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J Aug 06, 2018

I was with my daughter. We both ordered the Duo Lunch special, $6.99. She got the eggplant sandwich with fries and chose the never ending soup.

I ordered the Spaghetti w/ Meat Sauce and never ending salad.

When my order came the spaghetti w/ meat sauce bowl was a much larger portion than when I ordered the same thing a few months back? I mentioned it to my daughter? and thought maybe they just upgraded the portions size as the first time I ordered it, the portion size was pretty small. I even hesitated in ordering it again because the portion size was small the first time.

At the end of the lunch the waitress said we got a free dinner to take home? I thought that was strange?? I chose the Fettuccini Alfredo, which my daughter likes and said she could have the ? extra lunch to go?

Then I got the bill and was charged $12.99 for my meal, expecting $6.99?? My daughter's eggplant was the expected $6.99.

We both pointed to the lunch Duo options when we ordered...

I would not have ordered a lunch that costs $12.99. I rarely eat out and that is way over what I would spend on pasta and salad.

Please refund me the $6.00 difference. I live over 60 miles from the restaurant and my daughter already took the food home.

Olive Garden, Eugene, Oregon, 8/6/18. 12:14:42 PM. Table 54, Check #68193 Michele S was the waitress, short blond hair.

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