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OCBC Bank review: Suspension of credit card facilities based on inaccurate information

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To whom it may concern,
I am writing in to state my extreme frustration and displeasure at the wrongful concealment of my salary status by OCBC's Frank Loan department, inaccurate advice and incomplete information that has been given to me in my facilities, namely credit card and education loan with OCBC that has led to all my credit cards being suspended

— The brief timeline of events is appended below.
11 Jan 2021 - Hardcopy of Application form for Frank education loan was submitted to OCBC Frank Loan staff, Ms. Pauline Teo. This form indicated that I am employed for 5 years.
12/ 13 Jan 2021 - Pauline Teo contacted me via my Singapore mobile number, for me to call her back via my Thai mobile. She then informed me that since I am employed overseas, additional supporting documents would be required to process my loan, which I was agreeable. However, she stated that she can indicate me as unemployed for my application as my guarantor's income would suffice. This will make the approval process faster. I was not asked to re-submit a new Application form to indicate that I am unemployed. As such, I am not sure now where she indicated me as unemployed. In addition, I have already indicated on my application form that I am employed and had emailed her the last 12 months of my salary slips.
13 Jan 2021 - Education Loan Approved (Great!)
14 Jan 2021 - Found out that my Credit Card was suspended when I was doing my online payment. How? Why? I don't know and I was not informed at all. I called into OCBC Hotline and a CSO officer (I didn't catch his name) advised then it was due to a suspected fraudulent transaction on my husband's card (who is my supp card holder) and hence the account was suspended as a precautionary measure. He informed that I will be informed once the suspension is lifted.
15 Jan 2021 - Called OCBC Hotline 4 times (during the course of the day) to check why my card is still suspended. To my utter dismay, (mind you, I was on my 34th week pregnancy), CSO Geetha infromed that my credit limit has been reduced to $1 because Pauline Teo had indicated that I was unemployed for the Frank Education Loan. To my basic understanding as a client, retail bankers interact with different kinds of clients on a daily basis by assisting with services and products and counsel clients on banking procedures. Now I felt I was taken an advantage of. Pauline Teo was now not answering my calls where prior to the approval of the Frank Loan, she would pick up my calls within a few rings and knew it was me (indicating that there was a Caller ID on her landline phone).   
15 Jan - 29 Jan 2021 - I had to speak to multiple CSO Officers, who include Geetha, Aarthi, Rosie, Gavin, and Nora repeating to each of them the same incident that has happened to me. My main point of contact was Geetha however, she hardly followed up with her word to call me back with an update. I had to call in daily requesting for an update (which the CSOs themselves were aware of) on why I am indicated as unemployed and how my credit card got suspended and why it cannot be lifted. I also asked for how this can be rectified but I was given the same reply everytime (like a standard template answer) this is subject to the processing department. I still had no clarity on why this happened.
Summary of update from Frank Loan Education Officer Pauline TeoI likewise requested for several updates from Pauline Teo. I informed her that this whole issue had been raised based on her wrong and fraudulent advice and I asked her to rectify it. She gave me a conflicting explanation that the card was suspended because the approved loan amount plus the credit card facility exceeded the total facilities that can be granted to me based on my income. (Do note all the previous CSOs had indicated that my card was suspended based on my income status as being unemployed, also now there was a fradulent transaction done on 14 Jan 21 based on the very first update I received from OCBC?!)
I explained to her as being a client (a layman) that it does not make sense for a bank to cancel a card while extending another facility without informing the client!?. The bank should inform me that in the granting of an additional facility, my credit card may get suspended due to the facilities exceeding my income and whether I wish to proceed in such instance. Why else would a customer want to get a loan in such an instance then? 
I then asked Pauline whether my loan can be cancelled so that I can get my card's suspension lifted. She told that she will check with her manager. I asked for an update from her manager and she shared that her manager is very busy and also loan managers will never call back to speak to clients as their conversations are not recorded!  I understand from CSO Nadia this is not true. Pauline also hardly followed up on her calls/ updates to me.
29 Jan - Update from CSO Gavin
On 29 Jan, CSO Gavin gave me the clearest understanding of what actually happened. He shared that the card was suspended because of the review done to my credit limit based on my Frank Education application. It had nothing to do with my facilities exceeding my income based on what the other CSO's and Pauline had indicated. I explained that I am employed but Pauline had asked me to state as unemployed to quicken the processing time for the loan approval. He then provided me with the email address in email below and advised me on what documents to include so that this department can review my income.  I promptly submitted my documents for review based on his advice.
9 Feb 2021 - Update from Pauline Teo's manager, Amutha
As reported by one OCBC staff, Ms. Amutha that investigation was conducted and credit cards was suspended.  She said that that credit review was unsuccessful because I am indicated as a full time student in my application form.  She also shared that my loan cannot be cancelled. 
OCBC has been very delayed and unprofessional in the handling of this entire issue. I was not getting updates from the CSO team and different CSOs gave me different accounts of what is the core issue that led to my credit card suspended.
Above all, I am very troubled that my card was suspended based on Pauline Teo's false declaration that I am unemployed. Based on my signed application form stating that I am employed, I am also upset that Pauline had given me dishonest advise to indicate I am unemployed. I had trusted her in the simple faith that as an OCBC staff she would know better on what to do. Never did I expect my cards to be suspended.
Nadia had also informed me that OCBC will send me an apology letter which I not receive. She stated that through the incident that happened to my card, the bank recognises there is a gap in the granting of loans while not checking on the credit card status of an applicant. She informed that OCBC will take note of this gap and ensure such issues do not happen in future. 
I received a letter from OCBC which states that my credit card has been suspended based on my income records with OCBC and that my balance of $14, 557 has exceeded 12 times of my monthly income. However, this is false as my income documents were submitted to OCBC and I am earning an equivalent of $4000 SGD monthly. Hence, the outstanding amount of $14, 557 is within this amount. Also, never did I state that I am unemployed. My signed application form states I am employed. 
I have my credit card suspended which is used to pay off all of my Great Eastern insurance policies. Now the card is suspended, I have to pay up the total amount of $14, 557. I just gave birth on 10 Feb and I did not have a card to use for my delivery expenses. I had mentioned this situation to these staff 
I am asking OCBC for a solution to this issue caused by OCBC. 
Being an OCBC customer for more than 10 years, I am seeking OCBC's help, especially in this time of the Covid pandemic, to reinstate my credit limit.


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