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Complaints & Reviews


I recently purchased my Nu Wave Oven on line in 8/2010. I have used it about 8 times. About the 3rd time, a...

increased shipping costs

Just unintentionally ordered a Nuwave Pro on line. I did not realize that I was actually ordering from the minute I gave my credit card information, which was the first thing requested. I never did hit a "submit" button or order confirmation. There was was no "Cancel, "View Kart" or "Order confirmation" that I could print before submitting an order. I had second thoughts and changed my mind about half through and thought I closed the page. It apparently ordered for me anyway and, on my email confirmation 10 minutes later, had added an extra $10.00 shipping over what was I remember was listed as the basic shipping. My attempted reply to their "confirmation & thank-you email" was blocked.

online order system duplicated my order

I tried ordering Online, and quit midway and before I gave any approval. When I went back in the ordering...

scam charges

I ordered the nuwave oven pro but when doing so I noticed some things that not only concerned me but also pissed me off. First they claim that they have 24 hour next day shipping upgrade for free, but in fact that only mean that they will ship the product from their company the next day not that it will get to you in 24 hours. Next they have a pizza kit free as long as you pay shipping and handling. The shipping and handling on it is 29.99, but on their own website you can buy the pizza kit for 24.95 and pay 9.95 for shipping. Why do they have you paying 29.99 if you get it free but only 9.95 if you buy it outright?

  • Co
    corkster01 Dec 19, 2009

    I would encourage anyone and everyone to RUN screaming from doing business with this scam operation. I was looking at purchasing it for a gift, but as I started adding up all the charges for their free crap that they add on, it became way too expnsive. I canceled out of the order thinking that I had not ordered anything. Come to find out they zap your account the second you enter your card information.

    BEFORE you see a total and BEFORE you see all the add on fees and BEFORE you select shipping. Which by the way, they pick the expedited freight for you if you don't.

    I got a confirmation email 23 hours AFTER I thought I had cancelled out of the order. Of course it was on a weekend and no customer service dept open. So I had to cancel the card, and they still got the money, almost $400 thank you very much. Then when I finally went through the grief of having a package roam around the country, they said they would credit my account, less shipping. Another $129 that I am not going to get back.

    Please don't order from these scammers. Save yourself and your money and put this ### company out of business.

    IIf anyone know about a lawsuit that I can join, please let me know!

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  • Jo
    John VanAsselberg Nov 25, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @corkster01 Contact your State's Attorney General's office.

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  • Cr
    crazy111 Mar 21, 2011

    Its a little late but, copy your statement and black out any and all information except your name and the charge, then scan that copy and print that. This way they cannot get the black off the page to get your information. I hope it helps.

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  • Jo
    Joe4Ohio Oct 05, 2012

    No "free" cookware sets came with the two countertop induction cooking units I ordered so I inquired as to their whereabouts. I was told that they were not included with my original order (absolute lie) but that since I had just ordered the units (7 weeks ago) I could still get "free" cookware sets just for paying s&h of $69.95 each!! I can buy a more complete set of cookware (rated for induction cooking) from Sam's Club for what they want for s&h. WE SHOULD WRITE OUR LEGISLATORS FOR RULES REQUIRING ADVERTISING FOR ITEMS TO INCLUDE THE HANDLING CHARGE AND ALLOW ONLY THE ACTUAL SHIPPING CHARGE TO BE ADDED TO THAT!! JoeOhio

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  • Ma
    marie ciarlo Nov 16, 2012

    i bought the counter top induction unit, i was charge $33 dollars for the first payment i have two more payments to go. They charge $29 dollars for the cook top, $69 for shipping which if i didn't pay for the shipping i would get the 2 frying pans, the fondue set or the steamer that they make it look like comes with it for free!!! I then called to asked if i could ship it back because i was having financial problems and really needed the money back, she said all i would get back is the $33 dollars cause the other money was for shipping and handling!!! i wish i read the reviews before i bought this thing!!! scammed customer!!!

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  • Ma
    marie ciarlo Nov 16, 2012

    how about a class action law suit there are so many complaints against this company i think they should get away with it. but i don't know how to get a class action law suit started!!!

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don't do business with them

Do not do buiness with this company. They do not keep promises. The product is cheaply made. They say they will refund if not happy but have not refunded my money. I have been unable to even contact them by phone due to the number of people waiting to speak to customer service reps. I got the product out of the box and immediately was disappointed in the quality of the item and repacked it to return. I received it on Feb 2nd and returned it on Feb 3rd. I paid $22.15 to return it with insurance and tracking to protect myself after dealing with customer service on delayed delivery and a rude salesperson. They received the product back according to USPS on 2/5/09.

I have repeatedly emailed customer service - NO Reply. Called more than 8 times and there were always at least 16 people waiting and 1 time 28 people waiting. Guess this tells the story. Please don't waste your money. My stove is broken and I could not afford to replace it. I had hoped this would work for me until I could afford to get another stove.

They have not responded to any of my emails so I will send all info to my credit card company to put it in dispute.

  • Bd
    BD1121 Apr 29, 2011

    This company is a scam. Stay away. As soon as you enter you credit card number, it says "thanks for your order". No checkout, no order review, nothing!! I do not even know what I ordered but they billed me for over $500. Customer service is non-existent. Still battling the company to refund money on credit card. I have filed a dispute with the credit card company and the credit card company has stated that they have had multiple complaints against this company. DO NOT ORDER!

