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I am writing to agree with all ocwen customers that have had horrid experiences with them. Got my mortgage in 2005, which it was a refinance and everything was okay, until job was lost and had to go into forebearance agreement. Payment was increased from 1152.00 per month to 1340.00 per month. Then I went back to work and there was a layoff and had to do another forebearance agreement for a year, where it increased my payment to 1504.00 per month and to let you know the loan adjusted after 2 years in 2007 and this is when everything started bottoming out. Originally started out with loan that was 170, 000. Now they are saying that I owe 185, 000. Which includes they say 15, 000.00 which is said to be unpaid principal balance. I had recently lost my job and I applied for a modification. My balance is still the same, but I had to make 2 payments for april and may on the 1st or before and then they would modify it to 1243.00, but again the amount owed will go up again. I am looking to join the class action suit and have been notified by a person who is doing it, but I need to join in, at least to try to recoup some of the money they have taken. If you notice on your statements, which I have kept all of mine, they move the money around and you don't know where it goes. I will not let them escrow my insurance, because they didn't pay it for a year and I didn't even get a notice. They are nothing, but fraudulent and liars and have a deceptive practice.


  • Dana Shafman Jan 12, 2015
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hello Nogovsupport and other violated Ocwen customers,

    First let me apologize on behalf of Ocwen Loan Servicing as their unfair and abusive servicing of your mortgage loan violates your consumer rights with their continued refusal to provide information; Ocwen is required to provide to you with requested mortgage loan information, especially regarding escrow, per the FTC, CFPB, RESPA and Dodd-Frank Act (at a minimum) as a mortgage servicer.

    It is not too late to fight for your rights but you will have to first get familiar with your consumer rights. You can learn more about your consumer rights and the responsibilities of Ocwen as a mortgage servicer by visiting the CFPB's website and becoming educated about the rights afforded you under the FDCPA, Dodd-Frank and RESPA via the CFPB. Here is a link to the current rules that went effect in 2014 and stronger rules are forthcoming in 2015:

    We routinely look for posts to answer in hopes that it will not only bring optimism to those homeowners and borrowers in distress but also some basic information to assist in fighting the banks that are "too big to fail" but yet don't appreciate the bailout that we provided in their time of need. The debt collectors like Bayview, SPS, SLS, Green Tree, Selene, ASC, Ocwen and Nationstar are simply just piranhas but they can be beat at their own game too just like the big banks can be defeated.

    Thank you as I commend you for taking the first step in asserting your consumer and constitutional rights by complaining about the situation in an effort to shed light on the abuse and encourage change. With that said, you have overlooked the key aspect to your fight, which is putting the violations and abuse in writing in the form of a proper QWR and attaching proof of your consumer and constitutional rights that have been violated; they have certainly been violated in this case per your posted complaints.

    A QWR is an integral tool in getting what you desire and all of the aforementioned mortgage lending and debt collection companies MUST answer your Qualified Written Requests (QWR); if they refuse then you take your fight to all the regulatory agencies outside of Ocwen that assist in fighting for your rights like the CFPB; it’s a shame that these more than profitable and previously bailed-out companies engage in this type of consumer abuse.

    I would be more than happy to educate you as to how to fight for your rights as my firm routinely seeks out complaints online so that we can educate as to how to fight back on our weekday show called "The Daily Complaint” where we review a complaint and how to tackle it successfully.

    We reviewed your complaint on the show if you would like to listen, visit

    As mentioned above, you can learn more by visiting the CFPB's website and becoming educated about the rights afforded you under the FDCPA, Dodd-Frank and RESPA via the CFPB. Here is a link to the current rules that went effect in 2014 and stronger rules are forthcoming in 2015:

    In the event you have further questions, you can contact me via email, web or phone (full contact information is below) as I would be more than happy to answer your questions, call Ocwen with you and/or point you in the right direction.

    Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's END


    Dana Shafman
    Managing Member
    END Consulting
    [protected] Ext 101
    [email protected]


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  • No
    Nogovsupport Dec 30, 2014

    I have been having trouble with ocwen, first not giving me any information when requested about payments mailed in, second regarding insurance I covered my home with after the forced insurance put on me by IndyMac/One West Bank and now after much research I find that they are cohorts with Deutsche Bank National Trust. A company that is big on for losing and reselling for money. How does anyone fight them when our own government allows it. I have searched and searched for a lawyer to take them on. Have yet to find one. Do not trust the law firm of Mackie, Wolf, Zientz and Mann as they have sent me papers representing ocwen.

