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My two-way flight GSO-Moscow, Russia April 12-May 3, 2022 was cancelled. The flight had to be provided by different companies. With difficulties I got the second part trip refund, but the refund for flying from GSO to Moscow, Russia by Aeroflot, 422 dollars and 20 cents, is still not given to me though it was cancelled in February 2022!

By all means tries to escape returning my money. At-1, they put it as a credit which I did not ask them for. So, it means, they got money from Aeroflot! But wherever I tried to talk with agents online, they cheated, were cunning, in the end of the talk suddenly asked me if it was the second part of the trip while seeing all information and my provided itinerary; they did not show that they were online and sometimes simply ended conversation unexpectedly.

I hope very much that will help me in it. I am on Orbitz for 22 years! And I am a nervous rack now, worrying for Ukraine and those relatives who stay in Russia and can do nothing against the war.

There is no connection between USA and Russia, and I am not going there any more anyway, so why does not Orbitz return my money despite all regulations and rules and my 22 years loyalty to them? They football me, which is absolutely impolite and disgusting.

Update by Margarita Arnold
May 19, 2022 7:13 am

I am sorry, everything is true in my complaint, but it was a trip from Raleigh-Durham to Moscow and back , the first part of which I wanted to be refunded.Not from GSO.I am so nervous about it , and I also often went to Moscow from GSO / I had to go there to look after my sick mom every year /, so I made a mistake in the initial port.

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