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customer service

Ordered few products from online store. Products were delivered damaged. I've contacted customer service they ignore me, do not respond to my email and when they eventually did, they required damaged products to be returned to them to receive refund, however since the products such as damaged gift boxes and powder foundation was all over the place stained my floor, table and inside the package. I have thrown it away since it made such a mess. Now they treat me like a liar and thief, or wanting to refund me money I've paid for the products I can't use. It's ridiculous! Will never buy anything from them again !


I made the trip to the location at the Short Hills mall for a makeunder. I was told by the current manager, Tammy, that a purchase was REQUIRED along with my service. I recently went to a location closer to home and I was informed that a makeunder was a free service. I mentioned that I had to pay at a different location and the consultant seemed surprised. I do not understand why I was so blatantly lied to.

unauthorized charges

I noticed on my bank this morning an unauthorized pending transaction from
bare escentuals #153 Columbia South Carolina snd I live in California and have made no purchases from this business so dont know where the transaction came from in the first place. I contacted my bank inquiring on the pending transaction on my visa debit card tied to my bank account and my bank gave me a phone number to bare escentual customer support. When I contacted customer support they could not find any transactions tied to my mailing address or visa debit card in their system so how did this transaction originate in the first place.

late delivery of products / not refunding returned goods

I am writing about Order #UKW51745875.

I placed this order on the 5th March. The contents of the order were for a Mother's Day gift to the value of £116.80. Unfortunately, due to some shipping problems, I was advised by Bare Minerals that my order was going to be delayed. Therefore, I rang to cancel so that I could purchase the items in store in time in time for Mother's Day.

I was advised on the phone that I was unable to cancel my order, but that if I waited for it to be delivered, then I could simply reject the delivery, and then ring up Bare Minerals, so that a member of the customer services team could expedite my refund. I called on the 15th March for my refund to be expedited having rejected my order that morning; however, I was disappointed to hear, that the funds would not be back into my account for another 7-10 days, leaving me out of pocket.

The second thing which I found disappointing was that the offer of a discount code "SORRY20" entitled me to the same amount of discount that I had already found online using a quick Google search. MC20 gave me the same discount through As I had the inconvenience of having to rebuy my gifts in store, hence losing out on my online discount, then having to reject my parcel and ring up for a refund, then having to wait up to 10 days to be reimbursed, I feel that a 20% discount, which anyone could find online, is not particularly good customer service. To make matters worse, my email which I sent them complaining about the service I had received was ignored, and after 5 days I am still without my refund.


I ordered an item from your website last Wednesday when you had your " discount code error". I then received and email saying my order has not been successful but no money deducted from my account! You DID take my money. Iv sent 4 emails and all have been ignored! I am still to receive my refund. I have screen shots of the money going from my account! I have spoke to some People who have also been as unfortunate as to buy from you and have received a refund! The last email I sent, sent an auto message saying they will reply within 48 working hours -this was last Thursday! Iv received no reply to my many emails. The customer service iv received is shocking! If I don't not receive a satisfactory response I will be taking this to trading standards.

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[Resolved] bareminerals customer service / late shipping

I use one product that I really love. The oasis moisturizer gel. I also decided to try an eye brightening...

bad service

What can I say? It's terrible.
I ordered 6 items two months ago and got only one out of them. Can't say anything negative about its quality - it's ok, but the shipping sucks. One more problem is that their tracking information is false. I don't know why.
Customer service rarely answers and even if they do, they are not helpful at all.
Last time I spent two hours being on hold talking to three different people who tried to resolve my issue. Eventually, the last one promised to call me back, but she never did.
It's a sad story about treating customers in the worst way.

Recieved 19 bad products in less than 4 months

Name of Product - quantity

Firming Neck Cream - qty 5

Intensive Glow Pads Brightening Treatment - qty 5

Eye Primer - qty 3

Mascara - qty 4

Luminous Hydrating Body Cream Golden Glow - 2

I cannot stress how frustrating this is for me. I have made over 80+ purchases with Bare Escentuals totaling over $3500.00 over the past 4 months. In these purchases, I have had at least 17 individual products which I have purchased online or at an outlet store that have gone bad/expired, over the last 4+ months. This is really becoming unacceptable.

I have had to spend at least 5 hours of my time to fix these issues.

scam scam and scam

I ordered this product with the intention of trying it first. The product took a few weeks to get here. After...

