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fatal failure

Dear sir,
The attached photos refer to a fatal failure that happened to my car and could have ended with a catastrophy if not for God mercy.
My car is an OPEL VECTRA that I bought from your representative in Egypt - Mansour- in Novemenber 2007 and only run for 29000KM, the car is still under Warranty.
While driving on a highway in March 23rd I suddenly couldn't press the break pedal as it turned into stone!!
I Luckily managed to stop the car using both engine and hand breaks till it stopped on the sideway. I drove the car very slowly to the nearest gaz station, where I found that the Servo Valve controlling the break system broke as per the attached photos!!!
I precisely refer to the top flat part( the outlet), the other end was still embeded into the input hose. I called your emergency help center and I allocated the nearest service center at Nasr City. After 2 hours of very slow manouvers I reached the service center. the technical engineers at Mansour confirmed that they have never seen such a failure and had no explaination for it!!!
the attached photos show the broken part - that I had to pay for it by the way- as they refused to admit the this type of failures is covered by the warranty.
the photos show clearly the flat part that was broken, the nozzle remained in the hose. the irregular bottom nozzle showed in the middle picture was broken during the process of extraction from the bottom hose as per their say.
My life is not cheap to be treated with such shallowness. Your car could have ended my life.
I request serious investigation and expect a phone call from a reliable personnel.
Mu mobile is [protected]
email nader.[protected]@covidien.com
use both mails for communication
Nader El sewefi

fatal failure
fatal failure
fatal failure

  • Mo
    moham55 May 11, 2009

    Thanks brother for posting your problem. I was actually thinking between the VW Jetta and the Vectra. I think I would definitely go for the Jetta as I think that VW is more respectable. Thanks again and sorry for your loss

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  • Ya
    Yassin Jan 25, 2011

    I had the same problem on 2009 for a Vectra model 2000, 1.6 L engine, Manual Gearbox
    although I'm a very light car user (75, 000 km uptill 2010) i suffered the same problem, and the car guarantee was expired of course, i had the same problem but luckily inside the city, i stopped it the same way using engine and hand brake, called the mechanic who told me that the servo (hydraulic brake assistance system) was broken and i have to replace it, the reason for servo break is claimed to be a heavy vibration that may be due to severe bump !!!

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manufacturing flaw - the car

In November 2005 I purchased an Opel Corsa Comfort 1.4. with maintenance plan.
It now has 47 000 km on the clock.
Just before the 30 000 km service, the engine head had to be replaced, due to a manufacturing fault.
After the 30 000 km service, I noticed a noise. I took it in to the dealer and was informed that the alternator had to be replaced.
At the 45 000 km service, the noise was still there. I once again mentioned this to the service manager. After another investigation, I was informed that the bolts on the chassis had come lose. They were tightened.
At 47 000 km, The noise returned. I immediately took the car in to the dealer and, after an inspection, I was told that the steering rack has to be replaced.
The maintenance plan will not cover the full cost. The reason I have been given for this is that the 45 000 km service was due in November, and I only took the car in, in January. I argued that I brought it in before the odometer hit 45 000 km, and was told that that doesn't matter.
I still do not understand how they can argue that they wont pay for the steering rack based on a late service (which I still dispute).
My main complaint is that:
A brand new car driven off the floor should not have so many big problems before it has 50 000 km's on the clock, unless the car was (a)poorly manufactured or (b)poorly designed.

Either way, I feel that I have been cheated. I was promised a decent car and was given a machine with endless faults.
My wife drives the car to work and back ( about 15 km) a day, on a normal road, and is in a constant state of panic because anything could go wrong with the car and kill her, and my 2 year old daughter. It is unsafe.
I have no idea what GM/Opel are going to do to rectify this situation, but I plan to take this further if a resolution is not brokered.
It is ridiculous to be in a constant state of panic as to whats going to break next when I get into my new car!

  • Ja
    jacques van deventer Jan 19, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    my opel astra classic 1600, 16v had a small leak on the heater hose feed, which within a day broke, draining all the water within seconds from the hot water leaking out, now im trying to find a new part which i cant find anywhere in the country, so i had to order one from over seas, now im stuck, struggling to get to work, almost got fired, but still i have to wait another 3-4 weeks.this upsets me because i baught the car only to find out replacing the part on the car ive been driving for 5 years now, takes forever, and im stuck, i may loose my job over struggling to get to work, if i knew this i would happen i would have bought a car which parts are more available, and easier to find.

