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ken gituma of ortho/sit n sleep and hostile training.

As a former employee in the mattress world of Los Angeles, take extreme caution who's going to be your retail salesman. For anyone looking for a new mattress in Southern California, beware this bad boy by the name of Ken Gituma (photo attached). Last I checked, he's working for Sit N Sleep or perhaps back again at Ortho Mattress. Be very gracious you stumbled upon this review cause it's going to save you the hassle of getting told, sold and closed by an overly aggressive shady salesman.

Shouldn't you decide what mattress is best for you? Regardless what you WANT, he's going to dictate what you NEED instead and close you on the spot regardless. You need time to think about making an expensive purchase? Hesitant to spend thousands of dollars on the spot? Need to speak with the spouse before you decide together? Wanted to look around first because this is your first stop? Lol boy are you in for a treat! Sit back and hold tight but please allow me to start from the beginning.

I applied for Ortho Mattress on Craigslist back in 2013 and was quickly contacted by the regional manager David Fleischman. He's another carnival ride that needs to be exposed so i'll save the best for last. Hired quickly and was directed to training in Santa Monica store 9 on Wilshire blvd. I was the first to get there and Ken arrived shortly after to unlock the back door. He's the new hire "trainer" by the way. Saw me standing there and completely ignored me. He took a deep breathe as to say, "Great. MORE new hires. Here we go again." Not even a hello or a good morning as I approached him. Very cold and awkward so I introduced myself and stuck my hand out to greet. Barely gave me a glance and replied, "Hey." The look on his face was alarming. He didn't give a [censored] about me OR his job. Let's get this charade over with was the attitude so I knew problems were ahead. Can't blame him for hating to train new hires cause Ortho Mattress goes through employees like cheap condoms.

During his 2 week "training" course, I had to endure utter buffonery at its finest. Remember that one class punk in grade school who felt they were special and tries to goose feed others regarding their delusional views on religion, politics and society in general? This idiot makes up his own selling regime like a fanatic Muslim. Very hostile and here's an example. First thing out of your mouth when a customer enters store is this, "What size mattress you looking for?" Proudly boasts that it shows authority and the salesman is in charge! Saw how he presents to customers daily and it's pure comedy.

There wasn't a single day that goes by without a fight. Took a piss while he was with a client. While in bathroom, another client came in very briefly and soon left. He blames me when I came out. He goes, "You missed a client! Could've been a tempurpedic sale! You're never around when help is needed!" What kind of a veteran salesman needs help juggling 2 or more clients at the same time? You can't even take a piss without him finding a way to blame you. Here's my favorite part when we're scheduled to work on the same day. He calls me half an hour before he shows and asks me if I can vacuum his floors. He's at the store 5 days a week and never bothers to perform his own duties. Specifically waits for me and wants me to do it on days we're paired.

So here's going to be your experience if you're mattress shopping at Sit N Sleep (or Ortho Mattress) when he's on shift. Once he determines your mattress, you're going to decide whether you're going to buy or need time to think. OVER HIS DEAD BODY! NOT on his watch. He already decided that you're going to buy TODAY and he isn't going to take NO for an answer! Here are few of his busting your ball questions. Ahem. "What is there to think about? Didn't you say you needed a new mattress? Isn't that why you're here? You're going to buy a mattress regardless so why not this one? I mean at the end of the day, what's really the difference from this mattress and others down the street? You're already here, right? What's preventing you from deciding RIGHT NOW at the moment? Is it the price? Is it the mattress? Am I not giving you a good deal? If not, we can pick out another one so what's the problem?

If you express hesitation then expect [censored] to escalate because he's all about winning and NO is not in his vocabulary. I've seen full blown arguments between him and customers about buying his mattresses NOW. Goes something like this. "I mean I'm trying to help you! You said you need a mattress so here we are! I can help you pick out another one! Look I'm giving you a great deal! Ok fine, let me toss in a few pillows! How's that? You need a bed frame? I'll include that as well! I'll even waived out the tax! Ok look, my final offer is free shipping. We got a deal?!"

If you say NO to all that then you'll really be asking for it! If he's like that with customers, try to imagine how he treats co workers. Especially ones he thinks he's in charge of. Anybody who walks out without buying a mattress, he demands an explanation cause it's all considered my fault. If I did my job correctly, they would've bought on the spot. No excuses. "So what happened there? Well why didn't you do THIS? Why didn't you do THAT? Well you should've said this or that! How come you didn't get me?! I would've been able to close them!" Always getting accused, blamed and criticized as long as customers leave without making a purchase became a daily routine.

Don't even get me started on the amount of trash he talks behind your back. If he does it to the employees, you bet your sweet behind he's doing it to you the instant you leave without making a purchase. Seen and heard it all first hand.

Here's a bit of a relief. On how he got FIRED! He screwed up a sale somehow and basically had a mattress delivered without collecting payment. Some lucky owner received a brand new mattress worth over 2K and money was never even collected. Talk about the mother of all screw ups. So that was the end of Ken Gituma at Ortho Mattress. But now you can enjoy his hostility at Sit N Sleep of Southern California! Who's prices are just as high as Ortho Mattress if not higher!

Ladies and gentlemen. Kindly allow me to give you a secret. The world of retail mattress stores are dying. FAST. Their prices are literally marked up 4 to 5 times of manufacturers cost. Let me break down why it's marked up so high. You the consumers are not only paying for the mattress, you're also paying for the stores utility bills, employee wages, profit for the company and profit to the manufacturer. They're so ridiculously expensive, we use to have vendors stopping by and complaining about our prices because nothing was being sold! That's where the salesmen would get blamed for not knowing how to sale instead. Brilliant. I personally got written up as punishment because my sales were too low for their standards. Never mind the fact that I was stationed in a rat hole filled with poor selection of merchandise, giant cockroaches, moldy ceilings and dead mice in the parking lot. Don't believe me? Check out this YouTube link here regarding roach infestation in their stores. Let's hope your mattress comes clean and bug free!

Ortho Mattress N. Hollywood, .ca.
Cliff McKinley seems to think it's in your job description to vacuum up roaches.. Has the regional manager in the San Fernando valley.. This is not the only store that's like this either.

Many mattress companies are going bankrupt because shoppers are becoming more sharper in selection and prices. Every walk in customer I took basically identified the mattress they want and immediately went online to compare prices on their smart phones. Right in the store! Took no more than a few minutes and they walked right out. Can't blame them considering online is where the best prices are. DUH. You buying a mattress from a retail store is you basically getting robbed. The corporate way. It's way overpriced and a complete rip off.

Not to mention, online has all the best selections available where actual retail stores don't even carry. Bottom line is THIS. The online Mattress in a Box industry is dominating and killing retail stores. They're all super cheap and just as comfortable. Most have free shipping, free trials and free returns. Not to mention money back guarantees and complete hassle free warranties. Mattress in a Box online is basically ordering take out and getting free delivery. Instead of going to a expensive restaurant with limited portions, high prices and tip, you'll have the same goods delivered right to your doorstep for absolutely free! And if you don't like it, they all take it back for free! Retail mattress stores NEVER did this! Last I checked, they don't take returns but offer a one time exchange. If you're still not satisfied, then you're stuck and kiss your thousands of dollars goodbye to all the shady salesmen operating those stores.

