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They would not honor my travel package that was book before the pandemic. I am one of the few individuals that did not cancel my package when the pandemic hit. I would call the Orbitz Customer Service Center periodically, leading up-to-date, September 30, 2021. Furthermore, I did this to ensure my hotel, flight would still be available to me for when I am ready to travel, and the COVID restrictions lifted. Today, I called Orbitz just to confirm that the flight and hotel was still all set and in place for future travel. The customer rep told me that he would contact the hotel. About 20 minutes into the call, the rep returned, stating he canceled my hotel and the fee would be credited back to the payment account in about 14 days. I, for one, never asked to cancel the hotel and two, why would the rep make that decision or agreed to it without consulting me first. To keep this short, Orbitz did not honor my package deal because it did not fit their bottom line, since priced on hotels increased with vaccine being accessible to the public. When I checked for a possible solution, none was provided, except to book later. I asked to speak with a manager and was told that Jordan would be reaching out to me in two hours; I am still waiting on a call from Jordan, what happened... So, I check back on the website to check hotel deals and of course saw that the hotel prices to my destination had gone way up in value, which explained why Orbitz decided to cancel my hotel and not honor my package deal, which I held on to since 2019 awaiting a possible to vacation back home after 22 years with my little son.

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Nov 03, 2021 8:12 am

Yes, the same thing happened to me in Orlando next year
None of the components were linked, and then it all just fell apart

never got re-imbursed, i had to pay high prices since I was already there, and could not get through to an acutal person


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