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receipt needed; management will not assist

I checked in on march 13, 2019. I did not get a receipt. I contacted patrick wilson, general manager, east chase in montgomery, al in april as soon as I went to reconcile my expense account. He easily pulled up the $406.15 and stated he would email. I didn't receive it. I contacted him again. It has still not been received. I am now calling him at least every other day and am in danger of losing my job over the receipt. He will not return my calls and I can't even get him to tell him to just mail to my home! I have attempted numerous times to get him to resend or to use another email account that I have or to even mail it, but he won't even answer the phone or return my calls. Today I even left a message while crying attempting to let him know that I must have the receipt. Does he want me to lose my job? He doesn't even know me... He is no general manager... Won't return calls; will not assist customers. Perhaps when I lose my job you can hire me in his place!
I am at the point that while I must have receipt no later than friday, that's just simply not enough at this point. I am livid... And rightfully so. How hard it is???
Wendy lang check in date: march 13, 2019 amount of missing receipt $406.15 hilton garden inn in eastchase in montgomery, al my number is [protected]. My business email is [protected] my personal email is [protected] my mailing address is po box 1861 decatur, al 35602
Please send me a receipt.


There where a few minor issues with my stay but the major one is I was sound asleep and was woken suddenly when someone walked into my room in which I was startled and gave a loud yell as my only immediate source of self defense the intruder then left. I called the front desk and told them that maybe someone was going through rooms was put on hold for ten minutes and then was told the problem was taken care of and I said what do you mean? they said that they had booked another guest in that room. I told them that that was a major breach of security and was very upset and that I was going to file a complaint then they offered me a free breakfast "really" I told them to keep their breakfast. This happened on Friday night April 12th I asked to talk to a manager and they told me a Manager would not be in till Monday well I am still waiting to hear. This was at the Hilton Garden Inn Riverside Tampa, FL. It took me a couple of hours to get back to sleep. I was there for two nights and expect a full refund.
Kelly O'Connor

  • Ke
    KelIy Oconno Apr 15, 2019

    Actually I made all of this up because I did not want to pay for my visit. I don't have much money right now. I just lost my house and often life on the streets. It was a cold night so I begged for enough money to stay in a hotel. I am now scared that that once the manager of this hotels sees this he is going to take me to court. No one entered my room. I just made all of this up.

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housekeeping stole my wallet

Stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn across from India Point Park in Providence, RI. Left on the night of 6/22...

no air condition

Hi, we stayed at your hotel on April 14 and 15 in Tallahassee, fl. We had no air condition the whole weekend. Very disappointed with the Hilton and how this was not resolved. We spent 145.13 to stay in a hot room. We had a late check in and maintenance did not show up. There were no rooms available to move. My name is Danny Damico my HH # is [protected]. My email address is [protected] Thank you, Danny Damico


Me and my wife stayed at Hilton Garden Inn in Sugar Land! Wonderful stay everyone was great! The issue is we got all the way home and realized we left all our hanging clothes in our room. We called to have them sent to us and they had vanished from the closet they were in. The room was vacant and hey should have been there. One key card was in room the other still in my wallet so only stafff would have has access to the room. So why were my clothes not taken to lost and found? Around $600 worth of my hard earned clothes gone from a locked room only staff has access to! That's unacceptable esp when we pay good money to stay at such a nice hotel and staff steals clothing rather than turning them in.

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lied to about card being charged twice

I stayed at the Hilton garden inn on April 7th 2018 in Sharonville OH. I booked a room through but forgot to add my AAA membership information to get a discount. So I went in and cancelled the booking, and also received a confirmation number. I then went on AAA website and booked the room through them with my discount. When I got to the hotel to check in everything seemed fine, went very quickly at the desk. I got to the room and there was only one bed, I had a printed confirmation showing 2 queen beds. So I went to the front desk and told the employee the situation. He said he saw both booking and asked to see the email I received from so I showed him. He apologized and got me a different room. He then asked to swipe my debit card again. He assured me it was protocol and I asked specifically Would the money be taken out a 2nd time and he said no. That was a very concern of mine because me and my son were in the area from out of town, we were in Sharonville for a basketball tournament. When I got to the room it had 2 beds, but something told me to check my account so I did and your hotel in fact took another $140 out of my account. I am a single mom, out of town with my son, with very limted money and I was now away from home for the weekend with $16 in my account. I went to the desk to talk to the man and he said he was sorry but there was nothing he could do. I explained we were out of town and he reassured me the money was not taken again, which was not accurate. He just kept saying sorry. I told him I had no way to feed my child for the duration of our trip now and he said you can get something from the pantry...which was snacks and soft drinks. I have a 6'2" 225 lbs 15 year old that plays sometimes 6 games in one day, he needed actual food not snacks. We were getting no where so I just left and me and my son ate out of a gas station down the street for the rest of the trip. needless to say I am very unhappy about how your hotel handled this. I would like to know what you plan to do to fix this? I have to wait 8-9 business days for the money to go back on my card and again I am so disappointed in your hotel.