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  • Jm
    JM Shetty Feb 02, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    In February 2006 I purchased a brand new Opel Signum 3.2(2004) from Opel dealer (M/s Mannai Motors) in Bahrain.
    It now has 57000 km on the clock.
    Just before the 35 000 km service, the master break cylinder had to be replaced,
    After the 45 000 km service, Ac Evaporator had to be replaced. It now has 57000 km the service manager says again Ac Evaporator must be replaced! How come the Ac Evaporator has got the life of just 15 months???

    It now has 57000 km, the car has got starting trouble. The service manager said Fuel Tank Vent Value and Fuel Canister to be replaced. Strange being the dealer for this vehicle, these parts are not available in Bahrain! So He had to order one from Germany for which I had to pay in advance!! Which cost almost fortune-Bd-205/=(Usd 539/=) I had to wait for 15 days to get the part. Now for last 1 month my car is in dealers garage (M/s Mannai Motors), they could not fix the problem yet. The service manager says they are in touch with Opel office in Germany. Now I need to know what remedy available is for me;
    MY complaint with Opel is:
    How come Opel spare parts are so expensive in Bahrain.
    Why Opel is not having proper garage with trained mechanics in Bahrain??
    A brand new car driven off the floor should not have so many big problems before it has 57 000 km's on the clock, unless the car was (a) poorly manufactured or (b) poorly designed.
    Either way, I feel that I have been cheated. I was promised a decent car and was given a machine with endless faults. I drive the car to work and back (about 15 km) a day, on a normal road, and is in a constant state of panic because anything could go wrong with the car and kill us. It is unsafe. I have no idea what Opel are going to do to rectify this situation; it is ridiculous to be in a constant state of panic as to what’s going to break next when I get into my new car!

    -JM Shetty-Bahrain,
    Tel: 00973-39236082
    e-mail: [email protected]

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hello i complaint opel

opel is liar company

ok first i meet opel i go to opel showroom they are show off new opel
the car seller explains me the new opel astra i like it but i like it mostly cid display (colour display) am said seller is it if i buy this car my car display like this they said sure but when i do think what happend my car display is yellow gid i mean not colour just graphical when i turn opel gallery i am said you said me like that they said opel send us like this cars sorry i am said ok

then i buy vectra later same trap they make me too they said vectras display all colour but my car is display gid

why europe opels display colour and our s not do you know cause opel looks turkish people secondary person and we are not deserve like that things that is why opel dont sends

when i go and wanna buy cid my car all opel gallery and services said we are not buy opel dont send like that things turkey
just one gallery said we buy it but you give us 500 euro im said whatt !!! 500 euro are you crazy that is just little lcd panel and that is not my mistake that is all opel company mistake they trap people

they send show rooms for perfect full+full cars but they sell empty rigging cars...

i hope some opel authority read this article and they are may be embrassed (i dont think but ) ...

  • St
    Stephanie McEvoy Jan 09, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I purchased a brand new Opel Astra from Lewis Motors in Portlaosie in February 2007. The next morning i went to start the car to go to work and it would not start, I called the AA they had to tow it away the fuel pump was gone in it, I had to get a taxi to Athlone for a hire car which i had for the following 6 weeks. In October of the same year i receive a letter to tell me to drop the car in that their is a problem with the starter motor another 3 days without my car and they want to charge me for a rental one. 2 yrs later after not been able to afford to change it as i was still paying for the same car, the altenator went in the car and i was notified it was out of warranty after my complaint went to my Opel dealer and main Opel office i got word it is not their problem. Then 2010 the clutch went in the car, so needless to say i will never ever purchase Opel again.

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error in main display


I had serious doubts in writing to you. I'm not sure if anyone is interested, but I believe that you should be interested about the Opel image in the UAE. It all started in the first month after buying a brand new Opel vectra 2006.

Everything was great till I drove up to less than 2000KM, The Main display which contains information about temperature, radio and the clock began to be switched off permanently. I went to the Opel service where, to my surprise, the car had serious trouble and they had to change something from the car. After a couple of weeks the same problem show up again and I went to the agency for the second time and they told me "Now we know your problem" After less than a month the problem is repeated for the third time and now it happened to me for the fourth time and I'll go to them tomorrow.

Now, as I look back I realize that I had great expectations form Opel and all it gave me was great disappointment.

Eng.Mustafa Attiya

  • Ra
    Rawand KH. Esmail May 15, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear sir/madam,

    My car is Opel vectra 2.2 direct engine 2006 model.

