sunday to Panera in Gainesville, FL on Archer Road to take our daughter to brunch, as she was visiting us. Your manager there is named Rachel. I ordered the spicy Thai salad and a bowl of broccoli cheddar soup. This is my standard order at a Panera. What did I get??? I got a bowl of chicken noodle soup, and a spicy Thai salad DRENCHED in dressing with a huge thumbprint of possibly green avocado in my salad bowl! I also got walnuts instead of peanuts. I wasn't going to say anything, (seeing the wrong soup), until I saw the huge thumbprint of the avocado (?), and of course the salad drenched in dressing. It was ineatable!! The walnuts didn't add much to it also. So I asked for a manager. I realize that you pay these people nothing, so expecting customer service would be impossible, but to add insult to injury, I showed Rachel the issues, and instead of an apology, or asking if there was a way to FIX the problem, she merely took my credit card and refunded my money. So I went back to the table with my husband and daughter, and watched them eat their brunch while I went hungry. She was so magnanimous, that she told me that she returned my lunch and drink, but allowed my to keep my iced tea for 99 cents. WOW!! I went back in a bit later to refill my FREE iced tea, and there was Rachel, so I asked her name. She told me her name, and rolled her eyes to another employee standing next to her, and whispered something really funny in her ear. Gee, I wish that I could have been in on the joke, but since I have a master's degree in education, I realized that I wouldn't understand her superior attitude and I quickly realized that I was the brunt of this very funny joke. Rachel and the employee on the other hand were college students, and MUCH MORE savvy and intelligent than I, the mother of children her age and older. I wish that I could be young and a smart ass again!!! Then I wouldn't miss out on these hilarious jokes!! THAT was when I took out the receipt for my refund and read your apology for not having an order right. Oh, did I mention that I am ALLERGIC to avocados?? Well I didn't get to tell Rachel, because she was too intent on her joke to the other employee!! Did I mention that I didn't get an apology??? Did I mention that she didn't offer to make my lunch correctly??? So I am writing EXACTLY what is on your refund receipt. "Accuracy Matters" (apparently not to Rachel), "Your order should be correct every time. If it's not, we'll fix it right away, and give you a free treat for your trouble. Just let any associate know." I guess my problem was that I went to a manager, and not an associate. They are college students too, but maybe someone would understand an old woman like me. I'm sure that the associate would have understood your policies better than a manager. But Rachel must be really good at jokes, because it was REALLY FUNNY and I missed out on it.

I will NEVER go back to Panera's. Your food it too expensive to have someone treat you that way. Do you think that a gift certificate would make this alright??? I don't want to be the brunt of jokes, or go hungry if there is a problem with my order!!!

My cafe order # was 191896 at 11:37am at Panera's on Archer Road in Gainesville, FL. The check number on the receipt at 11:44 was 441087. I want you to see that I am not exaggerating, so please check out the events and times. BTW, I do not appreciate having an account to tell YOU of a problem.

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