Omeglehonestly screw this website. for real

K Jul 04, 2019

i wasn't even doing anything wrong, i had my dog on camera and i was kindly chatting to people when out of nowhere i get redirected to a page that says "You have been banned from Omegle due to possible terms of service violations by you, or someone else using your computer or network."

like what the actual [censored] did i do to deserve this ban? omegle, you really need to moderate your [censored] better dude. there are people spreading child pornography on omegle and you target the innocent people that are just here to chat and have fun? are you [censored]ing kidding me? this is just ridiculous, i didn't do anything wrong at all.

the moderators are a [censored]ing joke, there's still tons of men with their dicks whipped out and sick people spreading [censored] like child porn and bestiality on the website but as soon as im on it w my dog doing absolutely nothing wrong i get banned for it. well you know what, [censored] you guys. bunch of fake [censored]es. seriously. [censored] you and your [censored] website, have fun letting the child molesters roam free on omegle while you target the innocent.

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