Math isn't difficult here. High prices in retail stores and getting hustled by hostile salesmen like Ken Gituma isn't a great deal. Rather, it's you getting screwed. Memorize his picture attached at the bottom! Why risk buying a mattress in a retail store you potentially won't like by someone you won't like? A complete waste of time, effort and money. And to realize he's mouthing off behind your back for not buying his mattresses on the spot is insult to injury. I'm not getting paid to write this so all these details is coming from the heart. They put me through hell and customers as well. How I so wish a review of this nature would've been around prior to me applying for Ortho Mattress. I can finally state that I take great pride to present you this experience. Retail stores are dead and everything is online. Online Mattress in a Box saves you the time, price and all the unwanted hassles. Most importantly, saves you from the likes of Ken Gituma! Beware and good luck!

ken gituma of ortho/sit n sleep and hostile training.

warranty replacement

Was just informed by jillian that she was sorry for the "inconvenience" that they would not honor my warranty and after tracing back all my correspondence with rep. Linda realize that the denial was in place before they even received the report from what is called an "independent" company which I was told I had to pay $60 to inspect my product... It is not an independent inspection is they are the company ortho contracts with. And on top of it, the inspector ripped open the bottom of the boxspring so now my product is in worse condition than before I reported the default.

  • Updated by Kimberly D M · Feb 19, 2020

    Purchased a good mattress, boxspring and frame from Ortho, had it delivered and set up by Ortho in a guest room with rare use. No children or pets in my home. 4 years into my 10 year warranty, a guest informed me the bed sagged. Informed Ortho and was told I had to pay $60 to have the company they use inspect it. Even though I didn't want to pay to have the warranty stand, I did because i was so sure it was defective and would be replaced. They denied replacement for ALL false reasons and blame placed on me except in the end 1 that was true. I indeed removed the tags on the mattress which voided my warranty even though they first claimed it had a stain but then retracted that after the pictures proved it was in perfect condition, said the frame was bent which I assume if true (cannot even see a bend!) was from he sagging mattress, said the boxspring had a broken piece of wood that is in the exact spot of the sag (which I assume happened from the sagging mattress?), said that and I quote, "Something happened in my home", said this would not happen under normal use and on and on. I agree it would not happen under normal use and my bed has had WAY LESS THAN NORMAL USE which exactly why it is defective. To stand behind a warranty, they state it must sag over 1 1/2", the report I paid $60 for states it says 2 1/8". Was also informed that the frame only has a 1 year warranty and because I did not inspect it after a year, they would not Stand behind the warranty. Was also informed that many people purchase mattresses from elsewhere and try to use the Ortho warranty! My response was that I am sure that happens which is why I keep all receipts, warranty info, etc. this is a complete bogus list of false reasons Ortho is not standing behind their product other than the fact that I removed the tag (what a joke). I probably would not spend my time writing all these reviews except for the fact that Linda and supervisor Jillian both tried through many false claims to blame me and/or my actions for their faulty product. Stains, something happened in my home, I didn't inspect the frame, I didn't rotate the mattress, don top of it, the inspector ripped open the bottom of the boxspring to take pictures so now I am even worse off because it now has the bottom all hanging down. When I asked Jillian what I should do about the now ruined boxspring she said she had no suggestion...on my 5th review. I do not believe I have ever tried to use a warranty before and I have never written a poor review but, when that made false claims blaming me, I am on fire.

  • Updated by Kimberly D M · Feb 19, 2020

    It is not just an inconvenience, it is a scam and false advertising for a quality product and a warranty they is not usable due to a “removed mattress tag”. The first 5 reasons I was given were stains, lack of support, lack of frame inspection after 1 year, something happened in my home, wouldn’t happen under normal use, frame bent, only sagging 1 1/8” (it is 2 1/8”) are bogus. On Feb. 10th (3 days after inspection) Linda’s email said I could call her to discuss denial so I called to inquire about the “denial” and she said she had the wrong customer. She had not even received the report! Then when I called to discuss it once i received the actual denial, she said it was due to a stain and when I told her to look at the pictures she said she had the wrong customer again. The 1 missing label is a bogus excuse to not stand behind your product and warranty and as I track back all my correspondence I see the denial was always in place. It is not an independent company for inspection when ortho tells me who I have to pay to do an inspection. It is obvious this is the mattress, boxspring and frame purchased form Ortho and the many excuse for a faulty product putting blame on my actions are insulting.

  • Cu
    Customer Service Ortho Feb 19, 2020

    I am sorry your mattress was not approved by the 3rd party inspection company for a replacement. The inspection company cannot approve a replacement due to the fact that they could not verify the product was an Ortho Mattress product. The reason why the Ortho policy card states PROOF OF PURCHASE AND READABLE LAW LABEL IS REQUIRED FOR ALL WARRANTY CLAIMS, the inspector has to verify the product he is inspecting is the same item from the invoice you submitted for a warranty claim. The inspector was not able to do so. The law tag provides specific information, manufacturer, model, and date of manufacture. Without the law tag information I am unable to replace the mattress. I apologize for the inconvenience.
    Kind Regards,
    Customer Service Manager

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mattress cooling medium temper pedicure

I walked in Amon 8/17/2019 and was approached by Stephanie the "store manager" each store has their own store manager apparently which means that they have one soul worker working in that store each and every day. I sat and Kaye's in most of the beds till I figured out what I loved, the bed that I fell in love with was just a bit over 3200, 00 and too costly but Stephanie said I could purchase one of her floor models at her other store and so she showed me what it would look like and feel like so I untrusted my purchase to her because she did it is the exact but last years model.
After still questioning her for over an hour and spending iver 3-4 hours in the store I made the deal and she opened me up their cc card which I didn't need only for the matress.
The next day I receive the matress filthy as in black, and it's a firm as in hard which mine was a medium for my bad back and they took my matress and out it in the dirty street with no plastic bag! So they put the new one on my bed and it's gross and hard as rick and old and not even close to the one in the showroom that Stephanie had showed me, so I called Stephanie and she told me to REFUSE the bed! Which I did in the meanwhile they brought me back my 8 month old matress filthy gross with bugs all over it and I can't belive the company will not make good on this whatever to my liking. Now I have a home credit card I can't use, my credit is lowered and I have no mattress and a dirty mattress which I also can't use. In fact the regional director manager called me to make sure I know who he was and was very Kurt with me and said we are done with you and not going to help you out. Well I am not done with them if I have to hire a Pr firm and a lawyer what they have done to Somone who is so sick I am appalled. They Don't care about their clients and I believe in bad karma and there are hundreds of retail matress companies that will take better care of you than them and be honest with their clients. Good luck 🍀

pembridge ii firm mattress set

My problems with this bed began as early as my 2nd year of ownerships but at the time I read the warranty terms and I knew it didn't qualify "yet". It eventually grew worse and worse until the poor quality of the mattress was negatively affecting my sleep. Still I waited until it had gotten so bad, the depression so big, that I knew they could not deny my claim.

They did so anyways claiming the bed was "soiled". I dispute that claim, I specifically purchased the bed protection kit that was upsold me. The only time the mattress was not in the covers is when those bed protectors were being washed. There was no soiling at all as the mattress was well maintained and protected within the protector they upsold me specifically claiming it was needed in case I needed to warranty the mattress.

Overall I feel they had no intention of supporting their warranty at all and were looking for any excuse to deny my claim, despite inspector comments how bad the mattress was, salesmen's claims that the protector would preserve my warranty, and their claims on their website concerning the "10 years" of support they provide.

bad mattress or box spring aireloom and abusive salesperson

Customer: David [removed], Invoice 09-17609, date of purchase 4/12/17, salesperson is Matt #559. We were verbally charmed by Matt who told us we were buying brand new - 2 Aireloom...

Avant 12" mattress with adjustable frame

I only wish I had found this site before I purchased from Ortho. Two weeks ago I purchased a $2800 Ortho brand Avant 12" mattress with an adjustable bed frame. I truly do not...

