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The unmonitered video chat on omegle has some [censored]ed up [censored] in it things including CHILD PORN and ANIMAL PORN!! since its unmonitered id imagine omegle doesnt know about this but 1. Its illegal and 2 its morally and ethically wrong, someone out there has videos of child porn and animal porn on their computer and is putting it onto the web, there is a possibility that omegle can rat those people out, unsure about how but its absolutely disgusting, its also a bad image on the company, knowing that on your website someones showing child and animal porn. Unacceptable.

May 13, 2019
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  • An
      May 21, 2019

    I came across exactly what you described and will never be going back to Omegle. The people running this site are clearly sick in the head to allow something like this to go on. At the very least they should have the moral backbone to shut the site down if they can’t fix these very serious problems. I also spoke briefly to a girl who turned out to be 17 and was telling me that her mom had just come in to her room with a huge kitchen knife and was making threats against her life. Sadly, Omegle does not provide any sort of medium or mechanism to alert some sort of authoritative/supportive group that can help ensure her safety. I am disgusted beyond words at the things I saw on this site, and yet there are probably many kids who use this site as well and see the exact same things. What a shameful place

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