customer service

I had a reservation at the Hilton garden inn on stemmons fwy in Dallas tx and along the way had car trouble...

felt harassed

My family and I recently stayed at your Hilton Garden Inn in Mount Laurel, NJ. However, during our stay there were several complaints about noise. During this time I had spoken with different front desk employees and was told that they could not here my family and I talking. So to ensure that we were being considerate of the other guest my family and I went outside. While outside we received more complaints. At this point my family as well as other hotel guest that were trying to enjoy the outside cut the night the night short and went back inside. I had spoken with the night desk employee and was told again that he could not here us and that it was some one just complaining. My family and I were very upset and did not feel comfortable during our stay.

rat inside my hotel room!!

I had to stay at the Hilton Garden Inn for a week that has a problem with rats! The management and staff...

reception staff member with disgusting attitude - very very poor staff member

Dear Sir/Madam. I would like to make a complaint about one of your hotel staff in the Hilton Garden inn...

Hilton Garden Inn


I attended a conference on 5/30/17- 5/31/17 in Middleton, WI. On the first day, our conference room was extremely cold. We had to ask at least 3 times to get the temperature adjusted.
The second day, I attended the AM sessions of the conference and returned to my room at approximately 1100 AM to retrieve my belongings and check out. Earlier I had stopped at the desk to confirm the 1200PM check out. When I entered my room, it was completely cleaned and my belongings were gone. It took me 3 attempts with the housekeeper to get most of my belongings returned. However, they never did find the notes I had taken from the previous day at the conference. Why would someone clean my room and remove my belongings prior to check out. This was extremely upsetting and I feel my privacy was completely violated. I have never had a bad experience at a Hilton Hotel, what's happened to the service? I am requesting a refund for my room cost.
Lori Horst

Customer service/billing

Me and a friend stayed at the Hilton garden inn in Mayfield Ohio. He used his employee rate for stay. We stayed 4 nights which came up to a total of 163 dollars and some change. We used my card to reserve the room, which the front desk agent told me the card could not be verified upon check in. So we used a different card to hold the room for incidentals. The charged that card 90 dollars and we paid 26 dollars and some change for the remainder balance at checkout. Before checkout you guys charged my card that the front desk agent claimed could not be verified 2 30.00 charges and 1 26.39 dollar charge. After I called customer service to get it resolved they said it was just a hold and it would come back on card 3-5 business days.. They said it was not on card by yesterday to call and they will get i5 resolved. Not the case I called and who ever I spoke with was very rude and your company promotes hospitality, I did not get any hospitality from anyone that has spoken to me. The guy went ahead and said if the money was not back on file today he would write a check to me! That is causing me so much inconvenience. I was looking forward to continuing my stay at the Hilton but after this experience I don't think I ever want to stay at a Hilton ever again. This is ridiculous that you guys charged my card for absolutely no reason. My name is Kiana Rogers we stayed in room 224. Please get back to me due to this matter as soon as possible. Thank you


I call the front desk before i left Heber City on Sept.12th, 2013. I told them i was coming to stay that...

ran out of options, please help

Hello, I'm writing this based on an issue i am having with the hotel listed above. i made reservation...