Sexual harassment - danny miller - ortho mattress manager

I filed a police report today against store manager Danny Miller for sexually harassing me while on the job and off. I didn't say anything at first because I didn't think it was that big of a deal. It was hard to go to work with him because he'd act is is nothing was going on around Larry or Henry. Everyone thinks he's just a nice guy but he in fact is a bad person. He started calling and texting me to check up on me when I didn't show up for work. Then he asked me for drinks after work. He got really drunk and basically started kissing me. I went with it at first but then he told me he wanted to have sex in his car in the parking lot. I told him no and that he shouldn't be driving or being so aggressive and that I didn't really like him like that. I also have a boyfriend. Danny told me he was taking an uber home then he moved closer to me and put his hand up my skirt and grabbed me. I was shocked and felt violated. I pushed him away and left. The next day at work he acted like he couldn't remember anything he had done and couldn't remember going out with me. Then things got creepy and he started telling me all the stores he's had sex in with older cougar customers that didn't have cameras in certain areas! I went home early sick to avoid him. He started treating me poorly at work and I eventually just quit because working with him was unbearable. I kind of just filed it in the back of my head as something I shouldn't talk about and how crazy that actually was to have a boss act like that. I started seeing a therapist that helped me understand the damage that incident has caused for me now that I have trust issues with any future boss and that I was indeed sexually harassed. She also encouraged me to file an official police report and to have Danny reported as a sexual offender. I want my voice to be heard and for my side of things to now be public. I will no longer hide in shame. I'm exposing Danny Miller as the bad boss he is. I contacted Ortho today but I'm pretty positive they will do nothing about it until the police contact them or Danny.
I am not the only employee that Danny has tried to bang. There are other female employees that he has had "relations" with not to mention while at work. He is also responsible for initial interviews so good luck with that if you are trying to get a job...go somewhere else!

  • Un
    unhappycustomer2017 May 01, 2017

    I'm glad I read this. I had a horrible experience with this store as well. I believe Danny was the salesman our purchase. I wish I had read this before buying from the store last year. The follow-up to my transaction didn't feel professional at all. Thank you for sharing.

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Mattress company - 8069 beverly blvd los angeles, ca 90048

19956 I'm only leaving 5 stars so that yelp publishes this review. Me and my husband went to Ortho to check out mattresses and had to think about it more because we found their...

SCAM Employer -Beware!

I applied for Sales Manager position in Santa Monica at the beginning of 2015. After submitting my resume a recruiter called to set up a phone interview. The next step was to meet...

Beware David Fleischman at Ortho Mattress

I suppose a more fitting title for this experience is My American Horror Story at Ortho Mattress. For all you customers who got ripped off, allow me to express that you're not alone. Ortho does exactly the same to their employees as well. Before I explain how, my tale began when I got interviewed by David Fleischman (current vice president of sales). He's a dead ringer for Family Guy's Mort Goldman minus a hundred pounds but add the nose of Captain Hook from Peter Pan. Really impossible to miss. "Let's get this over with."

Get a load of some of their policies first directly from the owner. This company bans all pc, smartphones, laptop and etc. Heard some guy got written up or fired for reading a book on his Kindle Fire during his break or downtime. This law came into effect when a few employees had no idea Ken Karmin (owner) walked into their assigned mattress stores and ignored him while goofing off on their laptops. So instead of just disciplining those specific employees only, we all got punished. The top enforcer of this policy is none other than David F himself. If you ever want to see a guy throw himself into a fitted rage in a manner of seconds, let him catch you with a laptop. Another policy is the banning of everyone from making discounted employee purchases directly from the vendors which we're supposed to. This punishment was initiated when a few crook employees abused the program and bought numerous matts at 75% off (our employee discount) just to sell them at full price online through Craigslist. They were uncovered and naturally fired but to ban everyone from making any future purchases for themselves is just thoughtless. Imagine a kid in grade school not doing his homework while we all did but the teacher flunked the entire class just to punish one student! Ladies and gentlemen, these are just the tip of the iceberg.

My first write up was when I used my pc to close a sale by comparing prices online for a customer who asked for proof that we had the best deal before he decides to purchase. I showed him other online retailers who had the identical mattress and I offered him a better deal so he gladly became our customer that day. My second write up is when an elderly couple walked in and informed me that they have a insect problem but don't know what the bugs are. They are in the process of buying a new matt but just looking around for now because they already called the exterminators to inspect their property. I asked, "Could it be beg bugs?" They didn't know what they were so I reluctantly took out my pc and googled pics for them. They confirmed it was and I shared my horror story with them regarding my personal experience with beg bugs from the Commodore Regency in Downtown LA at 4th and Lucas which wasn't far from their residence. I assured them it wasn't their fault and even shared photos of myself that I saved on my laptop containing multiple bite marks that shook them both to the core. I described that fumigation is ineffective because they dig deeper into the walls to evade and multiple once they emerge. I tried that twice and the problem persists or worsens. The only way to eliminate them is by thermal heat treatment of the entire house which can costs thousands in the least. I firmly recommended that if the bed is the source of the infestation, it must be replaced immediately without further delay. Save your money from the exterminators and invest it towards your new mattress. The more you wait, you increase the possibility of them spreading throughout the entire premise beyond your bedroom. They discussed briefly in their native tongue and eventually took my advice and made a smart purchase. Shook hands and thanked me for the service while inviting me out to their downtown jewelry store. Told me if I or anyone in the company needs anything, give him a call anytime and he'll happily repay us the favor. David walked in shortly after and I obtained my 2nd write up.

My third write up is for low numbers in sales but numbers are dictated by the amount of walk-in traffic and that is determined by size and location of the store. If store display is poor due to the small premise making mattress selection highly limited, sales would naturally be affected and limited as well. In the entire West LA region, this smallest store on Pico Blvd. and Overland Ave. has the poorest choice of mattresses available. This store lacked GS Stearns, Beautyrest Black, The Grand Bed by Tempurpedic and a vast number of high price items. When I requested some from the warehouse, a top executive plainly asked, "Wait, you really think that bed is capable of being pushed out of THAT store? No, I don't think it's wise." Even THEY know so why did I get blamed?

The fourth one is probably my favorite. I was at the Ortho Santa Monica store next to Izzy's Restaurant and received a call from David Fleischman. He asked me to look up an invoice containing a Pacific bed that was sold recently. Try to keep in mind that I was usually stationed at a rat hole Store 33 on Pico Blvd and Overland where nobody walks in. Weak selection for me to present so my knowledge of full inventory isn't very keen. I replied, "The Pacific? Is that a new mattress? I never heard of it." Apparently those were poor choice of words to the Vice President of sales at Ortho Mattress. Anyone ever seen Tropic Thunder with Tom Cruise as Les Grossman? This is precisely how David Fleischman responded. He goes, "Whuh? What do you mean you never heard of it?! It's not a mattress, it's a BED! Wait a minute! How long how you been with this company?! Fourteenth months, right?! You been here for over a year and never heard of the Pacific Bed?! It's a manufacture!!! You know, you would think for someone who can't even hit commission every month would at least take some time to familiarize our inventory better!" Wow folks. How's that coming from your local Southern California mattress provider?