    The error number: P 1191

    I have been changing so many part of my car, and still i have the same problem

    Problem description:

    A signal on the dashboard appears of car with a wrench in the middle. i cannot speed up the car, the maximum round of the engine is 30000 / min

    i have changed the filter, fuel pump, and the fuse.
    i have cleaned the filters inside the engine as well as the turbo which represent the pressure of the fuel to the engine.
    i checked the air flow and it's working normally.

    Please direct me what other possible solution i can take to solve this problem

    With my best regards to all of your team


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faulty tyres

In March 2005 I had taken ownership of a brand new Opel astra enjoy from a dellership in Durban. On the first day The vehicle over heated. On calling the help line they informed me to bring the vehicle in for a check up. After rectifying the problem there were other problems that i picked up in the next few days which supposed to have been checked when the PDI of the vehicle was done. I had to again go back to the dealership to sort out these problems. In the second week of me driving my vehicle I noticed that the vehicle swayed on windy days and also did not handle well on concreted roads.

I again informed the dealership who the arranged for a test drive. Prior to the test drive I informed the technician that the problem is felt when you drive under 20km per hour or over 135 km per hour. The results of the test drive was that the were no problems being experienced as was reported by me.
The technician had not taken my experiences when thesting the vecle into account.

I complained but the dealership told me there is nothing they can do. I tried another dealership, but before I went in for the visit I had the shocks of the vehcle tested by an independant Tyre delership. The resluts were that the rear shocks were damaged. With the resluts in hand I went back to the dealership and showed the results to the service centre manager, who then decided that the shocks needed to be changed. The rear two shocks were subsequestly changed. This entire episode took the dealership at least one months to rectify.

The vehicle became more better to drive on concreate roads. The fish tailing at the back of the vehicle did not go away and the vechicle still swayed on windiny days.

I was at my ends when I decided to try another dealership for assistance, the dealership in question also test drove the vecle and reported no faults. Tired and angry I tried another dealership who after many tests and pestering decided to change the front two shocks. This did not change anything.
About 6 months ago I noticed that my rear tyre was splitting in right around the tyre in the centre. The service centre manager then informed me that he would need to get a professonal opinion on the tryes and refered me to another reputable tyreship. On inspection the owner of the dealership informed me that in his twenty years of him being involved in the business he has never seen something like this. He then relayed the information to the service centre manager at opel who inturn requested me to go to Bridgestone and have the tyre inspected.

The General Manager of the plant inspected the vehicle and decided to swap the damaged tyre with a second hand tyre and informed me that he would try to ascertain why the tyre was spliting by sending it to the Johannesburge branch for analysis. To date I have not been contacted by the individual or his company and have not received that report also.

My vechicle is now 19 months old and still has not been sorted out. I called the National call centre and informed them of my problem. To cut a long story short they also cannot asist me because abridgestone has now told them that the tyres on the vehicle has only got 40% life left. Six months ago the general manager of bridgestone , mobeni told me that " I must continue to use the tryes and when it requires changing I must come in back to him and he would arrange a discount. Opel has had similar complaints but due to them not coverng the warranty on the tyres they refuse to assist. My point is there is no proper customer service at Opel and If there were I have not recieved it as yet.
The dealer principle a Mr Lutendo and the service centre manager all acknowledge that the is a serious problem with the vehilce before he took it back to bridgestone for testing. But due to bridgestone idicating to him that the tryes have been used past a certain percentage they are not prepared to accept liability of the problem.

This man then decided to take a u-turn and not assist me in rectifying the problem. It is sad that the organisation that supplied the vehilce to me is not prepared to assist me, citing the fact that the do not cover warenty on tyres.

Had the technicial been qualified enough to detect the problems when i had complained about my vecle when I had taken ownershio of it, I would not have been in the problem.

I intend taking leagal action against both organisations for all the inconvenience they have put me through and also the fact that they (GSM and Bridstone) do not value safety. I can write more about my experiences but don't have the time. If anyone out there owns an Opel and hs expierienced similar, hope you get more joy than me. If any one has advise for me please inform me what else I can do.

Mr. Angry

When and again the same response.On my way to

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greatest disappointment


I had serious doubts in writing to you... I'm not sure if anyone is interested, but I believe that you should be interested about the Opel image in my country - Romania. It all started in may 2005 when I decided it was time to buy my first car... I went to the bank, I contracted a loan, I went to an Opel dealer and I was charmed by an Opel Astra Classic 1.6V Twinport. I was told that I should wait for three months in order for my car to be delivered... I was too excited about the car to say that I wouldn't wait. The three months passed and in august 2007 I was called to go and pick up my car. I didn't know that I shouldn't accept the car if there was a scratch on the Air Conditioning Console... as I said, I wanted to leave from the dealer in my car...

