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I've been quite satisfied with this product up until I received 3 packs in a row (purchased on different days from the same location, location is Macs on 2nd Ave in Sudbury Ontario) that every 3rd cigarette or so had a rip by the filter which brought in way too much air for my liking. Unfortunately this is making me purchase another brand while hesitating to buy another Pall Mall product. I let the first pack go, and then the 2nd...but after the 3rd pack I was quite irritated. Smokes aren't cheap here. I don't expect for anything to come of this, but I thought you should know why you may very well be losing my business.

pall mall blue xl


  • Da
    Dave Mindach Apr 28, 2019

    What is wrong with these smokes . burned 6 shirts now and a few on carpet . Cherry falls of with out warning.
    Can live with carpet, but not shirts $ 10 each . You owe me $60 . Reimburse the $60 . And problem is solved
    Or will have to look at other avenues. join massive law suite against your company . rather not thou

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