Nuwave Pic, Precision Induction Cooktopfalse advertsment

They advertise in TV stating that when you purchase the Nuwave PIC precision induction cooktop for: 3 payments of 33.33 you receive a FREE BONUS - to include a - 3.5 qt stainless stell pot with Lid; a Stainless Steel Steamer Baske; a 9 piece Deluxe Fondue KIT, a 9" Perfect green Omelet Pan, and a 10.5" Perfect green fry pan.
They never sent me the free bonus. I spent 84.80 IN SHIPPING & HANDLING IN JUST MY FIRST BILL. and almost 300.00 TOTAL BILL.
I called today 5/6/2013 complaining that I never received the free bonus gift, that I saw their advertsment again on Saturday, and they said it was not good cause was over 90 days, I explained that I have health issues that is why i took so long to call back. They said I had to pay shipping and handling plus the cost for every piece of all the stated above items. Therefore, I am here by reporting them for FALSE ADVERTSING! You can see the video of the their advertsment on their site


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    DR dunnuck Feb 13, 2014

    I guess I am a dittohead when it comes to that fellows complaint about not receiving the extra gear I had been promised.
    I do recommend the machine itself as I'm quite pleased with it. just don't buy it following directions from the TV.

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