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  • Ti
    tiredin2012 Jun 22, 2012

    After becoming unemployed I sought out a loan modification to my mortgage of which Ocwen is the loan processor. I applied for HAMP and HARP which I didn't qualify for because when I got married my underwater property became a secondary residence. I applied for an internal modification which they first told me that I qualified for but then said that I didn't because the owner of the loan said I didn't meet their financial guidelines even though I've never missed a payment and have excellent credit. After six months of lost paperwork, requests for forms that don't exist, telling me that they will send information that they don't, etc. they said that the rules have changed and wanted me to start all over again. Rather than spending another six months wasting my time with countless phone interviews and paperwork I checked it out for myself. I still don't qualify for HAMP for the same reasons as before and I don't qualify for HARP 2.0 because my loan is not owned by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. Ocwen refused to divulge the owner of my loan (although they did pretend to send me the information twice). I had to find out the owner of the loan (the investor) myself through the MERS system at Whether Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac backs the loan can also be researched online at - I also called them both to make sure. If you're in the same boat, research the information yourself because Ocwen will take six months of pretending to help before telling you they can't help you. It makes me sick to think that Ocwen has pocketed almost 700 million dollars of our taxpayer money only to pretend to help people. They should be sued on behalf of the American people.

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  • De
    DEDIETERLE May 11, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have had an account with Ocwen since approximately 2005. The loan has come down very little in that time despite the size of payment we have. The interest would seem low, but the balance rarely has moved unless we have made an extra payment.

    Along the way, we have gotten many offers seeking other business or attempting to help us pay this one down, but everything always comes with a fee. Not a small one either. They seem to be seeking ways to get free money all the time.

    This brings me to my latest issue. I am trying to refinance my existing first mortgage and as usual, the loan Ocwen holds needs to be subordinated. There is a fee for this and it is not small. There is a fee for everything they do. I am not in a position where I will pay one more fee on a loan that has already cost me way too much. So, I had to cancel my refinance, as I am not paying this fee and no one will budge on this. I see that Ocwen has already made a ton of money off of me in the years I have had this loan. Free money I send them every month while my balance comes down by a few dollars. This all appears like a legal form of loan sharking with an actual interest rate much higher than what is printed on my bill.

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  • Jo
    joda1001 Apr 02, 2010

    After 2 years of OCWEN repeatedly losing our payment, posting our payment late and generally messing-up our payment records, my wife and I were adviced to take a simplier, safer method of posting payments, we started using Western Union's Bill Payment services. There are pros and cons to this method, but we found the pros to vastly out weight the cons.

    Cons - you will need to take the cash in hand to a Western Union station. (most larger retail stores are available, locate
    one that has a computerized system and stay with them)
    You will have to complete the CORRECT form.
    You will have to stand inline and wait to complete the transaction.
    It will cost you approximately $10.00 per transaction.
    And, as a safety measure, you will need to e-mail the tracking number, amount and account information to the (No)customer
    service department, don't forget to CC yourself as a record.

    PROs - the money transfer is VERY secure.
    The money is automatically downloaded into OCWEN's computer system daily.
    There is very little delay in the posting of your payment to your account (you should have already set-up your account to be
    to be accessed from the internet and review it weekly!!!)
    Most importantly, you now have excellent documentation on when your payment was made, how much and by what
    method. (Western Union is also able to trace the activities by the individual transaction numbers. Couple this with the
    department store's records and your copy of the e-mails notifying of your payments, and you have VERY solid facts.
    Your Lawyer will love this when they confront OCWEN and thier Lawyers)

    The Real benefit comes when you are able to refinance away from OCWEN. One of OCWEN's tactics is to watch for any signs of inquires about your account information by outside Banking Institutions. If they suspect that you are attempting to refinance with another mortgage company; your account "mysteriously" becomes past due, behind in payments or something designed to "scare-off" the mortgage company. If you have kept good records this becomes a non-issue. Theortically, it can become the basis for actions in civil court.

    Give it a try, David can slay Goliath, he just needs to find the right stone.

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  • Ke
    kelzo94 Feb 25, 2010

    I need a number or contact to any lawyers who are going after OCWEN Loan Servicing LLC of West Palm

    Beach, Florida. We sent a payment to them in a large amount and they are saying that they sent it back to

    our bank. Bank didnt recieve it and the company who does the electronic funds has no confirmation from

    OCWEN. So we ask OCWEN where is our money and they say we snt it back but there is nothing in the bank

    or the electronic fund company..

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  • My
    mycats Nov 25, 2009

    i agree with yours and everyone else complaint against ocwen, they are evil . i was approve for the making home afforable plan . i finish my 3 month trial period payed ahead. they have not sent me a final modification plan . i think they are waiting to see if i'll get behind. they don't want to save your home. obama's adm. needs to step up to the plate and look into ocwen's practices. his making home afforable plan is a joke to them they do what ever they want to people. and the government is looking the other way. why implement government programs for the benifit of the people and don't monitor them. this is terrible. ocwen's people are told to lie deceive and cheat. i told downey savings 3 yrs ago that they were going down, not that i predict the future, but the bible states that in a little while longer the wicked will be no more ( psm 37: 9-10)
    PLEASE READ IT . OCWEN IS NEXT rest assure that they are going down, you can't keep doing wrong to people. downey saving was investigated and close down by fdic shelia blair, they are gone. the loan agents was so nasty to people. ocwen employees your jobs are not secure in these hard time. just as you are helping a dying ship sink remember you are sinking also. you will lose your jobs. i hope that the government turn an ear to what's going one with these loan servicers, who are ripping people off from under there homes

