Orange Brand Services (formerly Mobinil)a service that was never provided but will require 15 to cancel!!

N Sep 09, 2018

I left my previous ADSl provider on August 11, 2018 and received a call from Orange to subscribe to their ADSL. I was told that when I received my cancellation number from my previous provider, I would have my ADSL in a maximum of 5 days. On August 14, I called to give my cancellation number. I was informed that they had it and were working on my subscription and I will receive a call from their technician to install my router. I asked if I was required to make any payment and I was told that I could pay when my router was installed. On August 25th, I tried to call the sales person and the numbers that had previously contacted me to subscribe and received no answer. I called Orange hotline and they told me to contact the agent who was handling my ADSL. I had no idea I was dealing with an agent and not the Company up to that point. I informed them that their agent was not answering my calls and they confirmed the same and told me they would submit a complaint and told me to pay for my subscription so that the agent could install my router. I called again asking for other numbers for their agent and they gave me 2 wrong numbers. When I was finally able to reach the agent on the old number, he told me I was calling at the wrong hours … Incredible! He knew I was calling them and never tried to return the call the call back!! I informed him that the Orange hotline told me I had to pay first before the router was installed contrary to what he had previously advised me and asked why they had not installed my router. He informed me that prepayment would have expedited the process and that he decided on my behalf, without referring to me to postpone my subscription so that I could get the new promotion package that Orange was going to advertise. At that point, I simply told the agent that I am no longer interested in continuing with Orange. His reply was that I should send him a copy of my ID, which they did not have before and that my cancelation would take from 5 - 15 days!!! This long to cancel a service that was never initiated to begin with!!! I wrote a bad review on Orange facebook page, which by the way, they removed adding reviews since they were all negative reviews and I received a Facebook message from them saying they would have someone from their sales team contact me. I replied that I was not interested in their services and just wanted to get my cancellation number. The next day, a sales member called me to try and change my mind, but I was fed up with their lack of integrity in their commitment to their potential clients, miscommunication and finding it hard to reach them to follow up and insisted that I just wanted my cancellation number and I was not willing to wait for 15 days. The sales member told me told he would try to expedite my cancelation. I sent a what's app message to the agent the next day asking him to send me the cancellation number once done and his reply was cancellation will be done in 15 days!! I have been sending daily messages to Orange on FB to resolve this issue and lastly on Sept. 9, they asked me to make my request urgent and they would follow up in 24 hours!! This is the worst customer service and client care I have encountered. They have no respect whatsoever to their potential clients!!!

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