Everything was great till I drove up to 3.000 KM, when I felt that the car was not acting normal... I went to the Opel service where, to my surprise, the car had serious trouble and they had to change the shock absorber (damper) from the back-side of the car. When the car had 8.000 KM I had trouble starting it and I had to go again to the service where they changed the electromotor. Till now I had other problems too as: a button related to the electrical mirrors jumped out, the rear windshield cleaner stopped working, and a few days ago I had the best one yet: I couldn't start my car because the key didn't want to rotate... so, I had to call the service to jump-start my car to drive it to the service where they told me that the key lock is broken.

After all of these I feel the need to sell my car because it cased me only trouble since I bought it - i'm still paying at the bank loan - and it gave me no satisfaction driving it... Now, as I look back I realize that I had great expectations form Opel and all it gave me was great disappointment.

With sincere regrets,
A former Opel customer

P.S. The Opel dealer and service is Opel DiBas - Bucharest, Romania

  • Da
    Daniela Zainea Oct 26, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    I have an Opel Vectra bought this summer from Opel Erebus which is in service for a month now for some minor scratches. I find it amazing that the guys from the service always find excuses each time I call to check if my car is finished. The last one was that they had ordered one handle and that it had not come yet. I have no words to describe my anger and frustration. Is it possible for an order like this to take a month? Is this happening only in Romania?

    Thank you.

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  • Di
    dino Nov 11, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I know what it is to be serviced by technicians from Opel. I drive an Opel Enjoy 1.6. Getting faults repaired or rectified with these guys is a difficulty especially when the themselves cannot understand what he customer is telling them. They only realize the fault when it is to late... and according to them they cannot cover the warranty. For example I have been complaining about my vehicles performance from the third day I took ownership of it. Shocks back and front were changed on two occasions, sensors repaired and alignments done - I don't know how many times and further to this they don't worry about safety. My vehicle was delivered to me without a Pre-Delivery inspection even being done. The veclice sways on windy days and the drive is terrible. I am so disappointed in the entire GSM groups handling of my situation that I think the entire organization stinks.

    My vehicle has faulty tires or rims but no one wants to accept responsibility for the fault. GSM passes it over to Bridgestone and vice versa. Then the reason for not being able to cover the tires is that it has about 40% life left on it. I had complained when the tires were brand new and no technician at Opel could figure out the problem until it started to show. The tire stared to split in the centre. A brand new tire. At that time Bridgestone refused to accept that the tires were faulty and blamed Opel. The problem is that I am stuck with an Opel vehicle that cannot be driven safely over 125KM per hour. And this vehicle is supposed to be built for comfort... My...

    I believe that all these vehicles are import and come with tires made in Poland. The question is are these tires suitable for South African conditions. I doubt it. The sale of this vehicle proves that it is not making an impact in the South African Market. Or maybe customers of the previous Opel 200is which were so popular at one time have now turned away from this brand due to lack of support from GSM.

    How can a company that sells motor vehicles don't cover the most important component of a vehicle and that is the tires that keep it safe on the road.

    Angry Opel driver.

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multiple car problems

To whom it may concern,

I bought a new opel 1.7 turbo diesel bakkie in feb 2006 from eagle canyon auto. Upon the purchase of this new vehicle, i instructed eagle canyon auto to install a new radio and rubber lining.

Within the first week the left hand speaker stopped operating due to a bad connection. The second week, water leaked thrue the roof. Due to bad installation where they didn't install a o-ring on the bee-sting arial.

On both occasions i was told that if i wanted these problems to be fixed i needed to take my vehicle to j.t.s. Myself (just was contracted by eagle canyon auto to install this radio).

The forth week after my purchase the front suspension bolts came lose.

Eagle canyon auto "repaired " this free of charge. My vehicle has since done about 35 000 kilometers. Within that period the suspension bolts have come lose every 5 000 kilometers (i.e. 7 times since purchase) that means that every 5 000 kilometers when the noise becomes unbearable i have to take my vehicle to eagle auto canyon where i have to beg them to fix it the same day.

Since my 30 000 km service and the regular replacement of the suspension bolts, the bolts have come loose again. Still eagle canyon auto are willing to fix these bolts, but it has become obvious to me that their workshop is not capable.

I run my own business and need my vehicle every day to deliver goods to my customers. Hence i bought this vehicle hoping it would help me and my business, but i have been greatly disappointed. I need a permanent solution witch i don't think auto eagle canyon is not able to offer.

Or is there a bigger problem inherent to these opel corsa bakkies?

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