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I went to the Mansfield, TX location on 5.25.18. I ordered the unlimited soup and a glass of wine. After eating a bowl and part of a second I asked for a bowl to go. I continued eating the bowl I was eating but became full which is not hard seeing as how I had gastric sleeve surgery 4 years ago and I can only eat small portions. I asked for a bowl for what was left in my bowl I was eating from and was refused because I was told I had one to go already, but it plight was it couldn't be served to a guest so what not allow me to enjoy it later when I would be hungry again. Because I only have 25% of my stomach I eat about every 2-3 hours. The caucausion bartender when I asked why said because I had a bowl and he left the bar, he returned and shortly after I was approached by an African American employee. It seemed the most racist thing I had every seen that the caucausion gentleman would go get an African American to speak with me and when I mentioned my thoughts I was given a $10 gift card as hush money I suppose. The situation makes me not want to return and patronize Olive Garden ever again. I felt the situation was handled horribly and I was highly offended. I wear my hair natural and I was dressed down that day but I'm a small business owner and I'm 2 classes, comps and dissertation from my PhD in Industrial Organizational Psychology with a 3.8. I'm not a miscreant, a vagrant, a thief or anything vile, I just simply wanted to know why I couldn't also have the bowl of soup I didn't complete along with the the one I had to go as I had requested this many times before and been able to do it. I am going to give you the opportunity to make this right before I contact the better business bureau and my attorney because you cannot treat people differently based on racial and ethnic classifications. It has been illegal to discriminate got color since 1968 with the Civil Rights act and I hardly think that Olive Garden would like that kind of press to add to its reputation.


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    greae May 30, 2018

    This is not racism you fool. They would to the same to anyone. Now if the rule not being allowed to take leftovers home only applied for African Americans then it would be racism. If the bartender was African American would you still think it was racism. The only racist is you against caucasians for ASSuming that because he is white that this had to do with your race. Do you know how foolish you make yourself on social media by playing the race card? They should not have given you a $10 because you are so stupid that you think that this is a race issue. You are the true racist. Maybe the African American employee was higher up? Trust me a racist fool like you won't be missed. I hope that whatever business you own, someone as foolish as you falsely accuses you or racism because they did not get their way. Do you understand English. You were already told why you could not have the bowl of soup to go. Also fool you have no case. As a matter of fact the caucasian manager can sue you for libel for the false accusations of discrimination. I hope this happens. It will set an example and teach you and other fools not to play the race card when things do not go their way. You were not treated different based on your ethnic background or race. Mommy needs to slap you across the face and set you straight. Though you probably learned to play the race card from her. If you were caucasian they would still not allow you to take the leftover soup home. Grow up. If you think that whenever you do not get your way it is a race issue leave the country. I want to know where you work. I want to ask you to do something that you are not allowed to do. Then when I don't get my way I want to accuse you or racism. Do you know how stupid you sound playing the race card. Was this taught to you by your parents or did you pick up this stupidity yourself?

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    Mary A. Daniels May 30, 2018
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    @greae "Unlimited" food usually means food eaten at the restaurant, but since they can't use leftovers, they do sometimes let you take them, However, In spite of your small stomach, you were able to manage a bowl and a half and, for some reason, they had already agreed to let you take a whole fresh bowl home instead of just left-overs. That being the case, why quibble over the partial bowl when they allowed you a full one? Oh, yes, they also gave you $10. I would not mind being abused like that.

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    greae Jun 01, 2018

    @Mary A. Daniels IT is a shame that they are rewarding her for her stupidity. First she is wrong. Second she falsely accuses them of racism. Instead of rewarding this immature woman they should have threatened to call the police if she did not leave and not given her the take home soup. They did her a favor by letting her take one serving of soup and she accuses them of racism. How sad is that.

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