Pall Mall Cigarettes19 # when theres suppose to be 20


I bought a box of 20 pall mall ### down woodall in welwyn garden city, got home and opened the packet and there's only 19 in the box!surely this is unfair and something should be done about this especially as there a lot of money ### nowadays!could u please get back to me on the number above thank u! sue


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    Dorisbird Sep 24, 2013

    I agree with this post ! I have just bought my weeks worth of Pall Mall cigarettes, which are now Click ons, to find that there are only 19 in the packet for SuperKings variety. There is nothing on the packet to say there are less than 20 and the news agent was also unaware ! This is a rip off !

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    TommyG123 Jan 01, 2014

    Why are you all complaining of being ripped off!? Surely if you were sensible people, you should stop smoking altogether and it would save you large amounts of money a year. I also now for a fact that it is a legal requirement for the cigarette producers have to place the number of cigarettes included in the box on the packaging. This is just food for thought. Don't smoke and you not only save money but you may live a bit longer as well!

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