Otel.comI booked a hoilday with my child and my eardly parents and family but was cancelled by otel.com without informing me

A Apr 02, 2018
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we arranged a family holiday which included 3 small children and my elderly parents, ( all includes 9 adults and 3 children) for the 4/04/2018 till the 10/4/2018 to the Royal Holiday Palace place so we could joy my brother and his family whom had booked with Thomas cook in the Royal Holiday Palace Lara in Antalya . As soon as we booked on line with Otel.com we all received confirmation and also received Hotel vouchers to print out.
A couple of weeks later my nephew also wanted to join us so we gave him our reservation numbers and he called the Hotel direct (Royal Holiday Palace) to be told that all reservations had not been excepted by the Hotel and that all bookings were cancelled, when my nephew advised me I called Otel.com the advisor advised me that she would have to look into this and advise me further. Later that evening I received an email advising me that all bookings were cancelled due to nationality and all refunds should be made within 15 days. I thought this was not good enough so I called again. Otel.com is based in Turkey which meant that I was calling Turkey and waiting a good 40 mins for them to pick up, when I finally got through I was told that yes all bookings were cancelled and we would all receive a refund I was not happy with this I explained to them what would of happened if my nephew had not called the Hotel and we would not have a clue and would have gone to the Hotel to be told this, They was not interested and was blaming the hotel for the cancellations.
After numerous calls and live chats and also calling the Hotel direct a advisor by the name of Alper promised that he would sort something out and get back to us. We then was told that we could book in the sister Hotel which was next door called Royal Wings in Lara, so we all made new payments received vouchers and was promised this time that all bookings was confirmed by the Hotel and that there would be no problems. we Trusted Mr Alper as he was so convincing and promising that there would be no problems, but 4 days before our travel we received another email from Otel.com stating that all bookings were cancelled again,
so we called Mr Alper to asking what was going on, again he just said Sorry all bookings have been cancelled and there was nothing we could do and we was right to be angry but they would refund us. By this time I was fuming and said to him how do we now find a Hotel all Hotels prices have gone sky high and that there was no room in both Hotels now, He just said Sorry and that they could not help us. This meant that we had to go on another web page and look for another Hotel as we had flights that we had booked from Thomas Cook, we struggled to find spaces also by this time the prices had shot up very high. Luckily we found spaces in another Hotel call Rixos Premium in Belek which meant we had to go to a different Hotel and a different area from my brother whom is staying in Royal Holiday Palace in Lara, and the whole purpose of this Holiday was for us to have a Family Holiday with our Elderly Parents whom wanted to spend it with their grand children and children.
We gave up on them and booked on a different web page called Sunshine and received confirmation and made payments. Once we done these reservations we received another email from Otel.com advising us that all reservations were confirmed and advising us to print of our Hotel vouchers.
I am disgusted and appalled with the service I received I would like to take this company further so it does not happen to any body else travelling with small children and elderly people, which would be stranded in a foreign Country, I cannot stop thinking what would have happened if my nephew had not called the Hotel to be told that all our reservations were cancelled and also my other brother had to go on Holiday with out us and spend his holiday on there own.
I hope you can take in consideration all my very serious complaints and investigate further and please inform me further so soon as possible please.

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