Omeglebanned without reason

U Aug 10, 2019 Review updated:

i was on Omegle about two days ago and i received a ban for apparently no reason.
i'm an 15 year old girl and i was only chatting, nothing sexually explicit. But, suddenly when someone asked if i had a boyfriend i said no and got banned. now whenever i go on Omegle at all, i just get a white page saying "Banned." I certainly feel like this was a mistake and wish to have it resolved. I've been banned before without any apparent reason, but this one is different and i hope i'm not perma-banned. Since Omegle is really the only place i have to meet new people and talk face to face without being nervous. I desperately wish for this to be resolved if possible.


  • Pi
    Pickle Goddesss Aug 10, 2019

    Oh my lord me too! I've never used omegle before but I got on and it worked for 0.2 seconds and then I was banned. I'm a 14 year old girl and I literally did nothing like what

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  • Ca
    CanISpeakToYourManager Nov 09, 2019

    It happened to me too, I don’t know what I did wrong and this has never happened before to me.

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