OCBC Bankemail being scam and fund transfer to scammer

Dear all, I duno what should I do now because I made a big problem to my company. I received supplier's email regarding remittance which it actual scammer email but display is the supplier email. We did inform bank to stop this transfer and sent swift message to the bank(the scammer's bank account) about this matter. However, based on our bank, no respond from them. We did made police report as well, and currently investigating our emails. On the first day of making TT Transfer to the bank account (from scammer) however beneficiary name is our supplier name, then, after 5th days, we been asked by the (scam) supplier to change the beneficiary name. After amendment the beneficiary name, no respond anymore and end up next two days the actual supplier inform us that they still have not yet received payment and eventually realise that we get scam. Now already the 8th days, I wish that our bank had really do the best of their effort and take serious on our matter. Thats a huge amount. I really felt hopeless and I wish anyone of you who are consultant or knew relevant of this case who looking my status here can let me know this Oversea TT Transfer can be stopped and recall the transfer back to our company. Kindly advise from all of you.

Nov 08, 2019

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