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NuWave Complaints & Reviews

NuWave / 6 qt. Air Fryer

Jun 15, 2019

Purchased the air fryer in December 2018. It completely stopped working on June 15, 2019. It only worked for 6 months. I cannot get it to power on at all. Have checked all connections and they are fine. I use it about 4 times a week, for no more than 30 minutes at a time. I would like it...

NuWave / oven pro model#20621 serial# j06-158-267-646-f

Jun 08, 2019

I am not sure I have the correct place to send this request. I called customer service about not receiving the cd, recipe pamphlet and other paper work in the box at the time of purchase. I was told to put this to the attention of Sandra, and send a copy of the receipt. This is my second...

NuWave / 10 quart air fryer

Apr 21, 2019

The big container on the bottom that catches the excess oils and fats is peeling, all I did was wipe it out before washing, love your products other than this. My name is George Boyd, 1710 maratta road, Aliquippa Pa. 15001. Email is geogw1 if you need to get ahold of me. I paid a...

NuWave / nuwave bruhub coffee maker

Apr 08, 2019

I purchased this coffee maker in November 2018. By Feb 2019, it stopped brewing. I reached out to the manufacturer and they told me the only thing they could offer was a replacement power base. I paid their required 15$ charge for a replacement, and was told to ship the defective one back...

NuWave / my wave air fryer

Feb 16, 2019

Frier worked good for two months. Then all the coating peeled off the bottom of the inside of the cooking tray. Called the company. Third call got an answer. Had to send a description and pictures to see if it was under warranty. Sent everything. Got a call a few days later saying it wa...

NuWave / nuwave 6qt air fryer digital

Sep 17, 2018

We bought this about 4 months ago and use it just once a week. The issue is that once it finishes the time it was set for, you can't get it to turn back on. You have to let it sit for about 5 minutes before it will come back on. It is in a well vented area as well. I even put it on my...

NuWave / nuwave brio air fryer

Feb 22, 2018

Purchased a Brio Airfryer. Basket doesn't fit and is a hazard. The Brio is less then 2 months old, and under warranty. They now want me to send $11.95 to ship the replacement basket even though it is under warranty and only less then 2 months old. Time to contact the Consumer Protection...

NuWave / nuwave over

Nov 30, 2017

First we had to replace a lid, then the oven went out. So we bought your deal of buy two . It has been less than a year, and this one is not working. Is this all their suppose to last. If so it's a rip off. The unit started stopping in middle of cooking, not it is totally dead. Will you...

NuWave / nuwave oven pro

Oct 26, 2015

I purchased the nuwave in February and it stopped working and I want a new one since it is on warranty but no one in customer service is helped since I bought it through the infomercial. I really like the product and just want to have it replaced

NuWave / rip off

Oct 09, 2015

I saw the commercial on tv, 3 payments of 39.95 I thought it seemed like a good deal. Also it was free shipping, should have been a total of 119.85 NOT I was charged 229.65 and did not receive everything I was suppost to get, so I returned the product back to the company it cost me another...

NuWave Oven / nuwave pro

Sep 25, 2015

I purchased the nuwave from As Seen On TV store in Ocala Jan 2 2015. Website shows 1 year warranty. The cooking element didn't shut off as it shows on TV so I called. I was asked for proof of purchase and to register which I did. The head was replaced and it worked well. Then the plastic dome...

NuWave / scam

Jun 18, 2014

Biggest scam ever! They record your first phone call and any calls after trying to cancel they claim you never made any calls. When calling customer service they give you a website name to cancel with and it does not exist! They keep charging your card monthly and then charge you over $120...

Precision Nuwave Cooktop / received damaged product

May 18, 2013

I’ve purchased Precision NuWave Cooktop but it arrived damaged. I explained situation to the seller but they refused to refund me even though I’ve got all the evidence. Now I’m stuck with broken product and no way of getting my money back... what a shame. 1755 Butterfield Road...

Nuwave Pic, Precision Induction Cooktop / false advertsment

May 06, 2013

They advertise in TV stating that when you purchase the Nuwave PIC precision induction cooktop for: 3 payments of 33.33 you receive a FREE BONUS - to include a - 3.5 qt stainless stell pot with Lid; a Stainless Steel Steamer Baske; a 9 piece Deluxe Fondue KIT, a 9" Perfect green Omelet... / failed to send free stuff and want answer emails

Dec 29, 2012

I ordered from them and part of the promotion was free pans and pots just pay shipping. They shorted me a pan and will not respond to my e mails they sent no explanation or anything just no free frying pan!! If you want what you order don't buy from these guys

Ibc Nuwave / overcharged

Nov 29, 2012

I run against Ibc Nuwave ad on the internet and ordered the $10.00 special on TV. But they charged my acct: $38.69. And as of 11/29/2012 I still haven't been able to contact anyone about the overcharge & being refunded the difference.

NuWave Oven / bait and switch on color

Oct 16, 2012

Ordered NUWave Pro Oven, in the pictures on website and during the order process the only oven shown was black. There is no option during ordering to choose a color. The one we got was white. Called to complain - can't get through after a few minutes on hold the recording says sent a...

Nuwave infrared oven / no response from customer service

Jul 29, 2012

Dome is cracked with normal household use.Expected replacement of dome, since I was covered under the warranty for one year.I spoke to a young lady named 'Gloria', who gave me an order number, and said she would call back to confirm.The order number she gave to me on the phone I...