Took advantage of a disabled woman

My son got me a trail offer of there makeup as a suprise for me but since I don't wear makeup I called and cancelled it. the repesentive said I could use the makeup to dec 8th then return it I ask for there address to return it right then but he said he would email it then he had verified my phone # and address but not my email address I once again before hanging up ask them for the address he said it would be sent to my email address then on dec 8th at 10:00 p.m they had already attacked my bank account for $130.41 not even knowing if I had mailed it back or not I called them on the 9th of dec but they would not work with me at all I ask for there address and once again they refused me I had to search there website to find an address which was a p o box only so I then had my son go and mail there makeup back to them even though they had already ripped me off. This company bare minerals is nothing but a scam artist to steal money that isn't there I then on dec 9th turned in a complaint with my bank and again on the 10th of dec to I have also turned in a complaint with the better business bureau on dec 10th I will not stop until they return my money even if I have to go to court and sue them I am disabled on SSD so I have nothing but time to do so. SO TO ALL BEWARE OF BARE MINERALS INC THEY WILL TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOU AND RIP YOU OFF THE FIRST CHANCE THEY GET I AM NOT THE FIRST OR THE LAST!!

ripped off

my son order a trial offer fron them he expected it would only cost 29.95 like advertised on tv but soon we...

no refund for merchandise not redieved

I sent in for a trail of makeup that was advertised on the internet. I never got anything. My credit card wa...


I completed a survey on line for a trial offer for $1.00 plus shipping and handling. Today I received an alert from my credit card company that there was a $130.00 charge pending on my account from this company. After I call them I was told that per the offer I had 10 days from shipping to call to tell them I did not want the product and not be auto charged. They stated that the product was delivered to the post office and that I was out of my 10 day period. Two things. I did not have the product in my PO Box and secondly they just kept saying. Well that is what the offer was.. well that is what the offer was. When I asked to speak with a manager I was told to leave my number. I did not want to leave my number and asked when someone would be in.. I was told in a hour but then they would "all" be in a meeting and someone could get back to me within 48 hours.. if I just left my number. I told her that I was going to check my box again today and that if there was something there it would be returned unopened and unused.. she just kept saying it didn't matter because I would still be charged.. "that is what the offer says" THIS IS A SCAM! DO NOT REPEAT DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY!

  • Do
    Dona Pontarelli May 26, 2011

    The same thing happened to me.
    I called and was told basically too bad. My card was charged $`130.00 and I have not received the product. This is a product you want to steer clear of.

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Not pleased with product

I called customer service to cancel my membership, but because they had already shipped an order to me 11 business days ago I was unable to get a comlete refund. I was told I would have to wait until the next billing cycle in order to get a complete refund. I did not accept this as a consumer and demanded I received my refund as well as cancelation. This makeup does have a flawless look to it, however it did affect my eyes. My eyes were always burning, red, and irritated. I stoped using the product and my eyes are back to normal. I have used Mary Kay for 20 years and never had this problem before. I changed makeup just because of all the reviews. Mary kay is by far the best makeup I have ever used with no side effects. Ladies you might consider changing product.

Fraudulent Ad

I completed a survey online and was offered a 9 piece set of Bare Minerals for $1. According to the ad, I would only be charged the $1 plus S&H. Immediately after making the purchase with my credit card, I was re-directed to the site where I found out this was a $1 trial offer and would be billed the full amount after a certain amount of days. I called within 30 minutes to cancel the purchase, was put on hold for over 10 minutes and then told that I would be refunded the S&H charge but that the $1 charge was non-refundable (some processing fee). I argued against the $1 charge and was told that I had agreed to this condition when I made the purchase. NO, I was not provided any of this information until AFTER I charged my card. Next time, I will research any offers like these before I make the purchase (from another site).

Auto Shipments/Charges - Misleading info & refusal to refund on their mistake

I have seen the Bare Minerals infomercials for years so I finally decided to try it a little over a month ago. I figured I had nothing to lose since they have their famous "30-day Money Back Guarantee...even if you use all of it, just send back the empty containers for a full refund (minus shipping charges)" And remember it's 30 days from the time you RECEIVE the product. I went online and I placed my order through the website for the $29.99 Starter-Kit plus a couple other products. My order was shipped on Feb 8 (of which I received NUMEROUS emails confirming my order and shipping date); it was delivered on Feb 12... I tried the product, not all that impressed by it since I was looking for a little more coverage but my skin did start looking better and I had less breakouts. I figured I would probably just keep it and maybe try one of their other foundations. Well...
On Mar 5th I receive a package from them; come to find out it is a replacement order and my account was debited $50.41. Now at this time it had only been 21 days since I received my first order. 3 weeks does NOT equal 30 days. So I called and the representative said that I could send it back and they would credit my account. I explained that I was still WELL within my "TRIAL period" and that this could have been avoided had I received an email stating that I was going to be shipped another order. Her excuse was that they are too busy to send email confirmations with the "club membership". Really? I'm sure those emails are set up automatically. Still not satisfied I emailed them asking about my refund and they responded that when they got the product back I would get a refund MINUS the shipping costs. I pointed out that it was THEIR MISTAKE for shipping an order out to me over a WEEK EARLY and I should not be penalized for it. Well I just got the refund yesterday for $43.88. They obviously do not care if they lose customers. Had Bare Minerals apologized for their shipping error and refunded me exactly what they had charged me, I would have gave some of their other products a try but not now. All of this over a difference of $6.12!!! To me it's the principal of the matter; they have shown to have TERRIBLE customer service and a questionable business practice. I would not trust giving them access to my accounts. I guess they figure that they have an endless supply of people who will sign up for the "free" trial period and they don't have to take responsibility for their errors. I feel that I was INTENTIONALLY mislead and the make-up is mediocre anyway. TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE!