I was almost inclined to say, "You left me to rot in that sinkhole after your fired Paul and I see more cockroaches per day than people walking in. I don't make any commission money here because there's no money to be made here at all. All I do here is babysit for you guys and this is the thanks I get?" That was at the very tip of my tongue but I decided to swallow it instead. I took a deep breath because I was done with this company anyways. I later sold a latex bed and decided to chill on the Tempurpedic Grand Bed and had my forearm resting over my eyes because the lights were too bright. Heard someone sat down with paperwork on the next bed and looked up to see it was David himself. I said, "Hey David." He replied, "What are you doing?" I was puzzled and asked, "What do you mean?" All I remembered was his glare and he asked, "You taking a nap?" Of course I thought he was joking and I replied, "No, what are you talking about?" David goes, "I just saw you. You lying to me now?" I said, "Wait a minute. I heard you when you sat down and verbally greeted you did I not? How could I have done that if I was sleeping? When I addressed you, did you think I was sleep talking? I heard and saw you sitting there." He goes, "Well it's because I was making some sounds. And do you really want to make matters worse by arguing with me?" I was about to say, "I always leave the back door wide open (Probably not wise because the bank next door was recently robbed). You would think if any employee was going to sleep, we have enough sense to close that door first so we can actually hear who's coming in." But why bother? As I mentioned earlier, I was done. Of course he wrote me up as usual but this time something inside of me snapped. I was going to quit anyways and especially after how he yelled at me over the phone earlier, THIS was the final straw that broke the camel's back.

Two weeks later around 7:30 pm on Saturday April 12 of 2014, I was terminated by David Fleischman. He walked in from the front door because I made a habit of locking the back door at night. This petite store on the corner of Pico and Overland has crazy bums yelling and fighting with the parking attendant from across the ally so it gets dangerous at night. He casually strolled in without saying a word and had my final paycheck in his hand. The final showdown has arrived. I told him, "Let's get this over with." That's his famous line to me every time he writes me up. It was kind of sweet to finally stick it back to him. He mentioned my attitude was unbelievable. Really? Looks like I've finally learned something from him after all. The only thing I recall was his sarcastic tone and non stop eye rolling. Trust me, he doesn't hesitate to let you know you overstayed your welcome. Finally he goes, "Come on, come on! Let's get this going." Waving me to get out. I wasn't just fired, I was kicked out. Don't let his wiry stature fool you. This guy is as hostile as them come. I been warned about him from all the previous ex employees but I never believed them until I found things out the hard way myself.

That same evening as I got home, I randomly called a few co workers (now ex employees) and they notified me that David had already called and informed everyone to change the door lock combination. This is done to prevent past employees from stepping back into the buildings. He also said, "I don't know which one of you are friends with him but don't ever let me catch him in any of my stores or any of you talking to him ever again." Classy guy this David is. Anyone interested to buy a mattress from your friendly Ortho retailer yet?

Ortho Mattress of California goes through employees like cheap condoms. Let me briefly provide all the individuals who were fired or lightened up and quit. They would be Amir, Peggy, Paul, Larry, Sho, Kejah, Steve, Skylar, Asian Claire, white Claire, Will, Max, James (owner immediately begged him to come back), Tom and Mike. Jerry died of cancer probably because Ortho worked him to death and this small list is ONLY in the West LA region alone that I'm aware of within a single year!!! Man I was changing that damn combination lock every month or so.

Here's the best part where employees are always getting ripped off. DO NOT expect them to pay your bonus for the month. You're lucky enough to get some commission alone! James (current trainer and great guy) quit because Ortho has too many false promises. Immediately left the company because of shady ethics of not paying bonuses when due but Ken (owner) begged him to come back because James is one of the best salesman. Ken asked David Fleischman at the scene, "You didn't pay his bonuses?" Where David replied, "I was about to get to it." Yeah right. David later went and repeated the same thing of not paying bonuses to Tom in Santa Monica (our top GS Stearns seller). When Tom asked why he did not receive his much earned bonus, David replied that the percentages of the month was off by .09 % or some BS. After that phone conversation, Tom sat motionlessly in his office chair completely frozen for 15 minutes. Later called me in the week and said he couldn't sleep that evening and was up all the way until next morning at 5am. Tom knew something was wrong and later demanded an audit. David eventually caved in and agreed to pay.

Here's another way you're going to get ripped by Ortho. You work 50 hours a week and your overtime pay is STILL just 12 bucks and hour! As I've mentioned earlier that Ortho bans employees from making direct purchases from vendors. If employees are buying a mattress, we must buy from Ortho warehouses only where we are charged an additional 25% mark up so Ortho can make money off its own employees!

Still interested to work for Ortho? They aggressively post new listings daily on Craigslist looking for highly motivated sales individuals all over Southern California. Here are some of their claims on their ads. It states, "HUGE opportunities for growth within the company. Our Team prides itself on being the most positive and welcoming team within the company. If you want to make good money, and make a couple good friends along the way, come join." Ahem. Please allow me to intervene and object that those claims are 100% COMPLETE HYBRID HORSE TURD. First off, you're hired as a FLOATER! Meaning, all you do is simply work the off days of existing store employees all OVER THE ENTIRE WEST SIDE REGION! If Mike is off Mon and Tues, your ### is stationed there on those days and if Danny is off Wed/Thurs, guess where you'll be going? At this rate, maintaining a steady client base is impossible so all you're doing is babysitting the off days of current employees all across Southern California. And how much damn money you'll supposedly be making depends on which store you're in. Some large showrooms with full mattress selections obviously attracts all the walk ins who buy while tiny hole in the walls that are dead will attract nobody except ### roaches.

I've worked the health club industry before and people who visit and join depends on facility and its amenities. One club is very old with limited machines and doesn't contain a wet area (pool, Jacuzzi, sauna, steam room). There's also no security outside so cars are constantly being broken into. Across
town has a brand new facility with security outside and a full range of up to date equipment along with a complete wet area. Geeee, which one would you consider joining?

The same applies to all the Ortho stores across Southern California. Larger stores with full selections and convenient parking always gets the income while the smaller stores with limited selections struggle endlessly with no results. And speaking of parking, you better watch who's parking in your spots. Because if the owner suspects employees are allowing customers of other businesses to utilize Ortho parking spaces, it's automatic termination on the spot. Happened in Santa Monica where owner arrived so excited to see his entire parking lot completely filled just to be greeted with nobody inside the store except the manager on duty. Owner asked, "Where's all the customers?" Manager replied, "What customers? There's nobody in here except me." Ken responded, "The entire parking lot is full! What do you mean?! Are you allowing those restaurant patrons next door to park in my spaces? Is the restaurant paying you off with free food?" Needless to say, manager on duty was fired immediately. We didn't really care anymore because people were getting fired left and right. Why do you think they constantly post new job listings on Craigslist daily? Ortho has a revolving door system that never stops spinning with an turnover rate unlike anything I've seen or heard. The only company that remotely comes close to comparison is Amy's Baking Company in Scottsdale, Arizona. Please check the videos on YouTube if you dare. Be warned though. This restaurant and ownership scared Chef Gordon Ramsay away!

Let me warn everyone about some of the other dangers of Ortho Mattress stores. Store located on 10672 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064 has dangers every consumer should know about. DO NOT waste your time visiting this store because it's the smallest in the West LA region with the poorest selection. More importantly, know that all crevices outside are continuously laced with rat poison because this hole in the wall has a rodent problem. Ortho uses Orkin pest control but it's ineffective.

If you're brave enough to venture inside the store, prepare to be greeted by giant cockroaches normally around the desk area. Had one nearly crawled up my slacks while another crawled up an co workers arm while he was doing paperwork. These problems originate from The Sixth Restaurant next door and the raw seafood and junk they toss in the bins directly behind the mattress store. To make matters worse, the owner and kitchen staff of the restaurant has serious beef with Ortho. They would make a daily habit of parking in our spaces and telling customer to use our spots as well and ignored my warnings so I contacted parking enforcement. Everyone including staff, owner AND patrons combined received a total of EIGHT tickets at $75.00 each. Owner did storm inside with ticket in hand and was fuming. I replied that everyone was warned numerously without compliance so I had no choice. Found out that my care was dinged on 2 occasions intentionally by the infuriated kitchen staff when they tossed out the garbage. So don't ever let any staff member of the restaurant catch you entering the store with your car outside unattended. They feel they have the right to utilize our spaces and will potentially target your vehicle if you're mattress shopping inside. Don't say I didn't warn you. One older cook called me crazy so there was an verbal altercation. Almost got into a fist fight so trust me when I say that blood is bad at this location. You park here at your own risk.

