Panera Breadmy order

C Nov 22, 2017

I placed an order online for pick-up at the 4225 W Memorial Rd in Oklahoma City. A bowl of Vegetarian Autum Squash soup on a bread bowl. I was sick so my husband picked up for me. He went into the store and stood in line to pick it up, when it was finally his turn they told him first that they ran out of the soup and then straight up told him they forgot about my order. Then when they finally put the order together and he walked out with it I get a CUP (not bowl) of tomato soup, Thank goodness I like their tomato soup but it is definitely not what I ordered, the ticket on the bag had the correct order though, so... I like Panera a lot and I will continue to be a customer but they make too many mistakes, this is not the first time.

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