Olive Gardenrefused buy one take one advertised special

A Sep 07, 2018

After returning from a day at Disneyworld, I took my family for a meal at this location. However, I did not know I would be judged by my appearance since Olive Garden is a chain and usually there is not a dress code. I am very hurt and disappointed that I was treated indifferent by my waiter last night. I watched the tables around me get superior service while me and my children went ignored, received subpar service and were cheated out of the buy one take one special due a savvy trick by the waiter (switched electronic machines on table). We waited 5 minutes for water, 10 minutes for drinks and 15 minutes before we got our order taken although we knew what we wanted as soon as we sat down.
First of all once we were seated, I observed the waiter working very hard packing to go boxes for a very large table of approx.. 10 people. He came over (very unconcerned) and said "Someone will be with you soon". (This guy never introduced himself, so we did not know he was going to be our waiter). We waited as we watched this guy walk in and out the room of the large group, really giving them superior service. We were very thirsty and I needed to go to the restroom, however I was trying to wait on our waiter so I could order first. We pressed the "call staff" button on the electronic thing on the table. The same guy came over and turned it off we ordered our drinks at that time. The guy came back with water and no drinks, due to his apparent business with the table of 10 people. I went to the restroom, not able to wait any longer.
While I was in the restroom my daughter pressed the call button again and she told me a different waiter came over to help her. She told me the other waiter asked who was our waiter and she did not know because he never actually introduced himself nor told us his name. My daughter said she pointed the guy out as he arrived with wrong drinks. By this time I was back from the restroom and saw we had the wrong drinks (strawberry smoothies in tall glasses). I then waited more time until I saw waiter again and called him over and notified him we were given the wrong drinks. He took the nice smoothies that were in tall glasses (lovely) back and after 5 more minutes brought back significantly smaller bubble glasses of the right smoothies we ordered (still with a strawberry on them). I did not want to bother him about the smaller size and strawberry décor for mango due to his already present annoyance with us as I was tired too.
Our food arrived and was great however we never received our take one food to go. The waiter brought the check and when we tried to point out the take one special on the electronic thing on the table he said…"Oh, this is not for this table, see the wrong table number"(as he pointed at the bottom of the electronic thing). He proceeded to take it away and came back with another one and slid my credit card which I had on the table after he brought the bill and he waited on the receipt to come out, then we never saw him again. Extremely disappointed and not in the mood to explain our poor waiter and beg for food or proper service, we left.
I had hoped to have a relaxing dinner with my children instead this was a stressful, problematic event.

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    Still waiting for special to be honored

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