I could continue further but writing a book is taking too much of my time. Anyone enjoy sexual harassment in the workplace? An female Ortho salesperson was groped by an store manager so a lawsuit was filed involving Gloria Allred. Heard the employee received six figures as the settlement because Gloria don't play. If this still isn't enough, do yourself a favor and read their reviews which consists of negative reviews all by employees. Don't be shocked to be greeted with 1 star reviews. One employee posts, "Ortho is the worst slave plantation to work for." Unfortunately, that's only the tip of the iceberg. Don't believe me? Go on Craigslist and apply.
You'll eventually meet David Fleischman and the rest of gang.

  • Updated by The Imperial Monarch · Jan 04, 2019

    behold the underboss david Fleischman who is the VP of sales. how well u perform at this company is up to him and which store he puts you in. odd how he makes so many enemies and still smart enough to have his mug plastered on social media. see all the other complaints? that's your cue to go anywhere else. enjoy your new mattress.

My american horror story

I suppose a more fitting title for this experience is My American Horror Story at Ortho Mattress. For all you customers who got ripped off, allow me to express that you're...

selling inferior stearns and foster mattresses marketed as premium that don't last more than 18 months

I paid over $4000 for a sleep system purchased from Ortho Mattress, which included a premium Stearns and Foster Mattress. I specifically purchased a ‘firm’ mattress, and for a...

faulty mattress

19956 Ok, so I’m purchasing a $4000 bed from Ortho. It’s on sale for ½ price, taking it to $2000. As my fortune would have it, it’s ½ price again for a weekend sale. That turned out to...

Watch out for Mike Gordon!

This is another one of Ortho's better showrooms with convenient parking in the back alley. Just make sure you're parking here to purchase a mattress because I saw Mike...

Watch out for Ken Guituma!

I can honestly admit this is one of Ortho's better stores considering I've worked here as a floater employee in the past. Not many stores of Ortho Mattress can compete...

Avoid this store please. Not worth your time.

I use to work in this store about an year ago and have to admit it's not the worst mattress shop in the region. It certainly isn't the greatest either and here'...

Don't work here!!!!

Let's get this over with. A few neighbors have inquired if this location was worth visiting considering I use to work here about a year ago. Let me save you the...

Ortho Mattress, Inc. — Overcharged and Salesperson Attempted Fraud

519709 My husband and I went to Ortho Mattress at 6301 Sepulveda Blvd in Van Nuys on Saturday, June 7, 2014.This was the worst mistake we have ever made. The salesperson, Miguel...


Ortho Mattress warranty is a complete scam they tell you that the mattress is covered for 10 years. What they don't tell are the conditions that you have to meet in order for them to replace your worn out mattress. First you have to have the original receipt which we had. Two, you have to go to the retail store where you bought the mattress so they can file the report. Three, now they tell you that you have to pay out of your pocket $68 which will be reimbursed once the mattress is replace. Four, they will tell you that the mattress can't have any stains what so ever otherwise it will void the warranty. At this point I was getting worried I asked what sort of stains are you talking about? Any kind of stain may it be a size of quarter or a real massive one that can cover the entire bed. I asked how the hell do you prevent stains from getting on the bed after owning it for all these years. Once you get a stain on the bed every attempt to clean will prove futile it will only make it worse.

My mattress was completely leaning down 2 inches on the left side of the bed and the right side was raised almost an inch. So when sleeping on the bed it feels like your sliding down the left side and not to mention it kills your back in the process. Anyway, it took over a month to get through the process waiting for the approval from the office to inspect the mattress. Waiting for the inspector to contact you and actually inspect the mattress. Then finally the long wait for the verdict if your claim is approved of not. They really string it out and make you wait just to have your mattress replaced. We couldn't wait any longer so my wife called them back to find out what happened to our claim. Finally she gets through after being put on hold or being transferred for almost 30 mins. The verdict! DENIED! Our claim was denied after all the waiting and crappy warranty process of Ortho MAttress. The reason, there is a stain on the mattress that disfigured the foam and therefore voiding the warranty. This is the most outrageous warranty coverage ever. So now we our out $68 since they denied it, it will not be reimburse.

Ortho and I'm guessing other mattress companies have similar if not the same kind of process for the warranty claim. I guess the lesson here is to find out the what warranty covers and how the claim process goes. I believe now Ortho has a 25 year warranty on their mattresses which I'm sure will have the same type of warranty process. Ortho sells bed from 1500 to 10k and this is the kind of warranty process you have to go through in order for your bed to be replaced. Totally unacceptable and a complete waste of time and money. Might as well tell the customer that no we don't have a warranty on our beds because we will just deny every warranty claim due to stains and whatever else dirt we can find on the bed that causes the foam to disfigure.

I am not a happy camper and will never ever buy another bed from this company. I will do my research and make sure that my next bed will have a better and simpler warranty process. Ortho SUCKS!!! So buyers beware don't believe in their warranty because it is just one big SCAM!!!

  • I purchased a Simmons mattress from Orotho. I tried to have it replaced. The mattress causes my husband, who has had neck surgery, to only be able to sleep on the bed for 4 hours. Most of the time, he has to sleep on the sofa in the livingroom. It is so true, the 10 year warranty with Simmons is a S C A M . They send out an independent contractor who measures the mattress with a string. The padding has to be down 2 inches to be able to be replaced. Two inches is the total height of the pillow top, which will "never" happen. Sears has said there was something wrong with the mattress. Their sales person in Cerritos on Artesia Blvd., said ... No problem, they stand behind their warranty. That's bull ... they play the game ..."Ortho, we can exchange without the manufacturer's permission. Simmons, the warranty has to be handled by Ortho". They are both SCAMS. WARNING ... Don't buy an expensive mattress. I'm sure they are probably all a scam. Purchase a cheap one and if you don't like it. You can afford to buy another one.

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  • Wa
    WarrantyProblems Sep 03, 2014

    I saw that there is a possible class action starting for these exact things! the website I found is
    Hopefully this helps!!!

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Would not let you return

I asked the delivery guy to wait outside while my fiance and I looked over the bed. When I went outside to reject the bed, he had jumped into the truck and ran. I was able to get...

Sold used box springs

I bought a mattress set from Ortho and I went to pick it up. I just put it in my new apartment and did not inspect it. 3 weeks later I opened it up and the box springs were...

Defective box spring

Bought mattress & box spring from Ortho. It was delivered and set up on a bed frame we have used for years. Within a couple of days it began to sag. After a week of use, sag extreme and getting worse, making cracking noises during the night. Looked under the bed and found broken and disconnected wood with exposed nails in box spring. Visited store immediately. Initially told the box spring could be replaced in about 3 weeks. Said I didn't think the box spring could hold up. Was told a new box spring could be delivered 2 days hence but I would receive notification the afternoon before of a 4-hour delivery window. Received call late the day before of a time between 5 & 9 PM. I told them I could be available between 8 AM and 5 PM, but not after. Next available delivery dates 2nd & 3rd days later, but no time could be specified. Company refused to make any accommodation despite the fact that their product was faulty and potentially dangerous. Other details are available but that is the essence of it.

