L Jul 30, 2019

How did this company get such a monopoly? The bill just keeps going up every few months with less services. You can call to try to negotiate the charges - sometimes they give you a promotion - most of the time "there is nothing available" to lessen your bill.
I was promised no rate change for 2 years in September 2018, but by December, the bill was already going up. After 2 more phone calls, each over a half hour, and with 2 promises of a suporvisor to return my call, the 1st time no call at all, the 2nd time, 5 days later I received a return call, but alas, there was nothing to do to lessen my bill...
The area I live in does not offer Verizon service, and the few other options we have
have poor reception. Our hands are tied and Optimum knows it. Very sad indeed.

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