  • Tr
    trcyg Mar 21, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I'm sorry, it was a difference of $6.53 not $6.12...

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  • Al
    Aloha Liz Jul 18, 2011

    I sent this email to 4 addresses on the Bare Minerals site with no response as of yet - shipping is a big issue when you live in Hawaii as I do - here is my experience with my first order shipped here from Bare Minerals:

    First let me say that I have my own online business and if I treated my customers the way I've been treated by Bare Escentuals with regards to my shipping problem, I would have been out of business a long time ago
    I live in Hilo, Hawaii - I placed a phone order with Bill in your customer service on June 17 - at that time, I was told that shipping would take 1 to 2 weeks to reach me in Hawaii - I was fine with that - here I am, almost a month later, and the last tracking information I have on my package is that it was in San Franscisco as of June 24 - I even call that Bulk Mail Center and was told that it most likely went by boat on June 29 or 30 to Hawaii - that takes about a week to be received at Honolulu and be scanned in there - that would have put it in Honolulu around July 8 - it is now July 18 and nothing new is noted about this package - yet, I was told today that I have to wait until tomorrow to complain yet again and have it reshipped because tomorrow is 21 working days since it was shipped and your policy is to give the package that long to be received - THEN I was told that if you re ship to the same address and it isn't received you won't do anything about it - so, if I understand correctly, I would be out the $63 simply because I live in Hawaii and you're can't be bothered to find a better way to ship to customers in Hawaii - SAY WHAT ??? - ARE YOU KIDDING ???
    I've never run into such a ridiculous shipping policy in my life - most large companies have shipping options for areas like Hawaii, and ship orders coming out here by Priority Mail so that things like this don't happen - in other words, they actually care that customers in Hawaii get their products in a timely manner and are happy with their buying experience - Bare Escentuals could take a lesson - now, unless I somehow miraculously get this package by tomorrow morning, I have to call back and have the reship sent to my business in Nevada, then I'll have to pay even more shipping to get it from Nevada to me here in Hawaii - would you like to be told that if this was YOUR order ??? I really think not
    I was living on the Mainland the last time I ordered these products, and came back to Bare Escentuals after 4 years of trying other brands, etc - I came back bacause I truly felt the Bare Escentuals products were superior to the other products I had tried, and I still do - but I also judge a company by how they treat their customers and this company has failed miserably - I am so disappointed in this company - you should be disappointed in yourselves - Order # 60567897

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I purchased a product that does not work

I purchased the bare mineral spf30 natural sunscreen distibuted by Bare Escentuals Beauty, Inc.when on holiday in palm desert in December.

The powder ( at the base ) is supposed to pass though the brush when tapped on the face .

When I came to use it, it was clogged and it still is ..

Looking on the net, I only find sites where they sell the product.

I have no way of returning it or asking for a new one here in Fort Myers Florida .

The poduc has no 1-800 number to call, and no www//: address

I am very disapointed at the product .

unauthorized withdrawal from bank account and susequesnt bank fees

I had my husband order the trial offer for me while I was at work. he made the order on line it stated that I...

Customer Service

There is a sales girl at Partridge Creek mall, in MI. Her name is angel and she is awful. She literally yells across the store, follows me around while I'm trying to browse, and tries to pressure me into buying items, even ones I already have.

1. Do not yell at me. There is no need.

2. I am an adult. Do NOT follow me around the store. There is NO reason for you to be so annoying.

3. I will buy what I want/need to buy without your "help". And no, I will not buy them from you.

I will no longer shop there when she is there. I peer in the window, and if I see her, I will not go in. She needs to leave.

  • It
    itsnowornever Mar 30, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Are you kidding me? That's ridiculous! That's why I never shop at stores, and I do everything online. I hate people hovering over my shoulder.

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  • Ge
    George Alijelat Sep 03, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am a father and my wife and daughter was at the mall one week and I left messages no one contacted me back anyways there was a afraican American man was following them from store to store they notice him waiting outside every store so they got scared they called security and she goes yeah he has mental issues but he spends money that really upset me because what if he did harm they wouldn't do nothing because he spends money no more

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Awful experience

I also have clogged pores and I couldn't figure out why. I am so glad I saw this site. I will try the kinerase as someone suggested. I have clogged pores around the nose, on the nose, below my lower lip. Nothing I was using has helped I never even suspected that it was my B E. I cannot thank you enough for the information. I just happened to see a commercial on the body shaper and this site came up. You can bet this website is going into my favorites. Which product of the kinerase works on the pores?

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