Made reservations on [protected], told there was a Romance package for your hotel, thats why we wanted to stay, it was our first anniversary. My husband tol the gentlemen at front desk not to charge his credit card and he would pay cash for it instead. The Romance package came with free continental breakfast, drinks for two at the bar free and a bottle a champain in the room . So you see this is why we were attracted to the deal in the first place . Come to find out there was no free breakfast, I was told I needed a gold card ! No champain with the room and we had to pay for our drink at the lounge too. The next morning we found a bill slide under the door. When we were leaving the gentlemen at the front desk said he didnt charge my husbands card, the manager Shay told him to make a note to he would not forget . We paid cash for the room when we left, then when we got home we found out the credit card had been charged for the room, later on that afternoon after 7pm we found out the card had been charged again. We didnt get the money back on the card for 4 days . Vary bad experience will never stay there again ! Scott Nickerson 1306 Upland Street, Midland Texas [protected]

  • Mc
    McKeldin Oct 14, 2012

    Made a reservation at the Hilton Garden BWI for my son and his new wife thru Priceline. Called the hotel the day before they were to check in to make sure everything was OK. Had to talk to the manager who found the reservation - changed it from my name to my son's so there would be no problem. Was told not to worry as it was prepaid. When they got to the Hilton they were told they didn't have a reservation at this Hilton or any other. The fromt desk clerk was extremely rude to my son and his wife, called corporate and still maintained that there was no reservation. Her attitude was so bad that they left and went to another hotel. I called the credit card company I charged the room to to dispute the charge but God knows how long it will take me to get my money back. I will NEVER book a Hilton again!

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Very Greedy, Bad Custmer Service

We stayed one night at the hotel and told that they would hold $50 per night as in "incidental fee" on my...

violently threatened in closed elevator by a guest

My sister and I were threatened (with my three children) by another guest at the Hilton Garden Inn in Chattanooga TN on Chestnut St. The man shoved his way onto the elevator with the luggage trolley even though there was not room for him and us with all of our bags hanging from our shoulders. He kept telling his wife to join them, but she declined and waited. The doors closed. My sister said, "that was rude." He immediately became angry and threatened, "I'll knock you over if you want me to knock you over." He repeated this threat a few times and threw in the [censored] word. Things grew very heated, intense and scary in that minute or two. When the door opened on our floor we were blocked by his luggage trolley and could not even get off the elevator unless he would move. My sister and I and my three children were terrified. He did ultimately move the luggage cart into the hall of our floor for us to leave but continued to berate us with curse words and threats. Thankfully a hotel bell hop was walking up the hallway and we immediately asked for help. The violent man re-entered the elevator and was gone. The manager at the Hilton Garden Inn has essentially said that it would be a he said/ she said situation. And he reminded us that we could experience an altercation with a stranger on the street where my children would hear such curse words being used. The thing is, the curse words, although shocking and scary for the kids I'm sure, were not what bothered me or my sister. What bothered us was the threat of physical violence inside a closed elevator where we could not escape and had no means to protect ourselves and these three little kids. Sure someone could threaten the same thing on the street, but on the street we could have run away or yelled for help---not so inside a closed elevator of the Hilton Garden Inn Chattanooga hotel. Our hearts were pounding, and we were terrified. This violent man even knows what floor we are on. So, here we are with three kids and a man upstairs that wants to hurt us, and yet the hotel manager says, "sorry."

  • Dl
    dlakers Jul 31, 2009

    The hotel can not start picking sides in this situation. As they were not present. This could have happend in any elevator anywhere. If the hotel knew who the guy was and you requested for the police to be called, they could have done that. But it sounds as though they didnt know who the guy was. So what can they do really?

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Front desk manager cussing at me

They gave me $4 in quarters to do laundry on Sunday that I understood would be charged to my room and company...

no refund or voucher

I was booked with the Hilton Garden Hotel in downtown Chicago, due to bad weather here in Buffalo and with flying out the next day out of Chicago with bad weather reports there and a week earlier the tragic plane crash in Buffalo New York, I cancelled my trip. I asked for a refund the hotel manager said no. I then explained my situation and said ok I understand the refund, but could you please give me a voucher since I am planning to go to Chicago in the Spring and said no.
I feel with all the money this hotel makes that it would certainly go out of its way to please a customer. I am so upset with the way the front desk manager spoke with me. I also said I would pay a higher rate if the case was money with them he again said no.
I do not by any means recommend this hotel. I have been it similiar situations with other hotels and they were willing to do what it takes to please a customer. I wish I had booked the hotel with them. Thought I would give the Hilton a try. What a mistake that was.

double charging

I booked by internet a room for 3 nights and got an advance purchase deal. Good, so the charged my ceditcard...

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