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  • Dv
    dveinc Oct 21, 2009

    We found this in our search to get these ###, as there are trying to forclose on our condo and gave us a trial payment for three month of $764 down from our $948 payment, no interest rate or terms (very illegal)

    "For several months, [redacted].com has been trying to locate lawyers to take on Ocwen Bank. Ocwen bank has retaliated by a series of dirty tricks which include, but are not limited to, filing bogus Rip-off by attorneys or Ocwen employees pretending to be gathering names for a class action suit, when really they were trying to find out who the victims were on the [redacted]. (no information was ever revealed) They also filed several false claims by individuals posing as victims, who said they had a lawyer in order to collect names off the Rip-off.

    Rip-off has finally located the attorneys pursuing a class action lawsuit against Ocwen, and Rip-off carefully verified their credentials.


    "Ocwen Federal Bank has been sued for millions of dollars in a Connecticut federal court for racketeering, breach of contract, unfair debt collection practices, overcharging borrowers bogus service and late and escrow fees, harassment, and mail fraud. The lawsuit is Hanson v. Ocwen, a class-action complaint filed in the Federal District Court in Connecticut [Docket #3:02CV960]. The lawsuit seeks punitive damages in the amount of $1.5 BILLION.

    To all the many victims of OCWEN Federal Bank, Listen up! The lawsuit seeks to become a class action, which would then involve all of you who have been complaining day and night about the mistreatment suffered for months or years at OCWEN's hands. There have always been power in numbers, and the class action lawsuit is now hitting back at OCWEN on behalf of all the honest homeowners that it has trampled on for some time now. If you would like to be included in the class action lawsuit, keep reading.



    Submit a notarized sworn statement (or Affidavit) summarizing your experience (much like many of you have already done here at [redacted].com, but pay attention to spelling and grammar, please, as this may go into the court record for all to see for ever). Rush your Affidavit to the following person:

    Kweku Hanson

    487 Main Street, Suite Two

    Hartford, CT [protected]

    email: [email protected]


    [email protected] "

    YOU SHOULD ALSO FILE A RIP-OFF: Filing a Rip-off is also important and should be your first step. Your report will be looked at by other consumers interested with your situation and may relate to and benefit by the rip-off you experienced. The more Rip-off on Ocwen, the more educated other consumers will become, when dealing with Ocwen. This will also help create a better working history on OCWEN and give us the information needed to contact you regarding the disposition of the lawsuit."


    In addition to all the hundreds of complaints we have received on Ocwen Bank in the form of Rip-off, we also receive hundreds of e-mails every week asking for our help.

    We have contacted Ocwen on many occasions to arrange a wholesale settlement and they have promised us numerous times that they would settle but they have reneged. They have also had their attorneys threaten us.

    Having said that, Ocwen Bank has also tried to post to each and every complaint with the following bogus and useless message:


    "If you have a concern regarding the servicing of your loan,

    E-mail Address: [email protected]

    Toll Free Phone #: [protected]

    Mailing Address: Ocwen Federal Bank FSB,

    Attention: Research Department, 12650

    Ingenuity Drive, Orlando, FL 32826

    We strive to provide each of our customers with the utmost in customer care and professionalism and are eager to address any issue or concern that you feel has not been appropriately addressed."


    At Rip-off, it is our opinion and the opinion of other victims that, Ocwen has no intention of resolving these matters. Victims identify no answer on that phone line for several minutes and in some cases almost an hour. Additionally, other victims post that they have received no response to their correspondence even after Rip-off posted their comments.

    We have notified Ocwen that we cannot and as a matter of policy, will not post these bogus memos at great expense to our time and resources that are only a ruse and an additional run-around to the victims that come to the Rip-off.

    ED Magedson - EDitor-in-Chief

    [email protected]/link removed/

    /link removed/

    We are not lawyers.

    We are not a collection agency.

    We are Consumer Advocates.

    ...the victims' advocate

    WE are Civil and Human Rights Activists

    We are a Nationwide Consumer Reporting News Agency consumers, for consumers

    DONATIONS may be sent to and

    USA Victims and Volunteers respond to:

    PO Box 310, Tempe, Arizona 85280

    FAX: [protected]

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  • Li
    littlebritj008 Jul 30, 2009

    I don't trust anyone anymore

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  • Li
    littlebritj008 Jul 30, 2009

    I agree Ocwen is diceptive. I was on their forebarence plan for nothing! After it's done I get a letter saying I'm late on a payment! what the heck! There was no reason to even be on the plan. Now I have to come up with two payments plus over the normal amount of late charge of 119.00. I'm confused. They made me pay the late fees every month I was on the plan. This is fraudulent in my eyes. I would love to get in on the class action suit if someone can give me details of how to do it.

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