Opodorefusal to refund my flight

G Jul 10, 2019

On 10th July I made an error in booking a Jet 2 flight. I found the flight through sky scanner who then directed me to opodo to pay for the return flight with Jet2. The flight I was trying to book was heading out on Friday 26th July and returning on Monday 29th July however I booked a return flight for Monday 29th June 2020 by mistake.

I realised my mistake immediately and called opodo to rectify the mistake but they advised I needed to contact Jet 2 directly which I did. I was advised there was nothing they could do and if they were to refund my money it would go to opodo so I needed to speak to them. I then called opodo back only to be given a different number to call for Jet 2.

After a total of 2 hours and 20 mins on the phone between Jet 2 and Opodo I am still no further forward.

Jet 2 have refused to refund the flight as it is through a 3rd party operator and opodo only keep telling me to go back to Jet 2 and I am going round in circles.

I take full responsibility for the error in the booking and had I selected the £7 cancel for any reason option I would have been able to cancel the flights so cancelling the flight must be an option. I am willing to pay a cancellation fee to get this resolved so I can book the correct flights and go on my holiday.

Can someone please get back to me with a resolution to this?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Gemma Kennedy

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