Omegle / getting banned for 100% no reason.

United States

So I was just on omegle minding my business looking for peoples instagram doing nothing wrong then the next day Im banned for no exact reason! I was banned for possibly having bad behavior. In my opinion you shouldnt ban someone if you dont even know what happended. They'd ban me for nothing but I bet they wouldnt ban someone showing their parts on Omegle. Omegle needs to update and get a better system look into it first before you ban someone. I believe I got banned because people skipped me alot..I mean duh arent people gonna skip you? You really shouldnt ban people for being skipped alot unless its actually serious! I heard it takes up to a week to 120 days just to get unbanned! Im totaly not gonna wait that long for nothing!


Jun 12, 2019

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