  • Su
    SusanOwenby Jan 16, 2014

    Ortho Mattress delivered a Rotted box springs.It looks yellow, like its real old or used.I've slept 2hrs since August on it.They wouldn't exchange it.The top is also defective.Its not at all like the bed I tested in showroom, its different.I never dreamed I was going to have a problem.I trusted Ortho.The salesman was talking about returns, before I was done buying it.My mom and I are disabled.We needed a good Mattress.This is a awful company they would not help me!!! I'm still without a bed and out $600.00.

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Shoddy product

I purchased this mattress in April of this year, and in the last 3 months it has begun to wear out, by which I mean squeaky springs, lumps, and a growing depression in the middle...

Defective Mattress

This complaint is in regards to Ortho's Warranty replacement program. We purchased our mattress on 8/12/08 and have had problems with the sagging mattress causing restless nights & relentless back pain. We notified Ortho Mattress whom sent a independent mattress inspection company formally known as "Integrated Bedding Group" 2060 E. Locust St. suite A, Ontario Ca. 91761, [protected]. They came out completed an incomplete/improper inspection of the mattress & reported back to Ortho that the mattress firmness was consistant. The test performed were not relative to a person sleeping on a bed!
I believe this complaint should be aimed at Integrated Bedding Group as well who conducted a fraudulent inspection.
They conduct such tests to avoid payouts to various mattress companies who utilize them for their warranty services!

However we the consumers do have some recourse by taking action against these deceptive companies by going to the "Federal Trade Commission" the Bureau of Consumer Protection. Their you can go online and file a complaint under the Consumer Protection Tab and by submitting your complaints our voices will be heard in putting such fraudulent companies out of business only after settling our warranty complaints!
Here is their link;
or you can fight back with David Horowitz;

Good luck to us all the "consumer protection league",
Rene P

  • DreamlandMattress Jan 27, 2010

    Mattress inspection is a tricky thing to dispute. Most inspection companies are merely following whatever the manufacturers warranty entails.

    For example, in order to call a mattress defective due to sagging, the sagging has to be as a result of spring unit failure and not body impressions. It has to be a depression at the time of examination of greater than 1 1/2".

    When you are laying on the bed that impression may be much more...2-3" inches. But once you aren't on the mattress...normal re-inflation of the foam is going to occur. The chances of the "sag" being more than an 1 1/2" is going to be very slim...UNLESS there IS problems with the spring unit. It is highly likely that the mattress ISN'T covered under warranty for body impressions and is ONLY covered for spring unit issues.

    Does that suck? YES IT DOES. But it doesn't necessarily indicate an issue with the inspector, it is more likely the manufacturers wording of the warranty that prohibits you getting service.

    In your case you said that the inspector said: "that the mattress firmness was consistent". That is almost assuredly due to the fact that the body impression was less than 1 1/2" inches. You are correct though that the test was not done relative to someone being ON the mattress. The trouble with contesting the company based on that will be that those tests are NEVER done with someone on the bed. That fact alone is going to sink your case. If there IS a spring unit failure causing the sagging...whether you are on the bed or not the dip is likely to be more than 1 1/2". If it is not, they will, and probably rightly so, say it is a body impression that is apparently NOT covered under the Ortho warranty.

    If you check out David Horowitz's site at:

    You will notice that there are ZERO cases he has done against any mattress companies. Likely due to the fact that if something is spelled out correctly in a warranty and the inspector follows those guidelines, there is nothing to "Fight Back" against.

    I actually own a reatail mattress store in Southern California called DreamLand Mattress. I only carry one line that even sends out inspection companies. My vendors will repair or replace based on my recommendations. If I say there's an issue, they will normally just go with that.

    Have a great day!

    Bruce Burnett
    Dreamland Discount Mattress
    1007 N. Azusa Ave. Covina Ca, 91722
    626 331-8044

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  • Re
    Recovery Jul 14, 2010

    That guy Bruce is right on target...

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  • Ca
    CaliOC Nov 10, 2011

    Precise Mattress Inspection, Not such a dream job or company to work for.

    Integrity, no, customer service, no... What I got when I worked for them was harrassment and threates.
    I quit this job because I recieved threats if I would not be partial to certain clients over others.

    On several occations I was told to approve a mattress for replacement (refrerred to as a defect) for a customer who's mattress was not really defected, but because the customer was friends with the owners or other managment or owners of mattress stores or someone in manufacturing, they foreced inspectors to lie on inspection forms, if we asked questions we could lose our jobs.

    On other occations, the owners woudl falsify their own inspection forms for the same reasons, and on at least two occations one of the owners would indicate they were in a city and state doing an inspection, but have the same date of another inspection in another city and state.

    On several occations I found the owners inspection reports to be misleading and not in accordance with their own training of inspectors. Poor quality photos, unable to tell if mattress was truely defective or not.

    On at least one occation inspectors were forced to not find defects after a certain quota otherwise we would have to pay for the mattresses out of our own pockets.

    Still yet, I was told I would be working in a certain geographical area and later was told I had to drive hundreds of miles to do one inspection, costing me wear and tear on my vehicle and gas out of pocket, and they owners would get angry if you spent to much on gas and only give you a gas card which sometimes worked. Other cost we had to pay out of our pockets.

    All in all I had to quit this job because of the threats and false claims they forced employees to make on reports and favortism they played. Not exactly integrity and service and deffinatley NOT a Dream Job.

    The mattress inspection company get's paid for each inpsection, along the lines of $25.00 per inspection. Do the math, Each inspector, gets an average of 5-6 per day and they have 10-15 inspectors working in different states. I was told by the owners regardless of defect found. The more inspections and repeat inspections the more the comapny makes, we were threatened to have quotas also, I think they made bonuses if they kept the returned mattresses to a certain number or why elese would they threaten employees they'd have to pay for the mattress if it was found to be not a defect by the MFR.

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Rotted wood Frame

I purchased a Queen size Box Frame and Mattress on 12/20/08. It was Delivered on a Day that i was at work and only my Daughter was home. When i seen the mattress it looked old...

Ortho Mattress, Inc.Bad Quality

On November 28, 2008, we purchased three sets of of Sealy Posturepedic, Dante Park Mattresses for a total of $2874.01. During the first three months, the mattresses were firm, however each month thereafter, they became less comfortable with body indentations becoming apparent and quickly turning into hammocks.We bought this to the attention of Ortho, Paid the $58.00 fee for them to send an inspector out, who found the mattresses to be as stated. They agreed to replace the mattresses if we paid $119.00 ea. for their upgrade and a delivery fee. They take no blame for this particular brand, that didn't last three months. The CEO Kenneth Karmin never responded to either of our letters, and since we refused to pay more money they have as much as said either pay for another set of keep what you have. We
could care less. They refuse to acknowledge that this particular brand is defective. We went to another Ortho store and told them what had happened to our mattresses, and without saying what had happened, we were told the Dante Park had hammock indentations, without us ever mentioning hammock. The physical damage is that our backs are killing us everyday after sleeping in a sunken hole everynight.

  • Jm
    Jmes Dec 01, 2009

    I wish I would have read the above before I bought at Ortho. I also bought a Dante Park mattress, which has performed EXACTLY as the previous poster described. To say I feel like I was taken is an enormous understatement at this point. I was not aware of the "warranty's" $58 inspection fee nor the $119 replacement fee when I purchased the mattress, of course I wasn't expecting it to turn into a hammock less than a year after I purchased it. I was going to write good ol' CEO Ken Karmin also, but after reading the above I guess I won't bother. What a douchebag.

