Panda Expressmy "bigger" plate

L Jul 31, 2019

I purchased a "Bigger plate" tonight and I have never been more dissatisfied with my experience at the Kona Panda Express.
My order number is 217276 Purchased at 7:56:07 PM
I purchased half fried rice- the most skimpy portion I have ever received at a Panda anywhere.
Super Greens- it was all broccoli, no kale, no cabbage. NO seasoning. I politely asked the guy at the counter if I could have a fresh order as the one sitting in the hot pan was dried out, old and pretty brown. He hesitated, didn't seem like he wanted to ask the kid cooking because the kid cooking seemed so inconvenienced that he had to do his job and make another batch.
Orange Chicken small portion again and wasn't fresh.
Honey Walnut Shrimp, soggy and not fresh.

I have been to this Panda numerous times and this experience was absolutely ridiculous. I called, spoke with Jasmine when I asked for a manager, she replied she was and said she'd have a credit for me for the sides I complained about. Now, this is before I tried the entree items which were severely lack luster. I would not serve this food in my kitchen.
This is unacceptable and maybe someone can step in and let the Kona Panda Express know about quality control?

How would you like to reconcile this severely unsatisfying experience?

Thank you,
Lindsey Carland

I have attached a picture of the plate and have not eaten anything off of this plate except for a bite of broccoli which I then realized there was no seasoning.
The plate was thrown away, It was not worth eating.

my "bigger" plate
my "bigger" plate

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