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fraudulent order taking

Do NOT order this product online without knowing this: They do not give you a total for your purchase until...

fraud and cheating

For a (so-called) U.S made product this is an embarrassment to the country, even a Cuban company has better products better service and Better PEOPLE. Any Product from this Company is not a Quality product, and the Customer service you would think came from the country we are fighting in the war, it's just That Bad! any person that makes the Horrible mistake to purchase from this company will be getting No Quality, No Service and No respect, this is the type of company that only cares about profits, not the Product NOT the Customer, and if you believe otherwise order and find out What you will get for the money.

  • Mo
    Mona Palaschak Nov 05, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You are RIGHT. I order 2 ovens and paid the outragous shipping for thr free twisters. Got one oven and then NOTHING...I emailed like crazy and waited on the phone for an hour and was told that it was not their problem. I have to get my credit card company to try and get the money back. I asked for a tracking number from the shipping company and they said they did not have one!! WHAT???
    They sure were on time about charging my crdit card tho.
    Hearthware is a scam company that could give a crap about their customers.

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  • La
    Lance Brown Nov 12, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It took 14 weeks for the NuWave oven to arrive. It took 1 week to determine it was nothing as advertised. Calls to "Customer Service", and I use the term lightly, had wait times of 54, 51 and 53 minutes respectively. When I finally got to a live person, I was told the clock began ticking on the 30 day money back guarantee, the day I ordered the piece of junk. I tried to explain I had not recieved the product within that time frame only to be told it was a "well known fact". Fortunately, I purchased the product with my American Express, and will cancel the purchase through them today.

    Do not fall for this scam!

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misleading marketing

When a person calls to order a product from this company your Manipulated, and badgered into purchasing more than you called for, other companies will respect you if you say your not interested in extras, however this company FORCES consumers into trying to purchase products they don't want to order.

When I contacted them to complain about their so-called marketing practice's the Customer service is Equally as POOR. The response is; Consumers WANT THIS, and expect it..??? (They do???) They not once offered to cancel my order, they NEVER gave a Name of a person to contact about my complaint.

This is totally and truly SHAMEFULL of an American company, fortune 500 or otherwise, this is the type of service you would expect from Cuban Company, at the Least.

  • De
    DenJ85 Sep 03, 2009

    First off, they make you enter your billing information first. Then, they ask you if you want this or that and without you further reviewing what you have added to your cart, then at the end, your order went from $100 to $200 paid already. However, before they let you review the total price, they ask that you if you want to speed up the processing of the order so you don't cancel. On top of that, they promised free upgrade to Next Day Air. When I say they promised, they PROMISED by giving you a whole page that clearly states that they are giving that service to you for free so I agreed.

    It took them 3 business days which means that they really didn't put my order as a priority like they promised and then they shipped it out on the 3rd business day. They gave me the tracking number after they shipped it and then I found that it won't be delivered to me for 4 business days. 6 including weekends. WHAT THE ***? I hate being lied to especially when they promised it and was adamant about it. I understood that they might not be able to offer it but why promise it to me in the first place? It's even stated on my frigging order: Next Day Shipping: Free. But look at the shipping fee: $60 for the oven, and $29.90 for shipping you a "free" pizza kit. So I paid over $80 in shipping?! This company is officially a scam. This is a big load of excreted lipids like how they boast about leaving off fat from the food they cook.

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  • Mi
    Michael9 Aug 23, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I ordered a nu wave oven and cancelled the order the same day they shipped it any way I called them and was told to reject the package and I would receive a refund they refunded me $51.46 and said the balancofthe $145.99 was shipping charges and was non-refundable I cancelled the order the same day as I placed the order so it should not have been shipped at all so why do I have to pay for shipping? Also tyou can buy a new wave oven at the mall for $90.00 I am very un happy with this compays way of doing buisness and I cant beleave they charge more for shipping than the unit cost

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  • Ve
    Vernik Oct 29, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have had an I Roast2 for about two years. recently it stopped working and i called Hearthware Home Products. they told me that it was out of warranty. i said i knew that. i was then told that unfortunately they did not have and parts in stock and she did not know when they would get parts but i could order them and they would ship them when they came in. i asked when that would be and she did not know... essentially she suggested that i buy another unit. I WILL! but it *** sure won't be a Hearthware Home Products unit. BEWARE! this company does not stand behind their products!

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  • Ja
    Jaman Dec 10, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I did as it appears many others have done. Started the order process but decided it was shady when they kept adding extreme shipping charges for each Free item.

    Exited the site and assumed my order didn't go through. A few days later there it was! I never even received an email confirming the order.

    Called them and explained the situation and spoke to a very rude "supervisor" named Alice. She sounded like she had heard this story before. She said all I had to do was pay to ship it back! This things weighs a ton, I can only imagine how much that would cost.

    I am reporting this to the Better Business Bureau and I encouraged all others to do the same. I am also contesting the charges with my credit card company.

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  • Su
    Sukhi2 Jul 14, 2019

    The left hand burner does not work it comes in and then after about 15 seconds it gives the E1 sign the same pots work on the second burner
    I bought this in April 29 from amazon

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