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  • Hh
    H Hass Feb 08, 2010

    I wish I had found this site before we purchased from Ortho. We purchased a Queen Size mattress and box spring from the LaQuinta store. The mattress was on sale on New Years for $2, 000 and it was rated firm plush. When delivered it was so hard, not comortable like the one in the store so we went back within 2 days to complain. We had to wait in line because there were others there complaining about mattress' not being what they were told. The sales man suggested we try to sleep on it for a few more weeks. This is our second home so it gets slept on one or two nights every week or two. But it never got any better and i started to have back problems. I finally went back and told the sales person this is really bad, he basically said oh well we get this mattress back all the time but you have to pay 20% restocking and the regular price for the mattress you want and yes you have to pay for delivery again! He told me that the mattress they deliver is never like the sample on the floor in the few weeks we had ours he had 3 others sent back. I think Ortho is using the restocking and bait and switch of the floor sample to create a new revenue stream. We should have known better, we had others tell us they were really bad to deal with. Then they set the redelivery told us they would call us and let us know when they could get the new mattress and the delivery guys called from our house - we told them we didn't know you were coming because Ortho is done with us they don't give a damn so nobody called. DON'T BUY FROM ORTH YOU'LL REGREAT IT FOR A LONG TIME AND IT'S A LOT OF MONEY FOR NOTHING. We had a much better experience a few years ago at our primary residence when we had a problem with a guest room mattress that we bought from Macy's they couldn't do enough to make it right and they didn't charge us another $795.00 to make it right!

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  • Re
    RestlessinLA Dec 22, 2016

    @H Hass I only wish I had found this site before I purchased from Ortho. Two weeks ago I purchased a $2800 Ortho brand Avant 12" mattress with an adjustable bed frame. I truly do not think I have the same mattress that I tried out in the store for over 45 minutes, which was much firmer than the model they actually delivered. When the delivery guys arrived it was nearly 9 pm and they were non-communicative with me. They assembled the bed to their liking and did not give me an opportunity to give any input. The bed was assembled at the maximum height of 8", which I didn't realize until they had left. They also added the guard railings at the foot of the bed, which clearly stated on the assembly instructed of the platform to as customer if they want them installed. The railing make it different to secure the bedding each morning.

    From the first night I slept in the bed, I felt like I was going to have a nose bleed because I felt too high up from the floor and I literally fell out of the bed onto the floor while making a trip to the rest room. I tossed and turned most the night and woke up with a bad headache, accompanied with muscle soreness. I tried contacting the store in Torrance about the bed being too high, because the one that I tried in the store was certainly not set up as high. The sales rep that assisted told me that I would have to adjust the bed down myself by removing the 3" leg extensions that were screwed into the 5" legs which gave it a total height of 8". Although I stand approximately 5' 10.5" tall, with the mattress and bed support made the bed ridiculously high. So at the suggestion of the sales rep, my husband and I tried to remove the 3" leg cylinders and found that only three of them easily came off. I am not sure why the fourth one was on so tight, but my husband or any other male in our household nor any of our neighbors could help us get it off. I then called the store back and the corporate office for further resolution. The sales rep manager at the store basically told me it was my problem to get the other cylinder off and suggested I go buy an oil filter wrench, because if they had to come back out, it was going to cost $58. I could not believe that after spending so much money on this bed that the sales rep would act so unconcerned about helping us get the matter resolved.

    We took the entire leg off the bed and took it into a local auto supply store, where one of the guys there courteously removed the extension off with one of the oil filter wrenches at no charge. It took him and two other guys to hold the leg while he struggled to remove the 3" portion of the leg. The auto rep said it seemed like it had been over-tightened on purpose, especially when I mentioned how easy the other ones came a loose. I guess the delivery men showed me a thing or two for calling in to their where house earlier that day to find out why they were running so late on my delivery time.

    Needless to say, it has now only been a few weeks and I am definitely not satisfied with my purchase. The firmness already seems to be wearing off and I am already starting to wake up feeling almost as tired again as I did with my old mattress set. I feel that I am stuck as indicated when I called l the store manager and their headquarters with minor issues that never got properly addressed. Their policy locks you in without many options of relief once they bring the mattress out to your home. After viewing these complaints and further reading of their return policy, the customer will either deal with it or end up paying more fees to possibly get a replacement. Bottom line is I wish I had purchased my mattress from somewhere else that is going to stand behind their products and service.

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  • Lu
    Lucia89 Sep 15, 2010

    I also wish I had found this site before purchasing a mattress for $1225.00 from Ortho. Besides having poor quality mattresses, they have the worst return policy. They make it almost impossible for customers to return their poor quality mattresses. The mattress I bought was horrible!!!. It felt like I was sleeping on the floor. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM ANY ORTHO store. You will waste your money!!! I should have searched for reviews before walking into one of their store.

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  • Dm
    D. Macy Jul 20, 2012

    I agree 100%. I wish I had read this complaint article before purchasing from Ortho. I too am going through a defective mattress problem. And had called the store 2 weeks after my purchase, and explained that there is a sagging in the center. well, it is 2 months now, 11 phone calls with still no resolve.
    As, I told customer service yesterday, (which they took all this time to respond to my complaints) I have no intention in schelping this defective mattress 1 1/2 hours away to trade it in for a new mattress, because they have "approved my warranty return" or even purchasing an upgrade for an additional cost .
    I just want my money back, and I will purchase a mattress somewhere else. Because you just don't treat customers with this much disrespect. Again, no response. DO NOT PURCHASE FROM ANY ORTHO STORE! It is mentally straining, and a waste of time and money!!!

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  • Or
    Ortho Deciet Dec 02, 2018

    @D. Macy The Company that does the Mattress Inspections is working in tandem with Ortho and from what I can tell, "Sit and Sleep" They are not certified. I requested t find and use my own Inspectors due to the fiasco the first time around dealing with this Bogus Company...I was told that I could find my own company but they must be certified. There's NO SUCH THING. There is no "Certified Mattress Inspector" companies nor is Integrated Bedding a Certified Company. There's some organizations and Bureaus everyone experiencing issues with these mattress companies need to write in order to STOP to these Fraudulent Practices, and Companies. I'm not sure how to connect to all these people yet, but I'm working on it. They Must Be Stopped!

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  • Or
    Ortho Deciet Nov 29, 2018

    Ortho Mattress Stores, obviously & knowingly, have been getting away with selling DEFECTIVE MATTRESSES for a long time. Each time I find another complaint against them I see that my issue with a sinking, dipping, lousy mattress after a few months use is the Norm. READ ABOUT ORTHO BEFORE YOU BUY. This company has been operating fraudulently for years. It was once a fine store with integrity; this is no longer the case. We already exchanged our first mattress with another, higher priced mattress last year. A few months later we our again going through the exact same problems with a sagging mattress, body aches and pains, and being stuck with another bad Ortho product in our guest room which we do not and cannot sleep on. Had I known that this company routinely operates in deceptive practices with defective merchandise I would have steered clear of them and their worthless products. We are stuck with this product until an Investigation is complete; which now I am sure there's enough information on numerous sites that will prove my complaint valid.

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I purchased a Simmons mattress in May 2008 from Ortho Mattress Co. After approximately 1 year the mattress, which cost over $1000, began to sag in several areas. It is like sleeping in a valley. You can't get comfortable sleeping on the mattress unless you position yourself in the area where the mattress sags. I called to complain to Ortho. I filled out the required forms and sent in a fee of $58.00. Ortho sent out an "unbiased, objective" outside company to inspect the mattress. The inspection company determined that the mattress was only sagging 1 inch. The inspection process appears to be heavily biased against the consumer. I believe that unless the mattress looks like it was runover by MAC truck they will determine that the mattress is defective. The mattress can sag up to 1.5 inches before Ortho will replace the mattress.

I have also filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The BBB gives Ortho Mattress Co an F rating. According to the BBB there are 80 complaints on file; Ortho has only answered 4 complaints.

I believe that the mattress business is one step BELOW the used car business. Do yourself a favor and do not buy from ortho and avoid Simmons mattresses. Simmons recently filed for bankruptcy, which is not a surprise.

