Outback Steakhousemistreatment, by manager and regional manager

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Me and my son enjoy eating at Outback usually (it's one of my son's favorite restaurants). That being said a co worker knows this and purchased me a gift card from her pay-pal account.
I treated my son to Outback yesterday 4/19/2018 in Albuquerque NM the Outback on Jefferson #[protected] Jefferson St. NE 87109
Dinner was great, service was nice, but when I got my phone out to pay with the e-gift card my friend had given me it was ridiculous.

Number one the waitress didn't know how to use it and had to call the manager - the manager Vladimir ??? I don't know what his last name is because his English was very poor and he didn't care to make sure I heard his name. He informed me the card was invalid and couldn't be used he said I would have to call the the number on the e-card. It seemed a little weird that he wasn't more helpful he said there was nothing he could do about it. He didn't try it multiple times he tried it one time and said it couldn't be used, he was not apologetic or professional he seemed more bugged than anything. He spoke rudely to me in front of his wait staff and my son. I had a dine reward "reward" that was applied and paid the remaining 32.93 on my debit card.
After I left I e-mailed my friend who bought me the card to let her know that the card couldn't be used at Outback, but after thinking about it I got on the Outback website and checked the card balance myself - it shows a balance of 15.00$ which is what my friend purchased. My friend stated she had called pay -pal and everything seemed fine on her end. Today I called and tried to Explain my story to Joe Gatto Vladimir's regional manager who's number I had to get from another Outback because Vladimir refused to give me his managers number when I called asking for it earlier in the day. Turns out Joe Gatto's customer service skills are just as lacking as Vladimir's - not helpful stating he wasn't there and doesn't know what happened the card is from a third party vendor and sometimes they don't work.
Why does Outback allow Pay-pal to sell their e-gift cards if they are not going to honor them?
Vladimir needs to learn how to be a tad more tactful when interacting with other human beings, as does his boss . This isn't about money.
We dine at the Outback frequently and always have an enjoyable time, check my dine rewards for proof of this, it's where I enjoy going after work and spending time with my son. If Vladimir and Joe continue to treat the people who pay their checks like they are currently, I have a feeling the business at this location will suffer because of it. I know I will be more choosy about where I spend my money because of the treatment I received yesterday.


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      Apr 19, 2018

    One more thing. I was so angry at them that I took my anger out on my son in the parking lot. I found out that someone reported me and not my son may end up taken from me.

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