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Good morning my name isRebecca Estrada Santos and I'm not kidding I eat this breakfast sandwich almost everyday, so I'm a loyal customer.This Panera cafe #4287 Chula Vista check number 615261 today's date cell number [protected].panera member-80414.l have been eating breakfast l believe almost eleven years.lhave seen cooks come and go.Today for the first time I actually grossed out with my favorite breakfast sandwich. First I must say you have a jewel of an employee Maria Consuelo she I believe is assistant manger don't know her last name.she quickly resolve this problem, as a matter of fact she is alway helping with cashiering to get lines down cooking, making sure everything is running smoothly .you can tell when she is not working long lines one or two cashiers either toasting bagels and making special cafe so line doesn't go down we are just waiting and waiting where are you other mangers why don't they help?? I'm sorry to say but getting back to that gross sandwich I had to get up and speak to your cook told him I saw no pride in how he prepared my food .please check in to this situation for I really do not want to stop coming.Thank you😊

Panera Bread

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