  • Jv
    jvbush1017 Sep 16, 2011

    Same thing happened to us! HUGE bump in the middle of our bed and deep sinking on the sides where we sleep. We even rotated as recommended for the first 60 days so this wouldn't happen. Terrible product, horrible service.

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Awful company

Earlier this year we moved to a new place. We wanted to get a new mattress as the old one was not comfortable anymore. So me and my husband went to Ortho Mattress to get a new one. We had the worst experience there from the moment we entered all we got from them was lies. We bought a mattress which cost us $1500. When it was delivered we noticed that there was a big dent in the center. E called them and complained.

Well it took them two months to send some one to get it checked. It was so uncomfortable I don't want to recollect how we managed those two months. When the guy came to check it he told us that it was defective. He left and told us to contact support. I did and then again it took them weeks to send us another one. Well nothing changed the mattress which we got was no good in fact it was worse than the previous one. We were really pissed-off now. Couldn't they send a new mattress with no defect? We did not want a refund only what we ordered for but that was to hard for them. It is the worst company I have ever dealt with in my entire life.

  • Am
    AmBROOKS Dec 09, 2010


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  • Sk
    SKMol Jan 10, 2014

    I bought a new mattress and the adjustable base this summer. I am just over 5 feet tall. I asked them to wait because I was having the floors redone. I called every 2-3 days to make sure They knew that i still wanted it. When I then called to ask them to deliver it, the very rude store manager told they had sold it because they thought I did not want it. I talked to him ever time I called. In spite of the large signs all over the store about same day delivery, he rudely told me they had to make a new mattress and it would take a week. It was a beauty rest. When they finally delivered it after 8:00 pm they complained that it was soo heavy. They refused to attach it to my headboard as promised and when I pointed out how high it was they said they only delivered the merchandise. It is at mid hip. I am 69 yrs old and have arthritis in my hip. All things which I had discussed with the store manager hen I ought it. I paid cash. This was at the Burbank store. Dozens of my calls have been ignored.

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Ortho Mattress won't honor comfort warranty

Ortho Mattress -

We purchased an expensive mattress from Ortho only to have to replace it a year later because it was defective. They exchanged it and the mattress they replaced it with is not as comfortable as the one we had. We called within the required warranty period to have it replaced on a comfort claim. The gave us the run around for over a month and finally my husband talked to Terry who made an offer. He was upset and told he would call back to let her know. She said okay, and when he called back she refused to honor the offer she had made. Now they won't even discuss the issue. They just say we don't do comfort exchanges for this issue.

  • Mc
    m collazo Aug 12, 2008

    Recently I ran into a jam about furnishing for my child about to begin college. At the last moment we needed to accquire bedding for his new college dorm. Since I can remember my parents and now my family have accquire Ortho Mattress and have been so satsified.

    I went to your La Cienga and Melrose location and accquire bedding costing near $900.00. I firmly requested that the bed be delivered on Monday, before noon, I was assured this would happen. Monday came and the delivery people explained that was not possible. My son, has since began a sporting camp with his university and is not able to recieve the bedding. I entered the store on Monday and explained the situation. I told your associate that he would come into the store when he returns and accquire another bed of his choice when he returns. I was told that the money would be returned to my card in 10 - 15 minutes. I requested a fax copy of this efforts and was shooed from the store at that time, promisingit would come. Later that day, when it did not arrive, I contacted the phone by telephone and requested the status of the return and fax. I was then told that what i was promised would not happen and it would take 10 - 15 business days for this transaction to be credited to my account. This really sucks. I am aware of returns to credit cards, and the standard is 5 days. I was so alarmed by the dishonest practice that i have contacted my credit card company to dispute the charges. I have alerted the BBB, and contacted my family and asked them to take this information in hand when considering a purchase location. I would like to think this is one associate with bad information and a lack of customer service efforts. I have sent a copy of this email to your CEO. I would like a response and how you intend to make this right. My son is without a bed and wanted to return to this location on Thursday. You policy have made this impossible.

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  • Di
    Diana Greenberg Nov 13, 2010

    I have the same experience; I bought 2 mattresses from ortho mattress and paid $2348.98 with tax. One was a Full size that was firm and their cheapest for 459.99 but this was just going to my spare bedroom. The one we sleep in was 1699.99 and it was an M-900 Ortho Tempered Visco Matt-Queen. What was delivered was a Model 085; prototype ID:91 Visco Elastic Polyurethene Foam Pad 66%; the salesperson states it was the same mattress. I have many sleepless nights since we change to this mattress. We have called them multiple times and they claimed that there is a break in time up to three months and it has been 3 months now and it was still the same. My latest communication with them was this week and they stated that I need to pay an additional 399.99 dollars for a comfort exchange which I told them no way. I ask for their manager or president and this person said that she cannot give it to me. I told them that they are giving the run around and will find a way to expose them.

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  • Ki
    Kimberly D M Feb 19, 2020

    @Diana Greenberg Ortho warranty is a scam. They gave me so many reasons they would not honor it and when they realized I was not going to accept the bogus claims of blaming me, they said I had nullified the warranty by removing one of the tags on the mattress. BOGUS WARRANTY.

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  • Di
    Diana Greenberg Nov 13, 2010

    See comment above

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  • Sl
    sleeplessnont Sep 11, 2013

    My husband and I purchased an Ortho Mattress Avant 10 Queen Mattress from the Ontario, CA store. When we were in the store my husband laid down on the bed for a long time. I talked to Todd about what deal he could get us on the box spring, rails, mattress cover and mattress. I told him I didn't care for the pillows. From a Labor Day sale price of $1799, he brought it down to $1500. He said he would throw in the box spring, rails, and mattress cover for free. My husband and I accepted. My husband told us that he really liked the pillows and asked how much they were. Todd started at like $90 and my husband worked him down to $60. We signed the invoice. My husband asked for his pillows. Todd handed him some new pillow in a bag. My husband said he wanted to check them out. As soon as he touched them he said they were different. He took them out and asked Todd to compair. Todd said they were the same. My husband insisted that they weren't Todd said it is the same. My husband said he no longer wanted them. Todd said he could take the floor model pillows. The day after I noticed an add that said, Ortho Mattress Labor Day sale: no tax or free pillows. We were charged both Tax and for the pillows. On the day of delivery my husband touched the mattress and told the delivery guys that this was not the same mattress that he laid in at the store. The delivery guys told him that he needed to contact the store, but that it was usually for it to feel different at first. We laid in it for a week and couldn't sleep any night. We kept on waiking up. Got up feeling soare and tired every night. We walked into the store to complain. Todd told us not to worry that he would call me on Monday after speaking with customer service. No call on Moday. I called customer service and was given the run around. Told I was gonna be charged this and that. I am trying to schedule for a mattress inspector to come into my home and inspect the mattress and the one in the store. Any advice?

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  • Ki
    Kimberly D M Feb 19, 2020

    I have been completely given a bogus denial on the warranty that states 10 years. I have only had mine for 4 years, in a guest room, the mattress, boxspring and frame purchased and installed by Ortho. After telling me it was stained (it is in perfect condition), then saying they were sorry and agree the pictures show no stains, they said maybe I had kids or pets(have had zero of either), then said it had a bent frame and I should have inspected it and replace some it after a year so that nullified 5he warranty, then said something must have happened in my house because the wood of the boxspring was broken in the middle, directly under the slump (my assumption is because the mattress is slumping 2 3/8”!), then finally said the actual reason they were denying the warranty is because I had removed one of the tags from the bed. What a scam of a warranty. NEVER AGAIN. ORTHO WARRANTY IS A SCAM.

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