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I have written to several organization because the Pick 2 with the Wild Ball appears to be a scam. The advertising states that their will be more winners but when you view the statistics of each drawing, there are less than 140 winners Statewide for the day and/or evening drawing. There are more than 300 retailers in PA with at least a thousand players and only 140 winners with the wild ball is absurd. If the pick 2 winning is 26, wild ball 8. The PA lottery should payout money for the following: 26, 86 and 28. If your number is 27 with a wild ball, then the lottery should payout for 27, 87 and 28 but after you scan your ticket at the terminal machine states that you are a non-winner. This is potentially fraud. There are less winners with the wild ball play, not more. The are taking the extra bet but not paying out. I have written to PA lottery office via email and they never responded. Please help unsuspecting players.

pick 2 lottery with wild ball


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    Jacki wiley Feb 14, 2019

    I agree it's a complete scam the winning number on 2/14/2019 was 029 wildball was 2 i played 970 with the wildball now the wildball should have canceled out my 7 and been replaced with the number 2 wildball but it didnt it showed up as a loser I also played 980 wty the wildball same thing showed up as a loser now on there website it say a box hit with the wildball is a 36 dollar winner so I'm not understanding you these number weren't winners nnomt day before(2/13/2019) the number was 291 wildball was 9 I played 992 and I won the number 9 wildball canceled out my number 1 and was replaced with the number 9 wild now can someone please explain to me what the difference is between the way I played on the 13th that l won and why I didnt win on the 14th because it's not making any sense to me I think I might go to lottery head quarters and argue with them a bit because this is not the first time this has happened to me but before I was new to the lottery and didnt know no better now I'm starting to get to know the lottery a bit and I'm pretty sure both my numbers (970 & 980 with thr wild ball) should both be winners

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