NuWave PIC / I have tried to reach them via phone, but no luck

Jul 20, 2012

I had ordered the Precision plate, 2 for 1 deal. When I received one plate and tried it found out it would not work on my stainless steel cookware. I called immediately, the woman was very congenial, assigned an RMA number and canceled the 2 for 1 order. My bank statement showed a withdrawal...

nu wave oven / refund policy

Mar 22, 2011

I called up to order this product AND ONLY this product, but the sales rep kept wanting to sell me more "add ons." After about 20 minutes of listening to her and constantly telling her "NO" and that I only want the oven and if she ask me to buy one more thing that I would cancel the order...

NuWave Oven / crock of bull

Feb 23, 2011

These people are crazy. My credit card is stolen and these people send me an email that I have ordered this thing and they want to charge me shipping when I refused the delivery. The person that stole the card was a member of the family and was not authorized to make purchases. The product...

NuWave Oven / shipping & handling rip-off

Feb 22, 2011

4 payments of 39.95+SH but wait order today @ 3 payments 39.95 and get 3 additional items for free you pay shipping & handiling of 29.95 on each item so you pay 29.95x4=119.80 no wonder they hold the 39.95 back.DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY S&H DOES NOT COST THAT MUCH unless you just...

NuWave Oven / do not order from nuwave site!!

Feb 15, 2011

I just went to the Nuwave Oven site and was so excited to order. While the order process was going through I tried to use the back button to change something I did not want. BAD MOVE. page expired and I was half way through the order! So, then I went back into the site, thinking well the...

NuWave Oven / on top of mailing charges added extra 30.00$

Feb 15, 2011

Nu wave oven television shopping special.sounded great must have the whole pkg. @ 3 payments of 39.95.00$ as advertised we gave all of our personal information name, address, email, visa#, agreed to mailing charges, at the very end to close the deal they add a extra 30.00 dollars to ship...

NuWave Oven / scam artists

Feb 15, 2011

I was so excited about this product when I saw it on tv. It seemed so affordable, too. HA! Don't fall for that trap. I am NOT new to online shopping. I do probably 75% of our non-grocery shopping online. The online site does NOT give a confirmation or review page. You end up with an...

Nu Wave Marine / nu wave ripped me off

Feb 05, 2011

On Monday 22 March, I hit a jetty and damaged the boat. I took the boat to Nu Wave on the 23rd of March, the boat stood for a week because Gavin who 'owns' the workshop had gone on leave, which annoyed me. Gavin gave us the first quote a week later and Nu Wave copied his quote...

NuWave Oven / elderly rip off

Feb 02, 2011

My father is 76 years old and suffering from dementia. He placed an order for the nu wave oven and all of the accessories. We were quite surprised when it showed up in the mail with a bill amount of $250.00 There is no way nu wave should have accepted this order. From just speaking to my...

NuWave Oven / misrepresentation

Jan 27, 2011

I was able to obtain a tape of the transaction that took place between the call center at Nu Wave and my 100 year old father. The call lasted for 11 minutes and 44 seconds. After listening to the tape, it is clear that she never should have taken his order. Of that 11 minutes, only about 2...

NuWave Oven / rip off

Jan 24, 2011

I wish I would of read these comments before buying the nuwave rip off! They give you the run around if you try to return it. I returned it last month and they are still charging me. I am so *** for falling into buying through tv commercials. Please if you are reading this don't fall...

NuWave Oven / website scam

Jan 08, 2011

This company's official website requires you to give them your credit card number first, before allowing any of the ordering process to begin. It states you are NOT to hit the back button at any time. Once in the ordering process, if you decline the "free" items you get a "second"...

NuWave Oven / no way


When speaking with the Rep via phone I was assured over and over again that I would get a 90 day money back guarantee. No questions asked. Well I found out why, because once you find out what a piece of junk the Nuwave is, they still get to keep $100 dollars of your money. Which I also...

NuWave Oven / scam


I recently purchased my Nu Wave Oven on line in 8/2010. I have used it about 8 times. About the 3rd time, a loud noise started coming from the vent like the sound of a fan about to shut off. My other issues are about the same as some other people's reviews. The melting, the having to...

Nuwave Pro / increased shipping costs


Just unintentionally ordered a Nuwave Pro on line. I did not realize that I was actually ordering from the minute I gave my credit card information, which was the first thing requested. I never did hit a "submit" button or order confirmation. There was was no "Cancel, "View Kart" or "Order...

Hearthware Home Products NuWave Oven / online order system duplicated my order


I tried ordering Online, and quit midway and before I gave any approval. When I went back in the ordering system attempted to resume right where I left off. I left the website and cleared the cookies. When I went back to the ir wesite it started at te begining entering the same...

Hearthware Home Products / scam charges


I ordered the nuwave oven pro but when doing so I noticed some things that not only concerned me but also pissed me off. First they claim that they have 24 hour next day shipping upgrade for free, but in fact that only mean that they will ship the product from their company the next day...

Hearthware Home / NuWave / don't do business with them


Do not do buiness with this company. They do not keep promises. The product is cheaply made. They say they will refund if not happy but have not refunded my money. I have been unable to even contact them by phone due to the number of people waiting to speak to customer service reps. I got...

Hearthware Home Products-NuWave Oven / fraudulent order taking


Do NOT order this product online without knowing this: They do not give you a total for your purchase until AFTER the order is placed and you can not cancel the order, even 5 minutes after you place it. Also, you can not go back to previous pages to change things. I placed an order without...

Hearthware Home Products / fraud and cheating

For a (so-called) U.S made product this is an embarrassment to the country, even a Cuban company has better products better service and Better PEOPLE. Any Product from this Company is not a Quality product, and the Customer service you would think came from the country we are fighting in...

Hearthware Home Products / misleading marketing

When a person calls to order a product from this company your Manipulated, and badgered into purchasing more than you called for, other companies will respect you if you say your not interested in extras, however this company FORCES consumers into trying to purchase products they...