Olive Gardenfalse accusations


This place needs to be given some managerial supervisory skill classes ...We was at olive Garden 3 times in last week to eat on sunday we went after church I ordered the soup and salad my husband ordered the pasta unlimited .. I got my soup gnocchi that I always get was watered very thinly even with the cheese they grate into it at the table ..I told the waitress she sent the supervisor over who said she would find out was going on with the soup and she said she would comp the soup I wanted to know why it was soooo thin I have been eating olive garden for years ... I ate salad picked out several bad pieces of lettuce and a breadstick my husband finished his food and turned the payment computer thing towards him and slid the credit card and gave the waitress her $5.00 tip in the black fold down pouch .Get ready to leave I see on the receipt we was charged for $1.99 for a game that we never played I call waitress over she says did you accidently hit the button my husband says I never touched the thing till I just paid .Hold on I will get supervisor 2 min later they walk past in front of us supervisor saying to waitress I already comped the soup and salad what the heck???? WE DID NOT PLAY A GAME !!! The waitress comes over with $2.00 in cash and says that it would not be on bill unless we hit some button on there I said ok whatever we didnt and this will probably happen again to someone today .. What I think really happened the supervisor done it when she "comped" the soup & salad ... My problem is dont call people liars pretty much insinuated we was liars !!! Wasnt late in day we was like the 3rd customers as soon as they opened the doors so she shouldnt have been all stressed out from a long days work etc etc ...I do not nor my husband appreciate being treated like we done something wrong when we done NOTHING wrong ...

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